NEWARK, N.J. – Some uncut audio here for you, from last night’s Avs locker room after their 5-3 win against the Devils.

There are three players talking: Mikko Rantanen, Gabe Landeskog and Philipp Grubauer.

Rants and Landy were part of group interviews, but Grubauer and I had our own conversation. And while some of it is boilerplate stuff about the game and it’s a good win for us and it’s a good two points for us, etc, etc., there is an interesting section where I noted how he can do the splits really easily, like an acrobat, and he talked about how he gets mad at himself when he’s doing the splits on the ice.

Find out why by clicking the play button here:

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Adrian Dater

Adrian Dater has been covering the Avs since their inception. In 2015, he became the lead NHL national columnist with Bleacher Report, where he worked until 2017 before joining BSN Denver.