On the latest edition of the DNVR Broncos Podcast, Andrew Mason and Andre Simone bring you the latest from Broncos Country.

ESPN ranks the Broncos’ skill-position players (WRs, TEs, RBs) 17th. Is this fair? What can we expect from the QB competition that will begin next week? And how could college players’ ability to cash in on name, image and likeness rights affect future draft classes?

All that and more, plus listener questions will come at you in today’s show!

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  • Ok my gents,

    You each get to relegate 5 colleges down to a lower League. What schools are deserving of your ire and why?

    The Count

  • Hey guys so this how i see the Aaron Rodgers saga playing out …….

    Rodgers Approaches management and demands one of 2 things

    The Packers can either trade him to the broncos right now get all they can …..?

    Or they can renegotiate his contract so he can be a do free agent… Come 2022….. I only say this cuz … Too many people are casting aspersions because Rodgers is so calculated and descrete

    I think he wants out and he’s only playing for thim if they put in writing permanently what will happen once he retires….

    Also Mase how much competition for Rodgers rights is applicable of Rodgers is adamant about heading for the broncos ?? ??‍♂️

  • Hi guys,

    Wondering what you guys think the chances of Chip kelly returning to the NFL as a head coach? I doubt he’ll get another chance, but he’d be a great offensive coordinator. First college games i watched frequently were his Oregon years with Mariota, awesome offensively but failed at the big games defensively. Cheers!

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