Justin Michael is joined by former Rams tight end Dalton Fackrell (2016-17). Throughout the episode, Dalton goes over the highs and lows of his playing days at Colorado State. The two discuss a weird 2016 season and what might have been if Collin Hill hadn’t gotten injured. The two also discussed Nick Stevens’ success after reclaiming the starting position and what made No. 7 such a special QB in his own right. Also in the episode: Dalton responds to the allegations against Mike Bobo and his staff, he discusses inventing the Coffee Bomb at Lucky Joe’s with Jake Bennett, and gives his thoughts on the 2020 Rams so far.

Justin Michael

Justin has been covering Colorado State athletics since 2015 & has been featured in multiple national outlets. Along with keeping up with the Mountain West, Justin loves the local teams and has been going to Broncos games since he was six years old.