On the latest edition of the DNVR Broncos Podcast, Zac Stevens and Andrew Mason are coming to you to break down all of the latest news in Broncos Country.

The guys discuss the future of Denver’s defensive line, answer listener questions and much more.

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Zac Stevens

Zac Stevens was born and raised in Denver, went to the University of Denver and now covers the Denver Broncos. After graduating Summa Cum Laude from DU in 2014, Zac worked for the Cleveland Browns as a remote scout. He then jumped straight into the journalism industry at the beginning of 2016 covering the reigning world-champion Broncos and joined DNVR soon after. Catch him on Twitter @ZacStevensDNVR and daily on the DNVR Broncos podcast as the co-host.

  • Hey guys!
    Catching up on pods, so I wasn’t able to see if my comment got read!
    I Heard one of your pods talking about your appreciation for Military and it absolutely warms my heart! I am a third generation sailor who takes so much pride in those who serve, so to hear my DNVR family show much gratitude to the military really put a smile on my face. It really means the most especially when I work nights, and listen to you guys on my way home at 5am!

    I hope to reenlist at mile high one day, and I’ll be sure to be wearing a DNVR cap on that field!

    One final question. Who is the sleeper impact player we drafted?

    Thanks again guys!
    -Tommy Bronco

  • Hey fellas,
    Great content, keep up the great work! Mase, I’m from Matthews, NC. It’s a small town right outside of Charlotte. Have you ever been here?
    Recently, I had to take a public speaking course with my job? (I don’t really know what I am with them since my temporary layoff lol). They had us give a presentation in front of the class while being filmed. It wasn’t until we rewatched the film that I saw all the ticks I had and didn’t realize lol. From touching my face to not knowing what to do with my hands, or using a multitude of fillers (Um’s, ands, but um,s etc.). How long did it take you to rid yourselves from these mental ticks?
    As always, keep up the great work!

    • What’s up man, I’m located in Charlotte. We should get together to watch the game in Carolina this year. Are you thinking of going?

  • Which Bronco is likely to have spent too much time at the Local greenery Store and thereafter enjoying the auspices of the frito lay company’s wares so much so that they show up to Camp well over their listed poundage ?

    The Count

  • Hey Guys,

    Can you tell me the benefits / cons to the supplemental draft. For both Teams and Prospects… How does this impact this years salary cap… If a prominent tackle prospect declares could you see the Broncos taking a chance? For example leatherwood out of Alabama etc. With the pandemic changing the way business is done and with the question of students coming back to campus in the fall. What possible tackle prospects would you be interested in if they were declaring for the supplemental draft.

    Draft coverage was off the chain! I turned off the talking heads on the TV. It was great. However I am sad I missed the kid from Vegas who yelled Raiders Suck During the Raiders Pick!

    Go Broncos and Go DNVR!

  • Gentlemen. Thanks for your hard work over the last few weeks. The draft coverage was great, and I had a lot of fun experiencing it with everyone. Mase, I loved your take on Walker Little. If he declares for the supplemental draft I pray the Broncos pull the trigger. He’s a stellar blind side blocker and wow, what a pick this would be.

    Obviously making assumptions on who would declare; are there any corners or safeties you’d like the Broncos to draft in the supplemental draft? Stay safe and healthy you guys.

  • Great draft coverage Gents! If you are a listener and haven’t checked out Andre’s film rooms you definitely need to! Sure we saw highlights in drafts, but his reports are something else! I watched Hamler’s film room and did some data crunching. Of the 7 or 8 plays that aren’t punt/kickoff returns, Hamler was averaging about 50 yards after reception run or pass!!! I don’t know anything about Penn State’s competition, but Damn. Question: obviously we shouldn’t expect that kind of number in the season, but how much different will the NFL be to what Hamler saw in college? Also, how does one go about donating a subscription? I’ll have to wait till my next pay check, but with all the great things you guys are doing (don’t forget they opened a freaking bar!) it seems a shame to let people miss out, and I’d love to help!
    Thanks guys!

  • Hey boys,
    The NFL released their power rankings after the draft. They had the Broncos at 21 up from 25. Behind teams like the raiders, rams, falcons and browns. Collin Cowherd has them ranked them as the 10th best team. Where would you guys rank them?
    Drew locker

  • Hey gents, as this is my first comment since the draft, I’ll just quickly echo everyone else’s comments from the past couple of days and say you guys rock. As always, thanks for the top-quality content and analysis that is keeping us all sane during these uncertain times.

    I’ll get straight to my questions: Who from last year’s roster may now have trouble making the team after this off-season? (One immediate name that comes to mind — whom you mentioned yesterday — is DeMarcus Walker, but I’m sure there are others, especially in the WR and TE corps.) And, on a related note, are there any players we might be able to put up as trade bait rather than releasing?

  • Hey guys. Quick correction from yesterday. Its a wheat beer mixed with coke, not cake. And yes Mase, the gluhwein is delicious.

    What do you guys think the realistic chances are the broncos can overtak the chiefs this year?

