In this episode, George Karl sat down with Adam Mares to discuss a wide range of topics, including:

  • The evolution of basketball
  • The 2009 Denver Nuggets
  • How Chauncey Billups changed the culture
  • Playing with pace
  • The value of a free flowing offense
  • The need for a traditional point guard
  • The value and limits of continuity
  • How agents have hurt the league
  • Coach Karl’s relationship to the Denver Nuggets

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Adam Mares

Denver native, lifelong Denver sports fan, credentialed Nuggets reporter, below average bio writer, above average post passer.

  • Am I just not seeing any comments here? Or are there actually no comments. This is a great interview, Adam. Thanks for bringing it to us. Man, did I miss GK during the Shaw years. I think his firing in Denver was a toss-up decision. A coach who was only able to get the Nuggets out of the first round one time in his tenure here … a change was probably warranted. On the flip side, GK took his Denver teams to the playoffs every single year that he was here! That’s a historic accomplishment, man! And not many coaches had the ability to assemble winning teams with marginal talent as GK did in Denver — getting optimal performance out of mostly 2nd (or lower) tier talent. But it’s safe to say that, unfortunately — and his body of work proves this — GK was a great, great regular season coach, but never figured out how to construct teams that could go far in the playoffs. And only one Finals appearance in almost 30 years as an NBA coach, well, you can’t place him with one of the GOATs.

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