On this edition of the DNVR Broncos Podcast, Andrew Mason, Andre Simone and Henry Chisholm check in to break down all of the latest news in Broncos Country.

Drew Lock as a “problem”? That’s what stats guru Warren Sharp suggests. But a deep dive shows there are ways that the Broncos can play to Lock’s strengths and lift the team along with the third-year QB.

Mase, Dre and Henry discuss how the analytics generally don’t favor Lock, but how the Broncos can also play to his strong suits to maximize him and the offense this year. They also get into how focusing on what Lock does well while de-emphasizing his weaker spots might affect his future progress, and more!

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  • New subscriber here, been listening since The BSN days. I think I started listening the year after Peyton left. It’s been a little rough since then. But I still haven’t missed a podcast in over 5 years. I love the deep dives y’all go into over every little detail of the team. You guys are dope, please keep it up.
    Anyway for my actual comment. Guys the Aaron Rodgers saga is over. Him and davante adams both posted a picture of michal Jordan and Scottie pippen fist bumping. What I’m taking from this is he’s saying this is him and davantes last dance or last season together. I don’t know if he reports to camp day one. But after aaaalll of the drama I think he’s gonna go back.
    If that happens I think we should roll with drew. He’s had a decent week 1 last year, then gets hurt in the first drive of the second game and missed three weeks, has a decent game when he returned against the pats. Even though the stats don’t show it. A great game against the chargers lead one of the funnest comebacks I’ve ever seen. Theeen he goes on a bad stretch of 3 games, then the Kendal Hinton game. Then when he came back besides the first drive of the chiefs game I felt he looked a lot more comfortable. He looked as if he was making decisions faster. I think him and jeudy kind of got it going a little towards the end. Plus with court land coming back this year I think he could make a lot of progress. Don’t start old teddy two gloves, we’re dying for some fun offense and teddys the opposite of that. Anyways I’m done rambling my comments won’t be this long in the future. Keep being you boys.

    • I could care less about fun offense if this D shuts everyone down. Teddy 2 gloves Dilfer racking up wins and proving to everyone that all Drew needed to do was be a middle of the road QB and trust.

      We are spoiled as a fan base!

      Just remember, the “fun” offense lost the super bowl and the “fun” defense won.

  • Gents!

    In a bit of personal news, my fiance and I both got new jobs close to Nashville, TN and will be moving there in about two weeks! Nashville Bronco will have to let me know where the best Broncos bar is in Nashvegas!

    My question for today: what is your opinion on Nashville hot chicken? It is the superior fried chicken offering in my opinion, I’m interested to hear what you guys think. Many, many thanks!

  • hey guys

    i was really sorry to hear about Greg Knapp’s passing the other day. i always thought his contributions to the super bowl team went unheralded. he especially did a great job in making sure brock was prepared as a backup in 2015 and we all know how important that 7 game stretch was.

    i noticed a lot of media members shared stories about their positive interactions with him, so i was wondering if any of y’all had some stories to share about Knapper back when he was here?

  • I have absolutely nothing productive to say about football today but I do have a favor to ask…30…hour….podcast! I’m on the road today moving my stuff back to Denver from NC, finally retired, and I need some entertainment. Also might be sticking around next weekend for the 11th anniversary of my 29th birthday and I’ll be at the bar for it. Here’s my three ideas for the marathon show:

    Mase recites the score, temperature, and which side elway parted his hair on for every game from ‘84 to present.

    Ryan talks about the Masters but isn’t allowed to use any golf terms and has to replace all the golfers names with NFL hall of famers

    Zac says ten nice things about Vance Joseph’s coaching, that should take 30 hours!

    My vote is on Zac!

  • Hey Y’all!

    I’ve been traveling a lot recently so I really appreciate the great pods, so keep up the great work from the “replacements”! Just a quick question today with us getting closer to the season and more rumors swirling. Which is more likely, we get Aaron Rodgers/Deshaun Watson or Drew/Teddy breaks out to be a Pro Bowler?

    Lastly, when can we expect the first DNVR tail gate show? Are y’all planning on doing any for the Pre-season?

  • Morning fellas!

    I’ve got a few non-football topics lined up, for quiet days, and been biding my time with this one, but your paltry 3 comments the other day, has forced my hand..

    **A History of U.S Chocolate**

    Ok, so I was excited to visit the States as a child, and as most children, I was excited to try the limitless amounts of ‘Candy’ on offer. It was great! All kinds of weird and wonderful fruit based gelatinous delights, in every shape and flavour you could think of. Then I got to the Chocolate…

    Oh my, what is this vile yuk disguised as Milk Chocolate!? Hersey’s?? Must be dog chocolate, or diabetic chocolate or cooking chocolate, it cannot be what people eat here, surely!? It takes actually like vomit!

