On the latest edition of the DNVR Broncos Podcast, Zac Stevens and Andrew Mason are coming to you to break down all of the latest news in Broncos Country.

The guys discuss what moves would have made the Broncos’ offseason perfect, answer listener questions and much more.

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Zac Stevens

Zac Stevens was born and raised in Denver, went to the University of Denver and now covers the Denver Broncos. After graduating Summa Cum Laude from DU in 2014, Zac worked for the Cleveland Browns as a remote scout. He then jumped straight into the journalism industry at the beginning of 2016 covering the reigning world-champion Broncos and joined DNVR soon after. Catch him on Twitter @ZacStevensDNVR and daily on the DNVR Broncos podcast as the co-host.

  • With all the talk about updating the Broncos logo/uniform, you guys should put on a DNVR logo art contest! Have the artists of the DNVR family submit their ideas for a new Broncos logo or uniform. You guys could do a live exhibit and critique of the work submitted.

  • I started supporting Broncos as the 2018 season was about to start so that’s why I don’t know but I why is Josh McDaniels so universally hated by Broncos fans? What’s the 1min /3 top reason explanation?

    • Traded cutler, wasted 2 first rounders (one being Tebow), forced Marshall out of town, lost the locker room, got caught filming the 49ers calls in London, and banned broncos alumni from the facility…just ruined a young promising team and set us back a few years.

  • Oh and a short double dip:
    The best candy bar ain’t Lion, it ain’t snickers, it ain’t Mars. It’s the marvelous, undefeated, Daim Bar. We’re talking crunchy almond caramel covered in milk chocolate. It is, pardon my French, fucking amazing.
    And a few years ago they did a limited edition with mint. Oh my. That was an 11/10.

    Link to picture–> https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daim_bar <—

  • I’m a bit behind on pods at the moment but I want to comment on The Last Dance. Ryan made the point that the documentaries were hating on Jerry Krause but never made much of the fact that Krause constructed the greatest team of all time by putting great pieces around Jordan. Out of curiosity, do you guys think that was an intentional move to help MJ in the GOAT argument? When people argue for LeBron, they say he only hasn’t won as many championships because he didn’t have surrounding casts that were as talented or as long-lasting as MJ. That argument feels a little bit weaker after watching MJ’s GM take a beating for the last 5 weeks. Thoughts?

  • Hey guys, been a while since I’ve commented but I appreciate the content and entertainment y’all provide. I feel lost when I have to drive somewhere on weekends and have nothing to listen to.
    I wanted to say that I was excited about the Melvin Gordon deal and was surprised that y’all weren’t so high on it. So I wanted to ask a question. I know that Gordon and Harris Jr. was not a trade deal but I was curious. If Gordon had always been a Bronco and Chris a Charger, would you want to trade them this year to get Chris or would you leave it as it is now. I know both of these guys have been stud players, but which would you prefer to have with the talents they offer today. Stay safe men.

  • Why is strap Harris tweeting about a chip on his shoulder? Didn’t he kind of land himself where he did? I’m confused. Is he still miffed about not being drafted or was it that free money Last year that sent him over the edge? I love me some CHJ and I know his personality, so I’m not surprised, I guess, but come on. Just go play ball, right?

    The Count

  • Hey bois,
    Can I get top 3 non QB player of all time list? Thanks
    Drew-butter boi- ravioli-with a side of chicken-Chinese food-Locker

  • *tin foil alert*
    Think John just isn’t worried about LT position because of his perceived elite speed at which the offense will be moving with all the latest additions especially?
    Love all that you all do to provide such a consistently superior product.

