In this episode, Adam, Vogt, and Eric place the offensive foul call on Jamal Murray’s highlight dunk into the hall of lame and talk about some of the latest things that happen in the NBA. We also look ahead to tomorrow night’s matchup with the Mavericks place odds on Denver’s chances tomorrow, Jokic’s point total, and Gary’s hot streak.

Adam Mares

Denver native, lifelong Denver sports fan, credentialed Nuggets reporter, below average bio writer, above average post passer.

  • I can’t wait to check out this new bar. I just envision it like Cheers but its you guys are just sitting at the bar slapping backs and yelling about whatever poll was up at that moment.

  • Great pod fellas…my additions to the hall of lame are:

    1. Coach’s challenges….I think I’ve become the old man that yells at cloud about replay. It’s kind of wild that they actually think a system that has an insane amount of conflict of interest for the officials would actually work.

    Speaking of incompetent officiating….

    2. The James Harden/Trae Young 3 point shot flop. This is my personal WORST part of NBA basketball. A rip through is one thing. A leap into the defender that is trying to get through a screen when you definitely would have no intention to shoot from that spot in any situation is so much worse. I can’t believe officials fall for this. Like I actually don’t know how these refs watch those attempts and think they are a genuine attempt to shoot the basketball.

    Any updated thoughts on the coaches challenges and if you like them? If you’ve talked about this recently and I missed it disregard!

  • For starters I think it should be legal, nay encouraged, to throw feces at officials. Second:

    Jamal Murray is quietly emerging from his slump and putting up comparable numbers with other top young point guards:

    Jamal Murray’s eFG is .517
    DeAaron Fox: .508
    Trae Young: .518
    SGA: .514
    D’Angelo Russell: .516

    While eFG isn’t the end all be all of statistics, he’s improving as a playmaker and defender and he’s putting up comparable rate statistics to other young point guards all while being the second most important player on a team that’s competing for a top playoff seed. He needs to do this while fitting into a system whereas other young point guards can be a bit more selfish in offensive approach. Not necessarily ball hogs, but looking to score for themselves rather than fitting within a system and creating for others. Could it be possible that we underrate Jamal Murray or at the very least underappreciate Jamal Murray?

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