On the latest edition of the DNVR Broncos Podcast, Zac Stevens and Andrew Mason are coming to you to break down all of the latest news in Broncos Country.

The guys breakdown the rest of the AFC West’s schedules, answer listener questions and much more.

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Zac Stevens

Zac Stevens was born and raised in Denver, went to the University of Denver and now covers the Denver Broncos. After graduating Summa Cum Laude from DU in 2014, Zac worked for the Cleveland Browns as a remote scout. He then jumped straight into the journalism industry at the beginning of 2016 covering the reigning world-champion Broncos and joined DNVR soon after. Catch him on Twitter @ZacStevensDNVR and daily on the DNVR Broncos podcast as the co-host.

  • MY BOYS!

    Yesterday, Ryan tweeted a recording of the Raiders Podcast Network, where an “analyst” said he didn’t like Drew Lock because, and I quote, “hmm… mmm…. hmmmm… not a fan. He’s like Baker Mayfield without the winning. He’s just cocky.”

    Now, I’ve got a couple thoughts on this.

    One, you know who is Baker Mayfield without the winning? Baker Mayfield.

    Two, only a Raiders analyst would call a 12-17 quarterback a winner.

    Three, and here’s where my take gets a bit hotter. I actually agree with the guy! But I agree for different reasons. I’ve said before to some buddies that Drew Lock is Baker Mayfield without the college success, and that is the variable that actually makes me like Drew better than Baker.

    The two quarterbacks actually have similar personalities, but Lock’s less-than-illustrious college career has taught him to value winning and what it takes to be great. Baker Mayfield was great in college, and I’m not taking that away from him, but he played college ball in a place that makes succeeding easy relative to Mizzou.

    Oklahoma taught him that winning is easy, so you might as well have a good time along the way. That led to celebrating his own success before he succeeded at anything meaningful at the pro level. Mizzou taught Drew that winning is hard to come by, and you’ve got to fight with everything in you to have a shot at being successful.

    Here’s the difference between the two of them: when each man looks in the mirror, Baker is gawking and gazing at himself; Drew is working on his play calls.

    • Drew and Baker are the shining example of the difference between confidence and cockiness. Drew is confident but doesn’t all the success about him, but does put the failures on his back. Baker makes the successes about him, but makes excuses for the failures. Drew also doesn’t act like a D-bag and grab his crotch at the opponent sideline.

    • No disrespect to Baker some of the media scrutiny is unwarranted but one thing he did that I just don’t see lock doing is when he openly criticized Duke Johnson who was in a contract dispute ….. IDC about being Cocky (Drew’s not cocky btw he’s confident) …. u don’t talk about another players money that’s just being a bad teammate and I just don’t see or hope I never see drew do that

  • Howdy Broncos gang. Thank you guys very much for your live schedule breakdown on Thursday evening, I didn’t get to spend as much time on the live show as I expected but I did hear the whole breakdown, both on YouTube and on the Podcast app. I want to dive a little bit into some stats for the DNVRmy and for you 3 guys, should RK be present today. I’ve pulled up stats from all of the rookie receivers from last year, I got these stats from Pro Football Reference, and I’ve made the top 5 group based on receiving yards alone, but we can all agree these players did have a large impact & role on the teams that drafted them in the 2019 NFL Draft.

    #1 is of course AJ Brown of the Tennessee Titans, and he had 52 receptions for 1,051 yards, the only rookie 1000 yard receiver last season.

    #2 was Ohio State receiver Terry McLaurin. Terry had 58 receptions for 919 yards, but he did this in 14 games. He would have potentially been a 1000 yard rookie receiver had he been in the 2 games he missed.

    #3 is DK Metcalf of the Seattle Seahawks, who had 58 receptions for 900 yards. He established himself as a legitimate weapon for Russell Wilson in just 1 year.

    #4 was Deebo Samuel who was another weapon with the 49ers, Jimmy G, and Kyle Shanahan. He had 57 receptions for 802 yards in 15 games.

