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John Elway right to call out absent-minded Demaryius Thomas

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April 28, 2015


“The Duke” is necessary for football in Denver.

In The Mile High City, John Elway a.k.a. the “Duke of Denver” runs the Broncos. He employs a slightly younger gun-slinger who goes by “The Sheriff,” who’s been dealing “The Duke” – the official NFL football’s nickname – with deadly precision.

Bang bang, he’ll shoot you down.

Together they’ve been running wild in the AFC West for three years, terrorizing nearly anyone who’s opposed them. But this isn’t just two outlaws we’re talking about, no, it’s a band of brothers who call themselves the Broncos.

One important member of their brotherhood has been missing recently; Denver’s Duke ain’t happy.

Demaryius Thomas has disbanded from the group, prompting Elway to post 2015’s version of a “WANTED: ALIVE” poster by calling DT out in the media.

“To be dead honest, I see absolutely zero value in him being away from here—zero value for him,” Elway told the media last Thursday. “There is no value for him not to be here with his teammates.”

Simply, Thomas should be in camp with his teammates, not trying to negotiate a new deal. Elway was right in calling out DT for multiple reasons.

First and foremost, Elway’s reassuring everyone he’s still in charge of the team. Don’t cross him, respect him, and things will go well for you. He demands respect from the bottom of the depth chart to the top, Thomas isn’t any different.

Second, Elway calling out Thomas needed to happen for one reason or another. This is as good as time as any, possibly even a little late. We all know DT is the best wideout in Denver, but too often he “spaces out” and loses focus. When Thomas is in the game, he’s arguably the greatest receiver in the NFL. When he’s absent-minded, he’s lost and Denver’s offense struggles.

Right now, he’s simply absent. That won’t help his development on the mental side of things.

That lack of focus can be seen in dropped passes which should have been completions. Dropping easy balls aren’t what top-tier receivers do, especially at crucial times in games.

Also, by being the most talented guy on the roster, it would benefit the Broncos for Thomas to be a leader, at least for him to lead by example. DT should be working hard in the weight room, in film study and on the practice field with his teammates instead of resting on his laurels and looking for more money.

This is likely the last chance saloon for “The Sheriff;” Thomas and the rest of the Broncos brotherhood must be close knit or risk being ambushed by a younger, hungrier group of out west.

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