In this episode, the DNVR Nuggets crew gives their reaction to Denver’s come from behind win over the Spurs. Paul Millsap provided the spark and Jamal Murray delivered the knockout punch. Topics include:

  • Palate cleansers
  • Harrison’s grooming habits
  • Salad
  • An entertaining victory over the Spurs


Adam Mares

Denver native, lifelong Denver sports fan, credentialed Nuggets reporter, below average bio writer, above average post passer.

  • Hey guys, just a shout out to how much I love DNVR and the season. I’m a diehard Nuggets fan from Denver and now live in London. I watch every game on League Pass the next morning without spoilers and then listen to the pods on the way to work. Without anyone here who cares about the Nuggets; you’re my Nuggets community, banter, and local experts. It’s been a blast. See you at half of the Toronto game on March 1st!

  • Hi guys, loving the DNVR basketball podcast, the articles, and the List! On Nate Duncan’s podcast I heard him compare MPJ to Melo. My question is, 1) how likely is it that MPJ becomes a more efficient, but maybe not the raw scoring output of Melo (like 20-22 pts/game rather than 28 at Melo‘s peak)? And 2) with that version of MPJ, Jokic, and Murray (along with Grant, Barton, Harris) does Den have a real championship core?

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