On the latest edition of the DNVR Broncos Podcast, Zac Stevens, Ryan Koenigsberg and Andrew Mason are coming to you to break down all of the latest news in Broncos Country.

The guys discuss what would be the best era in Broncos history to make a series out of, answer listener questions and much more.

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Zac Stevens was born and raised in Denver, went to the University of Denver and now covers the Denver Broncos. After graduating Summa Cum Laude from DU in 2014, Zac worked for the Cleveland Browns as a remote scout. He then jumped straight into the journalism industry at the beginning of 2016 covering the reigning world-champion Broncos and joined DNVR soon after. Catch him on Twitter @ZacStevensDNVR and daily on the DNVR Broncos podcast as the co-host.

  • Good day friends! Happy to be on evening shifts so I can listen to you before going home. Feel quite sorry for people missing their daily podcast dose. Personally I listen to 9 hours of podcast at x1.5 speed and I don’t know how I’d survive without all that information. A great medium which made working so damn fun. To the question, could you guys consider livestreaming this podcast on twitch like a few other company podcasts do? I’d love to listen live if available.

    Take care and be safe!

  • Hey amigos. The only 10 parts I would watch would be on John Albert Elway Jr.’s 16 season career as the greatest Denver Broncos QB ever! Would any Broncos fan really want to go down memory lane with Josh McIdiot? No thanks, this Broncos fan would not watch or listen. After the Broncs and then the Colts, Josh does not deserve a 3rd. chance over all the other worthy candidates like The Godfather, etc. If he stays and replaces Bill in N.E. for Mr. Kraft, so be it. GO AMERICA/ELWAY/ANDREW/DNVR bar

  • Hi Guys! Finally subscribed……go ahead and say it. Can’t wait to hear it! Been freeloading your podcasts for a couple years. That embarrassing, so sorry about that but thank you! I’ve been able to keep my job and work from home and I couldn’t get through it without you guys. I use my “lunch break” to walk all over my hood and you have me literally laughing out loud at times. I’m sure people think I am nuts. Just now going thru a break up during Covid so that’s been extra fun, but YAY, now you guys get my attention and appreciation in all that you have done to keep us sane during these times. I miss sports :(. I really don’t have time for any more content then your podcast……what, with all the Bachelor adjacent ones I need to make time for (haha) so I was wondering if I could donate it to someone else? Selfishly, I’ll keep the shirt. (I got the white Nugs one with the skyline because that is the best logo ever). Anyway I want to pay it forward if you can do that. Just so you know, DDM is the initials of a kind of inappropriate name for my fantasy team that my ex husband and our best friend gave me back in the 90’s. Had to keep it. We played when you had to add the scores up the next day from the newspaper. Jeeez Anyway, been a Bronco fan since Elway came to town….how could you not be?? And one last fun fact. I worked at Craig Morton’s restaurant in the 80’s right when I graduated from DU. It was in Cherry Creek. Used to wait on Steve Watson all the time :). Thanks, can’t wait to see you all at the DNVR Bar!
    Excited to be here, Love The DDM

  • Hey guys!

    There’s an easy solution to the logo debate, that we can look to Mase’s Bucs for an answer. Recreate the Old D Logo with an updated horse, and put the horse head logo on the sleeves

  • Hey fellas!

    I’ve been listening to you guys for a a year and a half now and have been a subscriber since training camp (y’all should definitely bring that deal back ?) I love how DNVR is so unique in the localized coverage you guys bring to the die hard Denver fans! Some of my dearest friends are fans of different markets who would give their left index finger for the kind of coverage you provide!
    My question today is do you today is do you recommend any football podcasts with a national perspective? I love your show Monday-Friday but I find every now and then I want take a big picture look at the league.
    Thank you guys for doing what you do so well!
    Ps. Not sorry at all about the long comment!

  • I never want Mase to lose. Never. But the thought of him eating a pinecone brought me a type of joy I’ve certainly never felt.

    What’s the worst thing you had to do after losing a bet?

    The Count

  • Now that everyone knows that MJ bet on the Broncos to win Super Bowl 32, why not look at that season and flashback to 1983 when we traded for Elway. You could talk about the ’83 QB class. The 3 Super Bowl losses could be a major point about failing and persevering. There is so much that could be covered from 1983 to 1998 just like how we kept looking back through Jordan’s career. Remember that Elway was the sentimental favorite that day. You could also look at the 13 straight losses by the AFC in the Super Bowl. This would not only interesting to Broncos County but the rest of the country. As always keep up the great work and Go Broncos!

  • Hello Gents. Talk of what elements could be used in a Denver Broncos “Last Dance” got me thinking of two events ironed in Broncoas History. The first would be the events surrounding Darrentt Williams passing. A second could be the AFC West division race in 2011 that had us winning at 8-8 and going to the divisional round. I look forward to your thoughts, keep up the great work.

