On this episode of the DNVR Rockies Podcast, Patrick Lyons spends Minor League Monday looking at the latest news in what is happening with MiLB players, takes a look at the college baseball landscape, and ponders about the look and feel of the next MLB Draft.

Drew Creasman

Drew E. Creasman was born in Grand Junction, Colorado and currently resides in Boulder, CO. He is a full time Rockies beat writer managing editor of BSN Rockies and a member of the Baseball Writer's Association of America.  

  • Good morning, Patrick. Enjoyed this podcast very much. I have never really considered the business end of baseball before and this pod prompted a couple Qs in this space for me. For player transition between MiLB and MLB, when does the MiLB salary transition to MLB salary – time of transition to 40 man roster or when? What happens if a guy drops off the 40 man and goes back wholly to the triple A club (if that even happens….) – does the salary change back? Does the salary disparity between veterans with MiLB contracts and minor league players ever impact relationships between players or the MiLB club house culture?

    For the Q of the week…. I know very little about the Korean and Japanese leagues. Would be interested to know how these leagues differ from MLB. Some immediate Qs that come to my mind are…. Are there separate minor and major leagues in the Korean and Japanese leagues? In general are the Korean and Japanese players ‘equivalent’ to MLB players in terms of level of play? What makes an MLB player decide to join the Korean or Japanese leagues and how long do they stay there? What is a typical career length for a Korean/Japanese player in their respective leagues? Are there different ‘drivers’ for success in the game or are different skills valued more there vs. in MLB? Why isn’t there inter-league play between MLB and these leagues?

    Can’t wait to hear the pod next week. ‘Till then have a GREAT week and THANKS for kick starting off my week with something to think about other than the sh**storm we are currently in.

    • Hi, Lori. I will definitely tackle many of the topics you’ve asked about regarding to NPB and KBO. (Firstly, it is considered somewhat of a Triple-A level for those players.)

      As for the business side, players only get paid a major league salary when they show up on the (now) 26-man roster. Interestingly, if a player goes on the IL, he will still paid as a big leaguer. For example, Noel Cuevas played only one game with Colorado last year. He got injured immediately in San Francisco, went on the IL and that entire time he was paid as if he was a big leaguer. Once he was healthy, he was optioned to AAA and went back to his small minor league salary.

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