    And finally #5 is Darius Slayton of the New York Giants. He had 48 receptions for 740 yards in 14 games. Who knows what he could have done in 16 games, potentially could have been another 900+ yard receiver and been closer to top 3 of this class.

    I’ve listed all of these receivers out because I want to know if you think Jerry Jeudy with Drew Lock & this Broncos offense could surpass these 5 receivers in terms of receiving yards & catches ideally. Darius Slayton seems like he benefitted greatly from a Pat Shurmur team, so I feel very encouraged by the fact that Pat Shurmur is the Broncos OC and I think like RK, when you look at the numbers a recent class put up, Jerry Jeudy could absolutely destroy these numbers put up by these top 5 rookie receivers last year. When it’s all said & done, I wouldn’t be shocked to see KJ Hamler have less receptions than some receivers behind him but more receiving yards. Let me know what you guys think! Thank you so much, go DNVR, and go Broncos.

  • Based on y’alls mention of jags going to Orlando yesterday I just wanna throw this out there, and you may know more than me, but there isn’t a lack of jags fans out here. I VERY unfortunately live in Jax area, but these people love football, and they are fans, but they are just tired of the crapshoot organization. I honestly give them credit for that. Also just got some tickets for ATL game, and would love to meet up at the game.

  • MY BOYS, ya got me! Annual subscription after years of free loading off the pod.

    Mase, my girlfriend and soon to be fiancé (hopefully, or else I just wasted a ton of money) is in her residency right now. I know how stressful it is thinking about your significant other going into the heart of COVID every day. I sympathize with the concerns you’ve shared and highly appreciate how positive you’ve stayed during the last few months despite what must be a stressful time for you and your family. Thank you for being able to carry on and keeping us entertained during these times.

    Ryan, I loved your reference a few weeks ago to that CU v. Georgia blackout game back in 2010. I went to that game as a high school senior while choosing between CU and Oregon for college. After one of the most fun nights of my life, I decided to be a Forever Buff. I started following you on Twitter way back in the day because our time in Boulder overlapped and you always had great Buffs coverage/tweets. It has been awesome seeing a fellow Buff create an innovative media company following all my favorite teams. Keep making us proud!

    Zac, great call not going to law school. I went to DU for my J.D. (Go Pios) and now I’m stuck writing boring corporate acquisition agreements all day instead of writing about draft picks and quarterbacks. I hope you are dearly enjoying the benefits of your superior life choices.

    Go Broncos!

    • Welcome! I, too, made the poor life choice of becoming a lawyer. I don’t mind the work so much as the insurmountable amount of debt it cost to obtain the credentials. You’ll be very happy with your choice to enlist in the DNVRMY, however!

  • Hey guys,

    Zac said my last comment was somewhat contradictory because I said you guys were a little too optimistic about this year and then my predictions were even more so. Firstly, to clarify, I DID specify that I thought you guys were too optimistic by just a game or two.

    Secondly, I really think this team turns out a lot like the 2011-2012 Broncos but with a few less crazy 4th quarter comebacks and more comfortable wins against the easier opponents, but I can’t convince myself the ceiling can be higher than 9-7. And if the 2011 Broncos can pull of the wildcard win vs the Steelers, I think even an 8-8 or 9-7 2020 Broncos can steal one wildcard game Against a slightly above average team and then quickly find out they still have a little ways to go, come the divisional round.

    Finding out I was too pessimistic and the Broncos surpassing my expectations would be the best possible news.

    Do you still think I’m being more optimistic then your 10-6 Predictions?

    I have spoken, MileHighMike.

  • Hey guys!

    This is Colorado. April showers bring May blizzards

    In the upcoming season, there are 3 notable players returning to Mile High for the first time: CHJ, Emmanuel Sanders, and Shaq Barrett. Each left in very different circumstances, and may have felt scourned about leaving in their own way. Assuming there are fans at each game, who gets the biggest cheers, and who gets nothing but boo birds?

