Eric Wedum, Adam Mares, and Harrison Wind discuss the latest breaking news around the NBA, talk about the various ways the season might end (if it hasn’t already), and preview what you can expect from DNVR now that sports are on a hiatus.

Adam Mares

Denver native, lifelong Denver sports fan, credentialed Nuggets reporter, below average bio writer, above average post passer.

  • The player workout guidelines are ridiculous and should be up to the individual players to do what they feel comfortable with. The season was not cancelled because the players are in danger, they are some of the most healthy people on the planet (even Jokic) and are a very low risk to develop complications from an infection. The season was cancelled as a public safety precaution as large gatherings can produce huge outbreaks that spread quickly as people go back to there homes afterward. It comes down to statistics and reducing opportunities for the virus to spread and therefore reducing the total amount of cases or at least spreading them out over a greater amount of time. Holding a practice with even the whole team and a bunch of the coaches would be a pretty low chance for spreading the virus to people at risk especially if basic precautions are taken.

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