    Thanks and keep it comin

  • Hey y’all

    Wake Forest is like the guy in school that’s friends with everyone, and I’m like “This guy ain’t that great.” Then he gives me the last piece of gum in his pack and I’m like “Damn you WF! You’re so nice!”. Anyway, the tackle on this team I’m on the fence about is NOT Bolles, but Juwann James. I think he’s softer than Charmin. Just my opinion, I’ll see myself out.

    God Bless

    • Took the words right out my mouth. Bolles is more valuable to the Broncos than Juwan James is ever going to be.

  • Just a hypothetical cause i don’t think Rodgers is coming here but.. If Rodgers came to Denver, and over the next 4-5 years we go to 2 Superbowls and win at least 1 of them would you do it? It means we get rid of Lock due to Rodgers being here and we go back to mediocrity (or below that line) for the next 4-5 years after Rodgers leaves, would you do it? In essence, have what happened with Tebow and Manning

    • If you guarantee me at least 1 ring then without hesitation I would do it. Drew is not a for sure thing and rings don’t come around all the time. Take the ring.

  • RD Dhaliwal (Dolly Wall)

    Great coverage during the draft. I can finally put a face to each of your voices. I started to watch your coverage of the draft on Periscope and the connection was awful. I then switched to YouTube and the connection was awesome. Don’t know if that helps you guys out for next time.

    Rank your top 5 favorite fruits. The following 5 are my favorite.

    1. Mango 🥭
    2. Watermelons 🍉
    3. Strawberries 🍓
    4. Kiwi 🥝
    5. Banana 🍌

    Keep up the good work and Keep washing your hands. We are almost to the finish line ( I hope).

  • Hello, fellas! Haven’t commented in a while, but while watching the draft, I realized I don’t know something that I should, so here’s the question:

    Why does the total number of picks change in each draft? In 2018 it was 256, 254 in 2019, and 255 this year. I know compensatory picks and loads of trades come into play, but how is the total number of picks determined each year? By my simplistic math, 32 teams x 7 rounds is 224. I have to be missing something huge.

    Sorry if any of you have already answered.

  • Elway and company had another great draft. It feels weird to be actually excited to watch the offense this year. We have all of the weapon and now it is time to see if Drew is the guy. One thing I notice in the later rounds was that we mainly targeted guys with amazing athletic abilities. They didn’t have the production you would like but they have something you can’t teach with their athletic abilities. I am excited to see what they can do with better coaching and scheme fit. Do you guys like that they targeted these guys or would you rather have guys who have the numbers to back it up? I know people are concerned with Bolles but he did play well the last 5 games with Lock in. Would you rather keep Bolles at left tackle or move Risner to left tackle and move Muti to guard?

  • Hey guys. Been curious with draft just ending and adding some UDFA’s, do y’all reach out and try to interview these new Broncos or how does that work? Cuz for sure if I was a new player here, I’d want to get in with y’all for my own badass T-shirt graphic lol

  • I see we already have a lot of comments so I’ll make this quick

    Day 13 of the Jersey Challenge. NFC North time.

    Chicago Bears.

    I’m going Adam Shaheen. He was my favorite TE that came out in 2017 and I believe he has been woefully underused…..but hey what can you expect when half your active roster are tight ends?

    Also for funsies, can we get Zac to say Joel Iyiegbuniwe?

  • Wow what a great answer to my question yesterday. You guys dove into it much deeper then I figured and I completely forgot about that seceding nonsense!
    Question, can you guys find any positives to adding a veteran Qb like Cam to the roster? The Around the NFL podcast will not talk about the Broncos without mentioning that they should do that. I can not seem to find a positive to it. Thanks guys!

  • Hey DNVR Family,

    No football question this time, but just wanted to say thanks for all the draft coverage the team put together. I didn’t get to watch the draft live so I ended up taping all the rounds and watching it when I have free time. Once I finished with that I started to watch your guy’s coverage. Even though I knew the pick, you guys had me on the edge of my seat. Also great to see Steve Atwater on the stream. I plan to watch all three days of the coverage over again. Can’t wait to the coverage next year with the Broncos picking in the high 20’s. Hopefully we will be able to do that at the DNVR Bar while drinking some RK Specials. So again, thank you to the five of you guys and to everyone behind the scenes.

    Thank you and keep up the AWESOME work.

  • Hey y’all. I have been a casual lurker that turned into a daily listener over the past few months. Last week I made the easy decision to subscribe. You guys have really created something great! I’m from the US, but I am doing my PhD research here in Germany and it was surprising to me to see how much Broncos fandom there is here! Also, I heard in the last podcast that you like the German spiced mulled wine (Glühwein) … pronounced “glue – vine”. Those are super popular during the Christmas markets, but most people can only have 1 or 2 due to the sweetness. The serious drinkers will even add some Schnapps or whiskey to “spice it up.”

