A defense over a decade in the making. It was worth the wait.

  • Rudo, I have to say, as much as I enjoyed AJ and the group before you came, from that very first podcast last summer I heard you on, I hoped you would be a regular. And now you and AJ are the best coverage team not just in the NHL, but sports (I listen to a lot of podcasts). Only time it gets better is when Drew drops in (Rox team is an A as well).

    This video…yeah. You do such a good job of knowing the underlying stats and new era information, but plenty can do that. You can tell a story though. Watching this video, the timeline…wow does 2001 seem forever ago. Most of those names didn’t even register. I’m not sure I didn’t get a turn on the blue line for a game or two. I was sad when Roy left (he’s Patrick Freaking Roy for goodness sakes), but Joe has really built something out of youth, a bit of luck, cap space (Cole) and a focus on development. Envy of the League? With 6 quality NHL or top prospects under 25? You bet ya!

    Watched twice I enjoyed the vid so much!! Awesome. Let’s go Avs!

  • Rudo!!!! You guys have talked about a lot of this stuff before, but seeing it all in one place was a really nice touch. Thanks for this.

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