In this episode, I look at 10 questions facing the Denver Nuggets at the mid point of the season.

  • What does Denver value on the trade market?
  • Will there be a steep learning curve with Grant?
  • Who will Denver match up well with in the playoffs?
  • Will guys start making shots?
  • Can Jamal Murray make a leap?

Plus, 5 other big questions that will define this Denver Nuggets season.

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Adam Mares

Denver native, lifelong Denver sports fan, credentialed Nuggets reporter, below average bio writer, above average post passer.

  • On the Locked on NBA podcast following the Nuggets win over the Mavericks, Denver’s play-making was a topic.

    David Locke asked: “If Nicola Jokic is one of the best clutch shot scoring players in the league going down the stretch, what else does Denver need on your checklist to be considered an elite Western Conference contender?:

    Ben Golliver’s reply: “The question for me is that the Nuggets don’t have premier play-making wings. If you want to be in that championship conversation, that’s really been the formula, right? So Denver either needs to buck all of modern history, and do it their way by having Jokic be the best player on a title winning team, or they fall into that second tier group where unorthodox teams have fallen in the past. You’re winning games at a high rate in the regular season but will it work in the playoffs. I think they lose the match-up game when they get in the second round of the playoffs or in the Western Conference Championship round”.

    Question: Denver does not have a highly skilled play-making point guard or top tier play-making small forward. With the drop-off in “Jokic Ball” since 2017, which the national media has missed, is the addition of a starter who is a bonafide playmaker one of the talents needs for Denver to rise to the first tier of contenders?

    I’m out.

  • Decided to change my name to Joe Shmoe, as Joe Shmoe is commonly referred to as some random role player on a team. And since my name is Joe at first I felt sad that my name is constantly used to describe an average or normal NBA player. But then I realized that if I was a random role player on an NBA team, I’d be so stoked. So I’m embracing the dopeness of being Joe Shmoe.

    Question: Is there any reality where Monte could actually fit better in the starting rotation as the PG instead of Jamal? Playing Jamal more at the 2. There have been minutes where they played together this season but to maybe up those minutes?

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