In this round table episode recorded at Blake Street Tavern, Adam, Eric, and Harrison lament Denver’s frustrating home loss to the Pacers.

Topics include:

  • Sticking with the same starting lineup after the disaster at Golden State
  • Do the Nuggets just lack shooters?
  • The defensive break down in the 4th quarter
  • PJ Composure
  • Haricut Jokic


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Harrison Wind

Harrison Wind is the Denver Nuggets beat reporter for DNVR Nuggets. The University of Colorado alum grew up in Boulder and has covered the Nuggets for the last three seasons. You can hear him every weekday on the DNVR Nuggets podcast. Follow Harrison on Twitter - @HarrisonWind

  • Hey guys, big fan of all of the content. I’m from Lakewood but live in London, so always watch the games the next morning on League Pass – so, won’t know how the Minnesota game goes but I wanted to ask:

    Nationally, Jokic catches a ton of shit for his slow start this year, and everyone always gushes over Towns, who has way less team success and seems to get a lot of credit for a hot individual 20 game start. Seeing as both offenses play through them, how would you compare Jokic and Towns if they were swapped? Is Denver similar or better/worse? Is Jokic more of a floor raiser on that Wolves team than Towns? Player comparisons are always hard, but they’re both big + offensive, shooting bigs and will always be in the same group measured against each other.

    • Hey big shouts to Adam for the thoughtful response on the pod today, super interesting. I’ll probably never stay up to watch the Winner’s Lounge shows live so will definitely keep dropping questions in the comments since I’m always watching the next morning. Good stuff guys!

  • One more – could Porter be taught more effective weak side 4 coverage than Grant has shown given his height & wingspan?, Thinking we could have Grant chase the lead wing scorer instead of trying to play the Millsap spot that he’s struggled so much with this year, and put the better rebounder closer to the hoop (all assuming Porter gets much, much stronger)

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