  • Hey gang, just want to say I really, really loved the scenarios you guys posed to change a very good offseason into a perfect off-season. The would you rather have Melvin Gordon, or Devonta Freeman and either Jason Peters or Kelvin Beachum, or Trent Williams idea as well as maybe changing up potentially draft picks is a very interesting idea, however I think if you were to lose a KJ Hamler out of this draft class, it may not appear significant right away but it would show up against the Chiefs and Raiders when our secondary is trying to tail Ruggs and Hill burning through the open field. Hindsight is of course 20/20, but I’m of the belief that what the Broncos did was the most perfect & best way for things to go. When it comes down to it, how many of you two or three guys if RK is with us today would trade KJ Hamler, 1 average year of Garrett Bolles, and Melvin Gordon for Trent Williams and Devonta Freeman? I can absolutely understand why you’d have the latter guys, but I think you will get more production out of the 1st option. If you switch Trent Williams for Jason Peters and still get KJ Hamler with that pick, maybe I’d take the Peters-Freeman group. But as of today and for the season, I’m so on board to have Melvin Gordon as a bigger guy to help Phil out, even if Phil doesn’t see it that way, and for Bolles to not exactly figure it out, but toss Drew Lock a bone so Drew can toss KJ some 50+ yard bones. Ran a tad bit longer today, but I’m wrapping now so we can get other voices in. Love you guys & your content as always, go Broncos, and go DNVR.

    PS: shoutout DDM for joining & posting her first comment yesterday. Don’t forget to join the DNVR Lounge, we have a ton of fun there.

  • Hey amigos. Darrent Williams I would watch because he did everything the right way butt Josh McIdiot; still no way and I; like Zac; am a big TB12 fan; I just hate McIdiot trading Jay for Kyle, a guy that could not even beat out Rex Grossman! GO AMERICA/BRONCS/DREW/DNVR bar

  • Hey guys, if you could add any fictional football player (ie. Willie Beaman) to the Broncos who would you pick?

  • I truly am so sorry for how annoyingly long this comment is so don’t read it for the pod (unless you really want to)

    Hi Mase,
    As a wee little squirt, I loved books. Before I could even read, I’d take Star Wars books to pre-school and stare at the pages as if I knew what they were saying. As I developed a comprehension of the English language, I dreamed of being a writer. I even wrote a horrible fantasy series in the fourth grade. As I reached middle school, I had a great science teacher who pushed me toward dreaming of a career in astronomy. That dream was short lived when I wet the bed in my first high school science class. While my love for the skies never died, my dream to become a scientist did. Around this time, I really started to get into football. I was a Denver native living in Phoenix, Arizona so I had to pick between the Broncos and the Cards. Obviously, I went with the Broncos. I started following Broncos fan pages on Instagram and the Broncos official page. From there, I found the Broncos 365 app and, of course, the great Andrew Mason. I devoured all your content for years. From 8th grade through my senior year, I read/watched every Mason’s Mailbag (presented by PrimeSport), read every OTA Day writeup and every video you were in. You were my idol. Even outside the print, I realized how much of an idol you are. From your love of Star Wars to your views on life, (I’m one of the few who love when you get political on twitter:)] you are someone in the business that I felt a close to personally. Around my sophomore year, after I decided science wasn’t for me, I was thinking about what I wanted to do for a career. I thought to myself, ‘Well, I’ve always loved writing, and my mom tells me that I am annoying about my fandom of the Broncos, maybe I should become a sports journalist, like Andrew Mason.’ I told my mom my idea and she brought it to my attention that Arizona State happens to have the Walter Cronkite School. I was sold. ‘I am going to be like Andrew Mason,’ I thought. Well, this past fall, I enrolled at ASU and began my journalism career. I met some fantastic people and annoyed them by constantly bringing up how great DNVR and, of course, Andrew Mason are. In the spring, I snagged my first gig: I was a beat writer for the ASU Softball team. I remember sitting in the press box during the first game, listening to the cathartic sounds of softball and thinking, ‘This is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I am just like Andrew Mason.’ My journey toward my dream was in motion. Unfortunately, COVID-19 shortened my first experience, but I will never forget what I learned. All my credentials are hanging on my bedpost. Now, I am all done with my freshman year. I have a 3.93 GPA and I’m interviewing for a sports reporting position at The State Press, ASUs student newspaper (Fun fact, Al Michaels wrote for The State Press at his time at ASU). I’m sorry for how egregiously long this post is, but I do hope you read it because I hope you know how thankful I am for your work. You have literally given me a career and have been someone I’ve modeled my writing after. I literally wouldn’t be here without you and I am so excited for the future as well as for your future with DNVR. I look up to you as a mentor like Luke does to Obi-Wan. I cannot thank you enough. Once I’m 21, I’d love to buy you a Moscow mule at the DNVR Bar as a thanks. For now, this is the best I can do. Thank you, and may the Force be with you.