  • Hey y’all

    I see Drew Lock’s floor as luxury vinyl plank and his ceiling as a nice coffered-type.

    With all these legal issues going on with some players this offseason, I find myself shaking my head in confusion about why they would risk their careers and financial growth. Then I remember a couple times I’ve spent in the back of a cop car and “touring” the local jail in my youth. At that age, I can’t say I’d handle a sudden influx of riches any better. I just pray nobody gets hurt. I’ll see myself out.

    God Bless

  • My boyyssssss!! Gosh it feels great seeing things start to open up around the country and some semblance of sports coming back into our lives. I just wanted to pop in and say in regards to Tebowski’s comment yesterday that I really thing that the lounge has really helped us self monitor the amount of comments on pods and is THE BEST idea of any sports company I’ve ever seen. The ability of having daily sports and life and random conversations on there I’ve noticed has allowed us to save pod comments for very bronco centric or more important comments. think after yesterday I now know RK’s personal downstairs hygiene more than I ever needed or wanted to know lol love y’all buddies. In the words of the great letterkenny, pitter patter, let’s get at er.

  • I’m with Iceman on this one. Maybe it wasn’t talked about cause it’s too obvious. But give me the 10 part docuseries on John Elway from draft to back2back rings. I’m not missing a second. The 10th could even summarize some GM highlights.

    The Madden league draft was lit and i can’t begin to describe how cool it is that the guys at DNVR, namely RK, Spano and Henry, actually make time out of their busy lives to have such legit interactions with us subscribers. DNVR is unlike anything in the country. And Denver Sports fans are the luckiest sports fans. Period.

    Lastly I got into a back and forth with a Chiefs fan on instagram that was broadcasting on a Broncos fan page that Broncos fans are delusional for being high on the team this year and vowed Mahomes was on his way to a 6 Super Bowl dynasty with the chiefs. I informed him that he was delusional for thinking 6 superbowls and said maybe 2-3 for Mahomes at best.

    What do you guys predict Mahomes will accomplish in KC in the next 8 years or so? Am I low on my argument? Or High? And more importantly, how do the Broncos being competitive (or not *touch wood*) factor into your predictions on Mahomes future accomplishments. Does Lock and company become the kryptonite that keeps Patrick’s rings to one hand only? (this may be a First seg. topic so i understand if you skip it)

    Sorry for the long comment.
    I have spoken, MileHighMike.

  • I know you guys started watching Korean Baseball but did you guys hear about the Korean Football Club. They tried to replicate fans by placing sex dolls wearing face masks in the stands.

  • What’s up men! So honest question, how the hell did Lock fall out of the first round? I mean what is the reason? Did the NFL just not view him as a first rounder? I mean he’s better at every level then Jordan love? But he went 26th to locks 42nd? I’m glad he fell to us, but he shouldn’t of, have you guys heard why he fell so far? It just doesn’t make sense to me, with some of the guys being drafted in the first round in the last few years. His not a first rounder, how exactly? Thanks gents.

  • Wasnt it Drew Creasman who did a read about Weiners?

    Anyway, as you guys have great chemistry, seems apt to ask you this.

    There’s talk of chemistry between lock and the receivers, but what about Lock and Cush? Or whoever the centre will be? How important is that chemistry? How much is it impacted by the current restrictions or is it one that would just work out in camp? As they both are the only two to touch the ball every snap, is their chemistry as important as QB/receiver or not.

    Sorry for basic question, still learning the game! Love your work.


  • something got me thinking; drew had 3 easy opportunities for additional touchdown passes. what would the narrative be right now if;

    a) daesean hamilton doesn’t drop that pass in the chargers game that was a wide-open TD
    b) courtland sutton secures that pass that tyrann mathieu knocked out of his hands
    c) tim patrick fights his way into the endzone instead of catching a pass at the 1 yard line against detroit

    that would take drew to 10 TDs over 5 games, and 32 over a 16 game season.

    • Joe Flacco also should have had an additional touchdown pass last season had Hamilton caught a pass that hit him squarely in the season opener.

