Justin Michael, Andre Simone, Henry Chisholm and Jake Schwanitz mock the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft for the second and final time, including the knowledge they gained from the Senior Bowl, before they begin their position preview series later in the week.

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Justin is a Colorado State alumnus and has covered the Rams for DNVR since 2019. Prior to coming to DNVR, Justin was the founder of RamsReport.com and the Sports Director for the Rocky Mountain Collegian. From 2013-15 he was an intern for CSU Football.

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    Solid D+ on the staff hires. Wtf. Settled for second and third choices, taking a flyer on damn near the whole staff. We have interns as position coaches. Albeit if we get AR none of this matters, I’m still uneasy on the talent acquisition for this staff. Pretty evident the buddy system is in fully affect here.

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