Harrison and D-Line Co. chat about the Laker loss and what it was like to cover and attend an all-time regular season game. Also, a preview of All-Star Weekend, the most over-hyped weekend of the season.

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Harrison Wind

Harrison Wind is the Denver Nuggets beat reporter for DNVR Nuggets. The University of Colorado alum grew up in Boulder and has covered the Nuggets for the last three seasons. You can hear him every weekday on the DNVR Nuggets podcast.

  • Harrison do not feel bad because I’ve had only a handful of people get my name right on first try.

    It’s like muh-THIGH-ihs MATTA-ih-seck.

    For my question, do any of you see Noah Vonleh as a potential trial replacement 4th backup big for Plumlee for the future? I’m not sure of his contract but I know shedding Plumlee’s could be useful.

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