  • So I know we all saw Tyrann tweet yesterday lol ……he showed his hand …. And everyone thinks it’s because of saying Drew is gonna be good but that wasn’t it to me …. I remember Tyrann saying after Casey. And Gordon signings ……. ?? “So the broncos trynna play shutdown defense and run the ball huh ” ….I remember thinking to myself ohhh boy u have no idea what’s coming ….then the draft comes around and Tyrann is super active and live tweeting all night except for pick 15 he goes mute and pick 46 not a tweet …..DUDE The chiefs know !!!! While we gotta argue with raider fans and charger fans thinking their the next best team in the Afc West ? Kansas City Media !!! And the chiefs know !!!! ……. Why is Andy Reid watching film on drew as he’s putting together his draft board ???? Hmmm ….. Lastly I got into ANOTHER TWITTER EXCHANGE !! lol with a chiefs fan and he kept @ Arrowheadlive a nice chiefs podcast …. They went over drafts they liked mentioned the Ravens and cowboys and Vikings and then they said verbatim “I think Denver had an awesome draft … To pair Kj Hamler and Jeudy ….with Noah Fant and courtland Sutton and they added Melvin Gordon with Phillip Lindsay .. .if their gonna roll with Drew Lock they could be one of the most talented teams offensivley in the NFL they could be a real scary team ” chiefs know we coming and it was nice to see that little snub but high praise from Tyrann yesterday …….

    Sorry if my expectations are too high for drew ? But I’m sorry they dropped all these weapons in Drew’s lap they got in my opinion the Qb whisperer in Shurmur he gives career years to medicore QBs drew is probably the most talented qb he’s ever coached …. Their switching up the offense to cater to his skill set …. The orginization has done too much to make drew successful for him not to be a 30td 4000 yard kind of qb in my opinion if that’s too high of an expectation given all these weapons this defense this coaching staff ??? … Hey Sue me lol

  • Hey guys,

    Going off of the Josh Rosen comment yesterday, you guys said environment matters. With that thought are there any Broncos in recent years who have fallen victim to this?

    Thanks and have a wonderful day,


  • Hello again, gentlemen,

    I have also never liked the term, “money can’t buy happiness.” I’ve always thought the saying should have been, “money isn’t the only currency that happiness accepts.” It’s a little wordy, but a better representation of what the quote is trying to say in my opinion.

    Mase, you asked me last week about my thoughts on Trey Lance. I have been a huge fan of him since he walked onto campus up in Fargo. I think he has potential to be a more mobile Matt Ryan. I have seen some way-too-early mock drafts having him go as early as 5! Do you think that is a possibility? I know NDSU has Oregon on its schedule this year so he does have at least one opportunity to show what he can do against an FBS school so that is something that he could benefit from (assuming we have a normal NCAA football season).

    Anyway, glad to hear that you also think he has potential. Hope you and your families are staying healthy and happy.

  • MY BOYS! The last two podcasts concerning the nether regions sure have made for a good laugh or two. Thanks for that.

    To me, it looks like Royce Freeman is running on an empty tank. Freeman, especially had a listless December Not to Remember last season. I did not like the selection of Freeman in 2018. He had little tread left following college, and you could really see that after he was injured his rookie season and especially last season. Given that the Broncos provided the largest undrafted free agent signing bonus (25,000 signing bonus, plus $35,000 guarantee in base salary) to a running back in LeVante Bellamy, Freeman at least on the face, looks to be on thin ice.

    Do you think that there is any traction to local blogger, Mike Klis’s thoughts about Freeman from yesterday? Klis said, “[Freeman]’s the No. 3 running back right now and the No. 3 running back last year was Devontae Booker who got two carries for nine yards all season. Now, that was a different offensive coordinator but this offensive coordinator—[Pat] Shurmur—is even more of a one-back guy than [Rich] Scangarello. Yes, I would say Freeman is on the bubble.”


  • Guys the whole time you guys were talking about documentaries I was just think open you’re eyes!! Make one on Elway!

    1. Elway getting acquired to Denver
    2. Elway s development leading up to the Super Bowls
    3. All the Super Bowls Elway was in
    4. Elways last super bowl and his retirement
    5. Broncos hiring elway as GM
    6. Elways gets his free agents (really highlights Manning)
    7. Elways Super Bowls as a GM
    8. Elway drafts and develops lock into a super bowl winner

    You could add more and do different things but there’s an idea. Hes been apart off all the Bronco super bowl wins he has so much history here and I think if he could pull off another super bowl he could be one of the greatest football individuals. Obviously I’m biased but what other player/GM or coach has won Super Bowls as a player and Coach/GM.
    Ryan’s point kind of killed my idea a bit with how long it would be. This would span almost 4 decades but man this would be cool!! Thoughts

  • I accidentally commented on the wrong pod thread and we missed Day 25 of the Jersey Challenge…. so today were doubling up!

    Day 25 and 26 of the Jersey Challenge takes us to the AFC South! First off the Indianapolis Colts. I’ve lomg since been on record that Phillip Rivers is one of my favorite players due to his toughness and passion for the game, but since I already choose him way back when we did the Chargers, im choosing to go with a mauler in Quenton Nelson.

    Second, we have the Tennessee Titans. I’m going with Derrick Henry. What else can I say, he’s the definition of beast.

  • A bronco mt Rushmore would be to easy. So How about your personal Rushmore per position. I know every position might take to long so maybe just hit the glamor positions.

  • >