Adam Mares, Harrison Wind and Brendan Vogt preview the Nuggets season by first examining how Denver plans to use Michael Porter Jr. at the beginning of the year and what the rookie’s comments at practice Tuesday said about his state of mind entering the season. Also, the guys play what are the odds about miscellaneous Nuggets topics and give their final thoughts on the season ahead of opening night.


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Harrison Wind

Harrison Wind is the Denver Nuggets beat reporter for DNVR Nuggets. The University of Colorado alum grew up in Boulder and has covered the Nuggets for the last three seasons. You can hear him every weekday on the DNVR Nuggets podcast.

  • We don’t skip steps has been the unofficial motto of the Denver Nuggets front office. However, they took several steps last year: first playoff appearance, first playoff win, first playoff heartbreak. It’s sort of like hitting an inside the park home run on the first date, or as the ladies of Denver call it: “The Wind Experience.” Nevertheless, they took several steps in one year and it’s conceivable that the team has taken more steps than the front office realizes. Is it possible that this team is missing a step out of fear of skipping a step?

    Adding Grant was huge, after watching the Lakers and the Clippers I’m firmly in the “Iggy away from a title” camp. Michael Porter was great in the preseason it’s clear the team needs to play him. I understand that creates a bit of a log jam. Milsap, Plumlee, Juancho, and Beasley are all free agents, the time to make a decision is running out. Eventually one will be made for the team and no decision is a decision. Is there a risk here? TC and AK have absolutely earned the benefit of the doubt, but I feel I would be in derelict of duty as an NBA die hard without worrying about something months away that I have no control over. What’s the next step here?

    PS: I don’t think Beasley is as gone as some Nuggets bloggers feel. The one criticism of this team is that they value fit and their own guys perhaps more than they should. I can’t see the team that overpaid Plumlee not match on a guy that they love.

    PPS: Is it just me or does Nathan MacKinnon look like a jacked Harrison?

    PPPS: It has also come to my attention that DNVR may be skipping a step. Unfortunately our dear Brendan (so tempted to spell it Brandon) is going to come up short of 5K twitter followers before opening night. If I may make a plea: you scouted Brendan, groomed Brendan, and developed him. Don’t let a down few weeks flush all that down the drain. Don’t skip steps, and trust the process #SaveBrendan

    PPPPS: If you guys haven’t subscribed what are you waiting for? This is not only the best Nuggets content out there, it might be the best basketball content out there. I challenge ANYONE to find me a website with better team coverage than DNVR has for the Nuggets. Lets face it: unfortunately the Nuggets aren’t the Cowboys or the Yankees, and yet still DNVR’s coverage of the Nuggets is better than any of their outlets. The DNBA show, the player previews, What Makes This Play Great, the List? It’s incredible. Frankly you’re putting the rest of DNVR to shame. Those other Jabronis need to step up their game.

  • Question for Adam could Irwin take Vogt? I gotta think Vogt is faster with better cardio and could wear him down.

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