Andre Simone, Henry Chisholm, Justin Michael and Jake Schwanitz redraft the 2018 class based on what we now know. Throughout the episode the guys rotate picks, debate production vs. projection, and dive into what turned out be an extremely stacked 2018 NFL Draft class.DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE POD! iTunes linkStitcher LinkPocket Casts LinkSpotify Link

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Justin Michael

Justin has been covering Colorado State athletics since 2015 & has been featured in multiple national outlets. Along with keeping up with the Mountain West, Justin loves the local teams and has been going to Broncos games since he was six years old. Follow Justin on Twitter - @JustinTMichael

  • Is there any data to back up GP’s shotgun strategy of drafting a crap ton of dudes and hoping 1/2 hit vs. trying to draft few guys in the top 100? And what’s you all’s persona strategy preference ?

    Also, why does Hank never look me up when he’s in Montana ? Lame

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