Cale Makar was always seen as having elite potential as a hockey player but the journey there and incredibly rapid ascent to greatness is a story worth deep diving.


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  • Rudo: this is your best work to date. Would you be willing to address, as a supplement the following: 1) how era-specific his advanced stats are vs. the increasing trend in points per game for all D, and 2) where he stands against the Paul Coffeys, Ray Bourques, and Bobby Orrs at this point in his career? Thanks.

    • So advanced statistics have only really been tracked at least in a significant way since the mid-2000’s and even then anything before the mid-2010s is sketchy at best so the metrics just don’t really exist to compare them across other eras, the increasing offense in PPG for all D is mostly just the leagues tilt towards more skilled players, the rule changes stemming from the lockouts is the biggest portion of this with things like 2 line passes being allowed and the league calling minor penalties like holding, hooking and slashing a lot more aggressively in the modern game, it has significantly lessened the defensive style of grind it out, wear them down hockey.

      Makar can hang with pretty much any defenseman in history through this point in his career. Certainly offensively the only Dman to score at a significantly higher rate through his first 2.5 seasons in Paul Coffey. This is a little muddied of course by the fact that different players entered the league at various different ages but is fine for a quick precursory look.

  • Rudo, great video on Makar and his rise to dominance in the NHL. Loved the commentary and all of the highlights from his junior days to the NHL. Great Job.

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