    3, for Mr B

    Also, Matt McCheasney made a point about the organization that is love to hear your take on. The broncos have a habit of investing in young talent, and jettisoning them before they truly come into their own. Shaq is the most glaring example of this, recently. I get they were too deep at that position in this particular example, but it wasn’t the first time. Is this a concerning trend to you in the long-term?

  • Would you rather …

    Have a stellar cost-controlled (Drink) qb and a set of garbage wrs/rbs/TEs for the next 4 years


    An average to slightly above average cost-controlled qb and a stellar set of weapons for the next 4 years ?

    And I agree with Mase about this lame golf match that supposed to get us all fired up.

    The Count.

  • Hey guys,

    Was hopping on here to talk about the Raider podcast and the comments on Drew, but it was already perfectly talked about by World or Suck. I think Raider fans will be very sad to be seeing Lock 2 times a year for many years to come and I’m confident in that.

    Anyway, hope all is well fellas and thank you for the entertainment everyday. Hope to get down there for a game soon and checkout the bar. Had plans to come to the Miami game with family this year…only to have it be scheduled on my wedding weekend. Probably important to attend that!

  • Hey amigos. Zac, my B-I-L Ed got fully learned up with his BA as a Roadrunner! 🙂 I attended a single class @ the MSU complex in the CCD contingent and received the only ” D ” grade of my life in Macro Economics? I never went back. Mase, this year only the conference # 1 seeds get a bye because of the 14 playoff spots. GO AMERICA/NFL/BRONCOS/ANDREW/DNVR bar grand opening

  • Greetings Gents,
    After listening to the pod over the last couple of days I wanted to point out a bold prediction and say that the game on 10/18 against the Miami dolphins will be a lot closer than we think. Although it is a home game I expect there to be a little bit of a hangover after the week before where we go land of clam chowder and lobster rolls and put a good old fashioned mile high beat down on the Brady-less Patriots.

    First and foremost when I look at the Dolphins i think we can all agree that they were one of the least talented teams in the NFL but still made some noise and had a 5-11 season. This matches a more talented team, the Chargers. Was this record because teams took the week off and thought they were better than them or was it a result of a well coached team? My gut tells me that Brian Flores was able to do quite a bit with not that much to work with. Sometimes its better to maximize the talent you have, grind a couple of games out and be mentally tough, than to be talented and not show up every week. Also with the addition of Tua and some added pieces in free agency i think they will be hungry to prove that they can hang in there when no one else thinks they can. Maybe I’m wrong on this one but something about this game just seems to be what many call the “trap game”

  • Hey guys! I was totally not expecting you guys to make a whole segment out of yesterday’s question but I’m both honored and excited! For today’s question, I was wondering if you think a Daesean Hamilton trade is possible at all? If so, where do you think could be a possible destination and what would the possible return look like? Thanks for everything you guys do!

  • Hey y’all

    So just listened to friday’s pod/replay of the schedule announcement, and I know y’all ain’t gonna be gallivanting around NC on a bbq excursion without hitting up your local Lexington-style bbq ambassador(hint: it’s me!). But seriously, if and when y’all are out this way we definitely should have some kinda DNVR NC chapter meet up.

    Anywho, what is y’all’s dark horse candidate game for an unexpected extraordinary performance by ANY bronco player this coming season? Think outside the box. Also, left or right twix? I’ll see myself out.

    God Bless

  • Hey guys…

    Saw a few weeks ago that Woody Paige was answering some questions on Twitter and someone asked him about what CHJ had said about the Broncos telling him to fire his agent. They had asked him why they would tell him to do that and Woodys response was simply that they did not tell him to fire his agent. In this situation who do you tend to believe more in this situation, CHJ or Woody?

    Also, the Raiders media having the AUDACITY to talk trash on Drew Lock like their QB room isn’t a complete dumpster fire is pure comedy gold. Made me laugh.