    • Thank you for making my day and sharing your story! Words cannot convey what this means to me; I’m honored and humbled. Excited that you’re doing well and you’re at a great journalism program like Cronkite. Look forward to seeing you sometime at the DNVR Bar down the line, or even in Arizona sometime at a Broncos game!

    • Attention Brandon Spano and DNVR staff: Why not take on Manning’s Forehead as an intern? Seems extremely ambitious and isn’t that what you want at DNVR?

  • According to a local news station, Drew lock is back in Denver and has thrown with “a few” unnamed receivers. Per the news source, Drew followed “social guidelines” and plans to “amp it up” when permitted to do so. Just wanted to share. It’s another encouraging sign this team is not letting this offseason go to waste. Glad they’re staying safe in the process.

    Cheers fellas.

  • To the comment or yesterday looking for football podcasts to listen to I have a couple recommendations.

    The first is the Unbuttoned podcast with Chris Simms. I find his takes on things are refreshing while not being ridiculous. He also gets his father Phil Simms on a bunch and you get to hear some cool stories about Elway and other things from the past. He is also high on Drew Lock and the Broncos so you won’t get annoyed at the disrespect for the Broncos.

    The second is the Stick to Football pod. They focus on both college/draft and the NFL. Ive found I learned a lot about the draft and players when listening to them. One of the guys is a chiefs fan which is annoying but he doesn’t go crazy with it so I can still respect his opinions.

    Thanks guys, have a great day


  • My pops is an old school polish tuff guy from south Boston and a diehard pats fan. We had a bet on the 2015 afccg and he ended up losing his eyebrows. The best part was he worked for homeland security and they sent him home the first day and there was a subsequent week long investigation. I wish I could time travel back to that one

  • Rank the coaching staffs in the AFC West. What is the biggest deficiency in coaching for the Broncos?

  • Every time you guys talk about the DNVR Madden League I get a certain itch to play. We gotta get a PC League put together… Sorry for the long comment, my boys!

  • Hey fellas how’s it going

    First I doubt he listens lol but I apologize to Donovan McNabb loved u as a kid and Especially in Madden 2006 with lol … . My bad Mase !!! I was speaking to shurmur as a Coordinator and how he schemes to make his QBs successful I thought shurmur was just the qb coach for Donovan so my mistake …..

    So … I follow this writer Derrick Kliesen Twitter qbklass on Twitter and he ranked the tier of QBs that he felt the 2019 class could be ….he had Daniel Jones and Drew in the same class specifying drew ceiling if every thing goes perfect can be Matthew Stafford that he’s earn the right to be the starter but there still a lot of risk involved with Drew but he had Dwayne Haskins above Drew just below Kyler ????? ( Puzzling )

    So my questions are what do people love about Daniel Jones that they didn’t see in drew i heard ESPN fantasy podcast project Daniel Jones as a top 12 qb this year …. And they didn’t improve their weapons and Engram and Sheppard are very injury prone ….. Is Jones better then Drew in your honest opinion ? Drew has more weapons more athleticism then Jones I don’t understand that one …..

    And lastly was Washington so bad that it makes it hard to see Dwayne Haskins potential because I think Derrick Kliesen is an awesome writer but I just in tape don’t see Haskins being a tier above Jones and Drew like I don’t understand how he came to that conclusion what am I missing here ?

