In this episode, Adam Mares and Eric Wedum answer questions from DNVR subscribers. Topics include:

  • Why does Jamal Murray struggle with entry passes?
  • What do assistant coaches do?
  • What will next year’s opening starting lineup look like?
  • How will the Nuggets defend the Rockets?
  • Should Gary Harris make an all-defense team?

Adam Mares

Denver native, lifelong Denver sports fan, credentialed Nuggets reporter, below average bio writer, above average post passer.

  • What is better match-up vs the Lakers: when they are playing AD at the 4 or at the 5?
    What are the Nuggets’ best line-ups against both combinations?

  • Here’s the one you might like:

    Nuggets have a non-zero chance to win it all this season. If it happens, where would that put Jokić on the top 10 players list?

  • I read this comment today by George Karl, who was reacting to the rumor that Quin Snyder’s plan to bench Mike Conley was over-ruled by the front office:

    “I would have had a serious problem if a GM or Owner messed with my rotations. It’s a new world! Coaches should be allowed to do the coaching.”

    I have always wondered what occurred that led to George Karl’s firing after coaching the Nuggets to 57 wins and winning the Coach of the Year award. There was a lot of going on at this time, as the firing occurred immediately after Masai Ujiri declined to sign a new contract and accepted a position with the Toronto Raptors.

    Why do you think Karl was fired?

  • One more Nuggets fan living in Austin here… According to Adam, there are lots of us, but I have never seen another one in the wild. I would love to have a viewing party, or even go to a Nuggets friendly bar in here in Austin… Any other TX Nuggs down for this?!

    Also, the highway in Austin that Eric is pissed at is called MoPac. I kind of understand his anger – I couldn’t tell you the proper name of the highway or what it might be on the map – though I am pretty sure his anger should probably be directed towards the high amount of traffic that is omnipresent on this poorly named and poorly designed freeway.

    Love the show, keep up the good work fellas.

  • Regarding Malone’s comments about sticking to a 9-man rotation, does that mean he is sticking with the 9 guys that have played the last couple games? Or is he going to switch Torrey for either Mason or MPJ? If so, which of those two are more likely to sit while Torrey gets run?

  • It’s looking likely that we will play OKC, Utah, or Dallas in the first round. Rank how confident you are against these three opponents in a playoff series or alternatively, rank how great it would be to knock off / how much it would suck to lose to them in the first round

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