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Just My Take: See you at the crossroads Rockies fans

John Reidy Avatar
May 6, 2016


Just-my-take (1)Rockies fans are at a crossroads and I’m not talking about the one Bone Thugs-n-Harmony were singing about on the band’s 1996 hit. This one is at the corner of 20th and Blake, and greeting them is the decision whether to go all in and commit to this season or write it off like they usually do this time of year. This is unfamiliar territory for those who follow the purple and black and even more so for those of you who pronounced the Rockies dead on arrival before the first pitch of 2016 was even thrown.

I say go all in. The Rockies are playing eerily decent and if you go around being bummed out about a sports team, you are going to have a miserable life because 80% of paying attention to sports is misery. You can’t escape it, so wade in and enjoy the good while weathering the inevitable bad.

And the inevitable bad is coming. I mean, I think. Based on how this team is built, we know there will be some heartache down the road, but if you’re missing out on the good times – and we’ve already had some this season – because you have a philosophical beef with the dummies running the team, well, you probably didn’t like baseball in the first place.

Baseball is fun if it’s being played right. Hell, even if it isn’t being played right it can still be fun, but that’s up to you whether to enjoy it or not. And there’s something different about this Rockies team from previous years that may just materialize on the field and in the standings that might make it even more fun.

But letting the Monforts dictate whether you should be emotionally and monetarily investing in the Rockies is not a game I’m willing to waste time with. And instead of standing at that crossroads of whether you should be enjoying the Rockies or not, I’m going to make the decision easy for you.

“If product and experience that bad, don’t come.”

The quote that launched a thousand anti-Monfort takes still resonates because when Dick Monfort said it, I felt there was a kernel of truth hidden there. Monfort is in the business to make money and if he’s not catering to every whim of the fans, he’s doing it wrong. But in this, he was right: if you don’t like it, don’t spend your money on it. If you don’t like something, speak with your wallet, not a long-winded Facebook post.

But I’m not suggesting you boycott Coors Field. Heavens no. Coors Field is a diamond in the jewel encrusted tiara that is Denver, Colorado.

If you don’t like the Monforts, don’t give them any (more) of your money (than you have to). You have to buy a ticket, but that’s it. Once you’re inside, you can be off the Monfort grid if you do it right. Coors Field allows you to bring in a soft sided cooler which can carry the non-alcoholic beverage and lunch you packed at home – keeping you far from the money machine that is concessions at Coors. Dick Monfort makes a lot of his money selling food and booze and if you’ve removed yourself from that particular equation, you can feel good about sitting in the stands, watching America’s pastime.

If booze and food are the keys to the Monfort’s money harvest and you don’t want to contribute to their coffers, you can get your food and drink outside the stadium as well. There are dozens of local bars and restaurants just waiting to give you a good meal at a reasonable price. And by frequenting these businesses, you’re not only contributing to the local economy, you’re saving yourself a few shekels as well. It sure is nice to sip a beer or four while watching the game, but if you’re dedicated to keeping your experience at Coors as Monfort free as possible, you can take a break once inside. You can, right?

Concessions aren’t the only way to enjoy yourself more with the 2016 Rockies. Changing your attitude is key. One way to do this is to realize that it’s not the player’s fault. Despite what you may be feeling when the umpteenth man is left on base, leave your unbridled rage for someone who deserves it. The players want to win and hopefully, they keep doing just that. But bumps in the road will come and it’s not necessarily their fault they’re playing for a bad organization. They are there to entertain you and because of that, they deserve your respect. You can certainly groan all you want when a botched double steal throws cold water on a rally late in the game however but remember these guys want to win and hear you cheer them on. Realizing that their failures on the diamond are not a personal attack on you will go a long way to fostering your enjoyment.

And by all means, just have fun with it for once in your miserable lives. If you like baseball and you’re a fan of Denver teams, there shouldn’t be anything holding you back from rooting for the Rockies other than a stubborn vendetta against some clueless billionaires. Granted we’re a bit away from seeing if recent changes in management will have a positive effect, but to give the Monforts the power over you to not enjoy YOUR team is absurd. You have a decision to make and I’m sure you’ll make the right one. It’s time to enjoy the Rockies again. So see the rest of us at the crossroads Rockies fans, and I guarantee you won’t be lonely.


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