  • Almost forgot ….. Off asked people to rank their top 5 cb of all times and of course deion Sanders is on there but almost 85 % of responses included Charles Woodson and Champ Bailey it’s criminal the NFL left them off the NFL 100 …. They seriously skipped over today’s generation with that ….and also LEAVING ADRIAN PETERSON OFF OF THAT LIST AS WELL ??? criminal .

  • How do you know you made it? When Zac calls you “my guy.” As of yesterday’s podcast, I can say I made it! Again, #ImAPromoCodeZacGuy

    Day 27 of the Jersey Challenge take us to Jacksonville!

    Gimme ‘Viska!

  • Hello again, gentlemen,

    I was reading an article this morning written by Jeff Legwold that referenced KJ Hamler and the problem he had with drops last year. What is your level of concern with this? You guys have watched more film of him than I have, do you think this is something that can be fixed? Or is this going to be an issue long term?

    Thanks for everything you do! Hope you and your families are staying healthy and happy.

  • MY BOYS! Another hump day is here on this Day 70 or whatever number were at of quarantine. With all apologies to Mike Ditka, who once said, “I don’t believe in living in the past. Living in the past is for cowards. If you live in the past, you die in the past,” I want to take us back to January 2015 for a moment. First, I provide some context. Yesterday, NFL owners voted to approve a resolution that would prevent teams from blocking assistant coaches from interviewing for coordinator positions. If this rule had been in place in 2015, I surmise that the Broncos would have hired Vance Joseph, and not Wade Phillips, to be their defensive coordinator, as the Cincinnati Bengals would not have been able to prohibit Joseph from becoming a coordinator.

    Do you guys think that the historic Denver defense from 2015 would have been as good under Joseph’s tutelage as they were under Phillips? Do the Broncos still win Super Bowl 50 with Joseph in charge of the team’s defensive unit? Would talent and leadership from the likes of DeMarcus Ware transcended coaching deficiencies? I have my doubts based on Joseph’s past performances as a defensive coordinator and head coach, but Joseph also has never coached a group as talented as that 2015 group of defenders.


  • Hey y’all question for ya, if you had one worry about drew going into 2020 what would it be. Mine would have to be his arm strength, but not a lack of sometimes he just puts to much on the ball the receivers cant catch it as we seen a few times in his debut against the chargers. Then we seen him slow down during the Texans game and look what happened but then right after that at the chiefs, he had some ruff times and went back to slinging it and I couldn’t tell ya how many drops I seen just hoping that he can get some time with the receivers so we can use him to his fullest. Ya know now after saying all this not sure if it was a knock on him or the receivers last year but anyway take care yall and have a great day.

  • I have to disagree with the general assessment on the Melvin Gordon pick up in the media. I love Phil (Go Buffs!) but he is not nearly as productive at getting into the end zone as Melvin. I’m all for yards per carry, but scoring is what it’s all about. I have to give credit for bringing weapons that have a nose for the end zone. That is the one distinguishing characteristic I see this offseason on the skill position additions (draft & free agency) – they are all finishers and know how to score. I don’t mind paying for points. This will make all the difference. Thoughts? Thanks for the podcast and brining great coverage on the Broncos.

  • A bronco mt Rushmore would be to easy. So How about your personal Rushmore per position. I know every position might take to long so maybe just hit the glamor positions.

  • In the NFL draft and in fantasy drafts, we talk a lot about boom-or-bust prospects and players. As a complete team, is there a more boom-or-bust team in the NFL than the Broncos this year? We have injury concerns at key positions like corner and tackle and we have an extremely young offense with a relatively unproven QB. If things go off the rails, we don’t have another Drew Lock waiting in the wings to save the season with a 4-1 stretch at the end. But if everything clicks and the ball bounces our way a couple times, we could be looking at a deep playoff run.

  • >