Brendan Vogt and Harrison Wind swap notes after the Nuggets drop the ball against the Warriors

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Brendan Vogt

Brendan moved to Colorado at the start of the 2017-18 NBA season with dreams of covering the Denver Nuggets with a full time media credential. After obtaining that credential during a brief tenure with the Denver Stiffs, he made the move to DNVR at the start of the rebrand. You can read his work on DNVR Nuggets, hear him on the DNVR Nuggets podcast, and follow his tweets @DNVR_Nuggets.

  • So, on March 13th, the next step in DNVR evolution.
    Is is a reallity show where we see Eric and Brendan fighting for audiences votes for 100 days, and loser has to go back to New Jersey?

  • JB Denver Sports:

    You guys always say the questions don’t have to be basketball related, so here goes.

    I remember Adam’s take on In-N-Out Burger, and how he didn’t want them to come to Colorado later this year.

    I am more of a 5 Guys or Smash Burger fan myself, being a Colorado Native, I have never had In-N-Out, and don’t really care to.

    If you guys were to have a Mount Rushmore of Fast Food Burger Joints, who makes the cut?

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