Justin Michael, Henry Chisholm and Jake Schwanitz give their thoughts on Bill Connelly’s top 25 most important players in college football list in the opening segment, before diving into Todd McShay’s big board. They give their opinions on his rankings, discuss who is too high or too low, and who they thought should have made the list but was left off. Finally, the guys give their way-too-early college football playoff predictions in the closing segment.

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Justin is a Colorado State alumnus and has covered the Rams for DNVR since 2019. Prior to coming to DNVR, Justin was the founder of RamsReport.com and the Sports Director for the Rocky Mountain Collegian. From 2013-15 he was an intern for CSU Football.

  • Fellas! This is a repeat question from the Broncos Pod but, I’d love to get your perspective on this question. How valuable is football IQ compared to physical ability? Throughout his career Peyton Manning made up for a lack of physical tools with a superior football IQ. In 2015 Peyton’s brain could no longer mask the deficiencies of his body. How would you rank the three Broncos QBs on a scale of 1-10 in two categories; football IQ and physical ability. Combine the two scores and then rank the QBs accordingly. How would the Broncos QBs stack up to the rest of the AFC West using this system?

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