    Finally, pretty excited my wifes uncle, a Bills fan, bought us tickets for the game in December. It’ll be my first Broncos game so let’s hope we’ll get to be there.

    Great job guys and keep it goin

  • how much stock do y’all put in having familiarity with an opponent? this is something that came up last year with vic being familiar with the nfc north and for the most part i thought his defense did a good job against all 4 opponents.

    last year shurmur went against the afc east when he was the hc/oc with the giants. i know familiarity goes both ways and it could be said that those 4 afc east teams have an advantage because they played shurmur’s offense last year, but he has entirely new personnel and with the exception of miami, the other 3 afc east teams have largely retained the same defensive personnel.

    also the giants played the bucs defense last year, and despite shaq barrett abusing nate solder that game and the bucs completely shutting down barkley and the run game the giants managed to put 32 points on that defense on the road, despite having a rookie qb in his first start. does the fact that shurmur has some recent memories of those 5 opponents give y’all any added confidence in the broncos offense?

  • Hey Guys !!! … Man so how big of a chip do you think the bronco’s have on their shoulder ….. People think their overhyped and are this year’s browns lol ….. But the players aren’t acting like that at all lol they are humbled realizing they have to earn it …. The only thing I saw was courtland slipped up and said” after we play the chiefs we’re gonna show the league ” … But von, Kareem, Chubb, courtland, Phil,Melvin …..AND SORRY MY NEW AND BY FAR FAVORITE SOCIAL MEDIA BRONCOS TO FOLLOW ….KJ AND JEUDY ARE LOCKED IN !!!! …..why are people hating on us ??? BRONCO fans aren’t predicting anything past the playoffs we’re not talking about winning the division we’re just putting teams on notice that we’re coming ….. I mean that clip that Ryan posted on Twitter ? Infuriates me I don’t like people speaking on the broncos that don’t know the bronco’s !!!!

    Don’t speak on our Cb depth if you never saw bausby play or understand Vic Fangio Scheme

    Don’t read Drew’s stats and try to arm chair GM our qb room

    Don’t say this is a run first team and not acknowledge we’ve changed coordinators to Pat Shurmur

    None the less just curious to how much you think the fellas are actually hearing because other then maybe Kareem and Justin Simmons , and courtland ?

    This entire roster from the top to the players has been dismissed as a fluke …..from ownership to ..why didn’t elway get a tackle …to depth at corner … To coverage with the ilb ….to offensivline , to drew …to the weapons being to young to make an impact to the Melvin Gordon signing ….. You think the players have noticed ?

  • Thanks for enduring my long comment and answering my question yesterday about the Broncos and the rest of the AFC West playing at Kansas City in December.

    RIP to John Teerlinck, who was the Broncos’ defensive line coach from 1997–2001, including for their Super Bowl XXXII and XXXIII victories. Teerlinck helped the Broncos amass 44 sacks in 1997 and 47 sacks in 1998. In the 1997 Playoffs, the Broncos collected 11 sacks under Teerlinck’s guidance. Teerlinck knew how to get the most out of his pass rushers in Denver and elsewhere, including Indianapolis where he also helped the Colts win a Super Bowl.

    To dovetail off of my comment and question from yesterday, I have the following trivia question for you all: Which Broncos’ head coaches have won at Arrowhead Stadium in December and in which seasons? Bonus Trivia Question: Which Broncos’ head coach has won at Kansas City in January?

    Trivia Question Answer: Wade Phillips, 20-17 (OT) (Dec. 4, 1994), Josh McDaniels, 44-13 (Dec. 6, 2009), and Jack Del Rio filling in for John Fox who was recovering from heart surgery, 35-28 (Dec. 1, 2013).
    Bonus Trivia Question Answer: Mike Shanahan in a 1997 AFC Divisional Playoff Game, 14-10 (Jan. 4, 1998).

    As always, thanks for the great content and discussion at The DNVR. Until tomorrow, take care, MY BOYS!

