In this episode, Adam Mares and Harrison Wind discuss Michael Malone’s “9-man rotation,” news and notes from practice, and preview the matchup between the Denver Nuggets and the Los Angeles Clippers. Then we look at which western conference teams are likely to be better next season, and which ones are likely to be worse. Lastly, we answer subscriber questions including “what would Jokic’s reputation become if he won a championship this season?”

Adam Mares

Denver native, lifelong Denver sports fan, credentialed Nuggets reporter, below average bio writer, above average post passer.

  • Throwing out strategy and realism for a moment: IF this turns out to be the Nuggets’ year, what is your ideal set of playoff matchups for Denver that would make this even more memorable (But still within reason, i.e. you can’t make the Lakers the 8 seed)? For me it is 1st Round Utah and Jokic plays Gobert off the floor, 2nd Round Clippers/WCF Lakers so that the national media has toacknowlegde they were wrong about BOTH LA teams, and Finals over Philly – Because we all know who the best center in the NBA is, and that fanbase would literally short-circuit if Jokic beats Embiid head-to-head for the title. What say you?

  • I posted this on the previous podcast minutes before this one posting – It’s looking likely that we will play OKC, Utah, or Dallas in the first round. Rank how confident you are against these three opponents in a playoff series or alternatively, rank how great it would be to knock off / how much it would suck to lose to them in the first round

  • Info for Adam, who is still high on CP3 with 2 more years on his huge contract: Chris Paul turns 35 in 2 months. What is the history of 6’1″ players at ages 35 and 36?

  • Do other teams run hockey type subs like Malone was so fond of doing until recently? Seems like pretty basic stuff to stagger your starters (shots at Scott Brooks) but am I missing something?

  • Paul Pierce on ESPN just said he’d take Lou Williams over Jamal Murray. What do you guys think of that “hot take”?

    Also, can one of you please let Jamal know what Paul said? I don’t know if he needs any more fuel for the fire, but I feel like that would be like Jet fuel on a bon fire.

  • I’m becoming increasingly perplexed about the lack of minutes for MPJ. Not sure if anyone, aside from Malone, thinks he’s getting nearly enough run….I guess I don’t have a question as much as a request: talk me off the ledge here. Tell me why I shouldn’t be frustrated.

  • Not saying I agree but want thoughts. As good as Millsap is/has been with the starters, we’ve seen that he can be equally effective with the bench unit. However, we’ve seen Grant struggle at times with the bench whilst excelling with Jokic/Starters. Would it make more sense to move Grant to the starting lineup simply because you’re raising your floor, as you know you’re getting a better Grant and equally effective Millsap? It gives Millsap a bit more rest while engaging him more with the bench. I think it may also help MPJ knowing he has Millsap on the floor to guide him. Been wrestling with this take a bit but felt glaring tonight watching Millsap get beaten continuously.

    Also, #FreeMPJ

  • Simple question(s): Is it time to be worried about MPJ? What’s going on between him and Malone?

    (And yes to answer your question, my last name is HEICHElheim and would like to think I’m not too much a jerk lol)

  • From: JB Denver Sports (Twitter Handle)


    Sorry I missed the watch party on Friday, I will take the ‘L’ for that. The combination of Friday Night Happy Hour, Comcast & Dish customers being able to watch the game, paired with a frustrating blow-out loss in which MPJ played very little, caused a Nuggets Twitter Meltdown on Friday night. Exasperated fans ignored the poor performance by the majority of the team, and instead focused their venom towards Denver media members, oddly enough. Even though Denver media has asked Malone about MPJ plenty of times during the scrums, the frustration with how Malone was using his rotations, specifically MPJ, even resulted in Nuggets Twitter calling for media confrontations with Malone about the subject. Now, Malone is a tough dude, not someone who you would want to fight. But my question is, out of all Denver media members, who would you choose to come out on top in a fist fight vs Malone?

    My money is on Mares, he has the size and reach advantage to give Malone some problems.

    -JB Denver Sports

  • In your opinion, would MPJ get 20+ min on every team in the NBA right now? I love 95% of the things Malone does but I don’t understand what more MPJ needs to prove aside from the fact that he struggles on the defensive end. With that being said, he still seems to be a + player since Jan regardless of those struggles.

  • Guys. A majority of the talk after this last game is about the situation with MPJ. I’ll echo the comments earlier about being perplexed or shocked or whatever word you want to choose about the situation. At this point, I am about ready to drive down to Malone’s house and either ask him about it or just directly punch him in the face. There has got to be more to his limited playing time than his actual play the court. Is there any idea at all about what’s going on behind the scenes and in practice? I cannot understand that even a stubborn Malone would think that MPJ does not provide a better chance to win being on the court vs the bench. If Josh and Tim are such big fans of MPJ, is Malone in some trouble at this point? Something’s gotta give, right? Is this a long term problem? Does MPJ wants to leave when his contacts up because of this?

  • Had to work till the second half so my takes might be bad but Those refs were trash af. Transition d was also trash af. Were the games against the raptors this chippy last year?

  • After watching the Clippers and Raptors games. I am convinced that Murray is struggling with his ball handling. A little bit of pressure by good defenders and Murray can’t get into our offensive set’s. Barton and Harris are even worse. How concerned are you guys that we can only count on Morris and Jokic for safe ball handling ?

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