Nikola Jokić – A “I’ll take this,” Jokić said, striding across the locker room and taking the DPOG chain from Michael Malone before he could even announce the winner. No one objected. Jokić had just logged his third game-winning block of the season. There’s a warm irony to how adjusted we’re becoming to the celebration — his teammates mobbing him…

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Brendan moved to Colorado at the start of the 2017-18 NBA season with dreams of covering the Denver Nuggets with a full time media credential. After obtaining that credential during a brief tenure with the Denver Stiffs, he made the move to DNVR at the start of the rebrand. You can read his work on DNVR Nuggets, hear him on the DNVR Nuggets podcast, and follow his tweets @DNVR_Nuggets. Follow Brendan on Twitter - @BrendanVogt