  • Lol wait Kj Hamler got his mom a Puppy for Mother’s Day and named him …Lil Denver … That’s sooo dope lol

  • Yo yo yo my boyyyyysssss watup yall im bck got 2 catch bck up with the pods but a lil run down about wats been goin on in my life lets see me an the miss after 16ys said we done so now im at a hotel an not sure wat im doin in my life but the one thing i know is my boys will be in my ears for 5 days thats wats up ill try 2 kept saying wat up but life fucking crazy

    P.s yall always rock great work an just fyi the egg came first then the chicken peace love an chicken grease im out

  • I saw an article today about how some teams like the eagles are worried they might have cap trouble next year. This would all be because the NFL might lower their cap number? I’m wondering what this is all about and if it’s true that the NFL might lower the cap. How would this affect the Broncos? The article talked about the cap number could be around $210 million or $175 million. I can’t really see how they would do that because how would teams save money other then cutting players. No player will want to restructure their contact for less money just because… unless you’re Tom Brady of course and you have a super model wife who makes more then you! Thoughts? Keep up the good work! Also Zac you’re killing it with the hidden gems first Chuck now Lion bars bring me back to my childhood! Mase did you ever get a chance to watch chuck? Ryan go Buffs and DNVR!

  • Hey y’all I bought 2 tickets for me and my guy to the saints game this year as he is a saints fan. It will be my first game in Denver as I’m originally from upstate ny but now I live in the far west side of Colorado so I’m pretty happy, hopefully make it to many more now. But because we both want to drink at the game what would you recommend on how to arrive and leave the game.

    Ps. Last game I was at was the crushing defeat to the jets in 2018 with Keenum.

  • Actually so you guys know how far upstate mase might remember what happened in lake placid in 1980. They still have the sign up as you drive into town even 40 years later, we are still proud to be the home of that game.

  • Day 21 of the Jersey Challenge!

    Today we kick it off with the NFC East and the Washington Redskins.

    After watching the insane E60 on just how bad everything got, how can you not go with Alex Smith? I really hope he is able to work his way back and if he is able to ever take another NFL snap I don’t think there will be a dry eye in the house.

  • RD Dhaliwal (Dollywall)

    Why is there no famous 0 or 00 in the NFL? Are those numbers reserved for anything?

    Take care!!!

  • What’s up guys? Quick question, is there a better supporting cast then Denver’s on the offensive side in the NFL for a young qb? Cardinals maybe? Hopkins>Sutton, JeudyMaxx Williams, Lindsay/Gordon>drake/Edmonds, Broncos oline> Cardinals oline. Obviously it will come down to Kyler vs drew, which offensive core would you take? And is there another young QBs young core you would take over Denver’s? Off-season questions! As always guys, thank you and stay safe!

    • Some how this comment came out terrible. And I can’t figure out how to delete it. My bad you guys.


    I’m not sure this makes it into the pod, but I needed to stop by to say a couple things:

    1. I don’t comment much (mostly because I run out of time before the next podcast), but you know I don’t miss a new drop. Admittedly I am a few pods behind, but I’ll get to that in a second. Thanks for keeping it going, and I can’t wait to get the big train rolling with the regular schedule. I am SO EXCITED for the new draft picks!!!

    2. I have an incredible respect for the work that you all do with DNVR. Especially in regards to the podcasting. I have recently started a weekly golf podcast that has been in the works for some time now, and the amount of work that goes into it is far greater than anticipated. With that being said, I see you all in a whole new light. Thank you, again, for the incredible efforts you take to give your fans an unmatched sports experience. No, really… the whole crew there at DNVR. Please pass it along.

    The new podcast, The Swingdom, is available on all podcast platforms. Not only would I appreciate some feedback and suggestions from the real pros, but anybody there at DNVR who wants to talk golf for a little while is more than welcome. We’re not your average golf show.

    Much love and GO BRONCOS!!!

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