    I am a Virginia Tech alum and it always puts a smile on my face when Mase drops some Hokie knowledge. That being said, I would like to bring up some praise thrown Lynn Bowden’s way, in particular about his character. I don’t know if you saw, but before the Belk Bowl he threw and connected a punch on a VT player during pre-game (he didn’t end up getting suspended for the game b/c of some weird rule). Don’t get me wrong, he absolutely balled that game, but his character is what I question. I think he personifies the Raiders perfectly :0 … Link to punch = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYT1T3QGhj4

  • hey guys- let’s talk trades! i have a few trade scenarios that i want y’alls opinon on;

    1) riley reiff. was the LT when shurmur was the OC in 2017. the vikings were in the trent williams sweepstakes so it’s likely they’re willing to move on. it may depend on whether they think ezra cleveland is ready to start at LT or not, but i doubt it’ll be expensive

    2) trading away daesean. this is something that could happen, but is it worth upsetting the apple cart? he’s popular in the locker room, is already a mentor to our 20 year old rookie receiver and he was more productive with lock. there’s a chance that he could make some sense for the vikings though. he was drafted when kubiak was in the front office. he played in the Kubiak offense last year and the vikings need a third receiver, especially if they project jefferson as an outside receiver

    3) trading for james washington. the steelers added chase claypool and the expectation is that he takes washington’s spot outside. the broncos were interested in washington in 2018 and brought him in for a visit. he projects as an outside threat and is an excellent deep ball tracker. we added two guys who are mostly slot receivers, so i wouldn’t be opposed to be adding someone who could play outside.

  • Now that the draft is done I’m curious do you guys think we will have captains this year or will it be much like last years strategy and who would be your guys favorites for the title?

  • Hey guys ! And Yes Mase. .. the Denver Media I was acknowledging I would say I’m not a FAN ” of….. 🤫 Smh how can you call yourself that and openly mock and throw snark at fans daily this is a daily practice by them across 3-4 different shows …. Listening to them is like watching CNN or fox news …. Stop pushing narrative just give an honest opinion smh ……anyyyyywhoo (because acknowledging specifics will only tick me off ) Soo 2 questions 1 quick one where would you draft Jerry Jeudy in fantasy this year hmmmm ….. I feel he has great mid to low wr 2 value because if he doesn’t get 1000 yards he’s for sure getting 80 + catches has to right what round would you consider taking him ???

    Second question ….. What’s your confidence in this secondary … Mainly corner I know we are set with Kareem and Justin …..but to me we had less with bausby getting hurt and no callhan even tho Chris is gone I feel we’re better this year then last year how about you ?

  • Hello, friends. Yesterday, CBS Sports tweeted video of all five of Clinton Portis’ touchdown runs against the Kansas City Chiefs from Week 14 of the 2003 season. https://twitter.com/NFLonCBS/status/1255177542014730242. The Broncos defeated the Chiefs that day 45 to 27 behind Portis’ five touchdowns and 218 yards rushing and 36 yards receiving. Portis absolutely owned the Chiefs when he was a Bronco. In that game’s final moments, Portis sported a heavyweight champion belt on the sideline. An image that will forever be etched in my Broncos’ lore.

    In four games as a Bronco against the Chiefs, Portis rushed for 559 yards and 10 rushing touchdowns, along with 204 yards receiving and one touchdown reception. In his first two NFL seasons, both as a Bronco, Portis rushed for 3,099 yards, 29 rushing touchdowns, paired with 678 receiving yards and two receiving touchdowns.

    I still think that the Broncos were wise to trade Portis following the 2003 season to land Champ Bailey and a second round pick. That being said, how good of a career with Portis have had if he had only been a Bronco assuming that Portis and Mike Shanahan would have been able to coexist from a personality standpoint? Portis finished his career with 9,923 rushing yards. I think that he would have easily eclipsed the 10,000 rushing yardage threshold had he remained a Bronco, and with all due respect to Terrell Davis and Floyd Little, been the best running back in Denver history.

    As always, thanks for continually churning out the quality content that you do individually and collectively. Be all that you can be in the DNVRMY!

  • So I’ve been watching some hamler film and my second take away other then being so fast he makes fast people look not fast. Is that this undersized wr loves to block, hes not good at it and gets moved around rather easily, but I love the fact that he will rocket himself into someone if the play requires it.

  • What’s up gang? Another 30 questions today, wow, draft time means DNVR Broncos pods are popping off. I just want to say “Momma there goes my ankles” is modern day Greg Jennings, but there’s not swearing, just a lot of funny commentary over some #Jeudying highlights. So, I’ve been combing through the potential schedule, we open up at Atlanta and then we go to Carolina. Atlanta made some solid moves this past off-season & draft, I think they’ll be a bit of a handful, and we really don’t know what Carolina will look like because Matt Rhule is new in town, but he spent all 7 picks on defense, including Derrick Brown & Jeremy Chinn, so that’s going to be a tough out. What do you guys think? Can we come home to the Chiefs 2-0? 1-1? Or a dreaded 0-2? I know this is way too early, but I want to see this team on paper actually play some games! This is so exciting guys, for us, and for you. Appreciate you guys, go DNVR, and go Broncos.

  • >