On the latest edition of the DNVR Broncos Podcast, Andrew Mason and Henry Chisholm check in to break down all of the latest news in Broncos Country.

Mase and Henry break down the news of Aaron Rodgers turning down a contract extension from the Packers, take a look at why ESPN has the Broncos 24th in their 3-year projection power rankings, and even dive into which region of the country produces the most Division III prospects — and why it’s relevant with former Minnesota exec George Paton now running things in Denver.

All that and more, plus listener questions will come at you in this two-hour show!

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Andrew Mason

  • Since the Rams lost Cam Akers, should we trade them Melvin Gordon for something delicious? He’s older and has a high salary but what do you think we could get? Anything to help land the Discount Doublecheck guy?

    Onion Booty

  • Hi guys, loved yesterdays 2 hour plus pod, outstanding, just re asking my question about who started the DNVR bar and universe, one mans dream or a team?

  • Mase and Hank,

    Your D 3 deep dive was podcasting gold. With GPs prior affinity for these dudes from micro programs, might we see more FCS draftees in the future as these schools are more prominent than D3 in the Western Regions. Also, Hank why don’t you ever hit me up for a round when you are in Montana, I am literally an instructor at your alma mater. Go Griz.

    The Count

  • This is worst case scenario for me, but if Denver struggles and Fangio is let go, who are your top potential guys for Paton to bring in for interviews to be the new head coach? And who is your dream candidate? Thanks guys, y’all are the absolute best.

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