    Well, upon returning home, people were either amazed U.S Chocolate was so bad, or agreed wholeheartedly with me, and equally as shocked. So I labelled this as an oddity that I didn’t understand, and only 25 years on have I found the reason why…

    Ok, so at the start of the 1900s, when Chocolate started really becoming popular, your Dairy Farms were a long way away from where the Chocolate was produced, unlike in Europe. So the Milk would actually go off and spoil, before it got to the likes of Hershey’s. They didn’t seem to care. Gone off milk produces a compound called Butyric Acid, the same compound that gives vomit that particular taste, and that is why your chocolate tasted of sick

    Now then, what baffles us around the world, is you’ve cured the gone-off milk problem, but still to this day, apparently because America has ‘developed a taste for vomit’ (as written in the article I read), you manually put Butyric Acid back into your Chocolate! You manually put the vomit tasting compound INTO your food?!?!?! It blows my mind.

    Sort yourself out Hershey’s, cause your chocolate tastes like puke, literally!

    No wonder why you guys, when compared to the rest of the Western World, eat so little chocolate. Maybe try taking the sick out, and you’ll enjoy it more

    Perhaps you guys know this, perhaps you don’t, but it enlightened me, so thought I would share.

    Peace out, and, errrrrr, buy European Chocolate instead 🙂

    The Big Tebowski

    • Not sure where Monday’s Podcast is, but delete this comment now, no need to read now we have 14 other comments to get through, I’ll repost it on another quite comment day (too many comments annoy me, lol)

  • Hey gents – obviously a lot of ways the Rodgers situation could unfold, but assuming he retires, what is the process like if he wants to come back and play for Denver? I hear Carson Palmer’s name a lot as he did something like this, but I’m not clear on what exactly needs to happen.

  • My boys!
    Hope y’all are doing great. So i had a quick question about training camp- is there any way (besides going in person) that just regular fans like myself could watch it? Or is there some place that I could get highlights from it? Thanks as always! Have a marvelous Monday!

    Much love,

  • TL;DR. My boys!!! Queue the insanely massive over reaction to the Rodgers news. We have who we have so let’s get behind who we have and if it doesn’t work out, then you live with it. As I understand it the deal gives Rodgers the option to leave next season, yes it will be harder to get but we can still try. Also if I’m not mistaken Watson’s trial starts this February? If he isn’t convicted you could say we just missed the first train for both of these guys. Sorry for the long one but I just know how Broncos Country can get lol. Keep on ballin fellas

  • Pretty depressed and camp hasnt even opened. Can’t help but go back to the draft and place a MASSIVE QUESTION MARK on that pick with Fields on the board. I have no idea why I feel the way I do about Lock, I want to root for him but I just think he’s a bum, honestly. Where does this team go from here knowing we have a Superbowl Caliber roster minus the spot that allows you to actually compete for one. Hard to root for 9-8 ?

  • Our long, National nightmare is over.

    Also, I’ve been making my own version of Cali burritos at home and my oh my are they laser beams!

    The Count

  • Hi guys and welcome back Zac, hope the batteries are recharged! I’ve given up on that green bay guy now, he sucked us all in, now its all about Denver, lets defy the critics!

  • Hi Guys. This is exciting! Watson is better than Rogers and younger than Rogers. The Broncos need to pull the trigger. The fan base will get over it after he settles the cases and starts winning.

    • If only he didn’t allegedly sexually harass dozens of women. Rodgers just professionally harassed a multi billion dollar corporation and his family.

  • Hey Guys!! It’s training camp time and I’m excited …..so guess what BRONCOSCOUNTRY ……no we’re not getting Rodgers this year …..but this was as I stated before the best case scenario were gonna give up less assets because of the one more year of Rodgers prime were gonna lose …. We get to see how good this roster is and if we’re TRULY a qb away…. And what the heck maybe drew blows our mind ……the doomsday Denver Media SUCKS …. Don’t bash Rodgers for letting Greenbay keep the miles he wants out and this was his compromise …. I’m SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS ROSTER …. And if anything it’s warmed up for Rodgers next year ….my question today is …..

    You have to start drew … But give fangio some assurance that if u start drew his job is safe ….. Cuz u see what u got with drew ….you sink or u fly right ? What you think fellas …

    Sorry man I honestly don’t care Rodgers will have to wait I’m a Jerry Jeudy tweet pumped about this roster lol….

  • Am I only one that feels like Rodgers used us as leverage to get the Packers to make concessions? I am not sure how real Rodgers wanted to come to Denver, seems like we were the only viable girl left at the dance he just wanted to make his girl jealous and change. Football is a fickle fiend friends.

    PS please just let us know across social media channels if there is no pod, I kept looking to make sure my app, apple podcast, YouTube, etc wasn’t displaying the show. Just a quick tweet, insta post, etc would save me time and worry! Want to make sure Zac didn’t pull a “Lost”, RK didn’t pull a “Space Jam” and get kidnapped by cartoons on the golf course, or Mase pull a “Tron” and get sucked into pro football reference.

  • >