In this episode, the DNVR crew jokes around with each other for 30 minutes.


Adam Mares

Denver native, lifelong Denver sports fan, credentialed Nuggets reporter, below average bio writer, above average post passer.

  • Questions for GK:
    – Who’s your favorite Big Stiff, Adam or Andrew?
    – Do you think the Sonics will ever come back, and if so would you be open to coaching that team?
    – I remember reading you talking about small/positionless basketball while you were HC of the Nuggets. What other basketball minds (Don Nelson? others?) would you credit with pioneering the current league paradigm?

  • Current Nuggets question:

    What are the chances Denver trades MPJ this offseason? Although this should be a 100% no in my opinion I have worries that the front office will include him in a deal for Bradley Beal for example because I really don’t see how that deal could get done without him. I think other teams will be demanding for MPJ as the needle mover in a blockbuster deal. As a Nuggets fan I am fearing a NuggLife moment this offseason where the front office makes a move that dampens the future (in the long run) rather than optimizing it.

    • Nothing is ever 100% certain but I’d be pretty shocked if they moved MPJ under any circumstance. The front office remains really high on him and it would take a return of an All-NBA talent similar to Beal for the Nuggets to even think about including him in a deal in my opinion.

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