On the latest edition of the DNVR Broncos Podcast, Ryan Koenigsberg, Zac Stevens and Andrew Mason are coming to you from DNVR HQ to break down all of the latest news in Broncos Country.

The guys discuss John Elway’s pre-draft presser, answer listener questions and much more.

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Ryan is a Co-Founder and the Vice President of Content Strategy at DNVR. He's also the host of the award-winning DNVR Broncos Podcast and a Broncos columnist for the network. If you couldn't tell based on the fact that he never stops talking about the Buffs, RK graduated from the University of Colorado with a double-major in Journalism and Communication back in 2015, just a few weeks after helping launch then-BSN Denver. A native of Boulder, Colorado, if he's not watching Colorado sports, you might find him on the golf course, taking pictures of wildlife or on the nearest porch with a drink. Follow Ryan on Twitter - @RyanKoenigsberg

  • Yo yo yo hope everyone doing great
    An staying safe.ok getting excited about the draft which i normally dont do,i just want to watch football but yall got me.im ready to see who we goin to pick an yalls breakdown on it.
    RK do u have a catchphrase?i know zac got open your eyes an mase got 75 but wats ur. thanks as aways for just reading my comment peace,love an chicken grease im out

  • Hey guys,

    Maybe it’s just me but I’m getting a feeling that the Buccaneers surprise everyone and take one of the top 3 receivers off the board right before our pick. Last time they did this with OJ Howard and I was devastated but I hope they either take an OT or we trade up. Looking forward to draft night and your guys coverage!

  • What do y’all think about John Penisini out of Utah? I think he could really fill up the hole at our interior defensive tackle position.

  • Interesting observation. Brett Veach took over the Chiefs after the 2017 draft that produced Patrick Mahomes. Before that John Dorsey was the GM that found Tyreek Hill, Kareem Hunt, Kelce, Chris Jones, Dee Ford, and many other highly talented players.

    In the past 2 drafts, all Veach, he has drafted zero pro bowl players. Elway, on the other hand, has produced 3. Phillip Lindsey, Courtland Sutton, and I am going to count Bradley Chubb his rookie year even though he was an alternate. Throw in Fant, Risner, Lock, and Dre’Mont Jones as potential future pro bowlers and compare that to what Veach is doing with the chiefs. Juan Thornhill and Maybe Mecole Hardman are the only players I would say have pro bowl potential.

    So what’s my point? The chiefs are living off of residual talent that they are starting to have to pay, and they haven’t supplemented enough through the draft to sustain success. The only thing he has done as a GM, as far as roster construction, is maintain what Dorsey drafted before he took over and maxed out his Cap Credit Card to retain Dorseys players and bring in proven Free Agents. Paying large sums of money to keep your best players does not make you a good GM in my opinion. Championship rosters are composed of a mix of high performing cost-controlled rookies and free agents that stay healthy and fit your system. Super Bowl aside, who has done a better job the past 2 years in the draft ,Veach or Elway? How about free agency? You can’t count Mahome’s because he inherited him!

  • Gentlemen, draft day is hours away. Looking forward to all of your content.
    My hot take is that my dude Herbert falls to AT LEAST the teens in the draft. Tweeted that to Zac a week or two ago. Just have a feeling he falls.
    My law school finals done, and I cannot wait for Draft Day. What are your favorite day three prospects for the Broncos? Mine? Gotta go with my fellow Duck Jake Hanson. Oregon’s Oline was one of the best in the country and he can play center or either guard spot. Position versatility is key. Love you guys. Stay safe.

    PS. Drinking the nasty milk after eating the cereal is still disgusting and I am not looking for a rebuttal RK!!

  • John Elway riding a Segway

    John Elway green- screened at his home and badly lit

    John Elway thanking John Elway

    Case Keenum

    Paxton Lynch

    Which is your favorite gaffe and why?

    The Count

  • Hey guys!

    A guy enters 10 puns into a pun contest. Unfortunately, no pun in 10 did win the competition.

    Last chance to be a homer before the draft. Of the current Colorado natives in the NFL, but not on the Broncos, whom would make the biggest impact to this team by bringing them home, and what moves would you take to make it happen? Personally, I think Ryan Jensen betwixt Glasgow and Risner would make this o line a top 3 group. Tampa Bay might be interested in 2 thirds for him. However, John Elway is not gonna pay 10.5 mil a year on a center. But one can dream.

  • Gentlemen,
    First I want to thank you for all the awesome content!

    This is my favorite week, for me it is like the super bowl except the Broncos go every year!

    If you had a choice to commemorate this wondrous occasion what jersey would you wear on Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday.
    Your options

    Or throw in a few of the DNVR Favorites
    Lindsay in Orange
    Mile High Mafia Broncos
    DNVR (team insignias)

    Thanks fellas for playing along it’s just a fun celebratory thought! I may dawn the suggested celebratory gear in your imperial honor!

  • Hey Guys! Posted this yesterday, but not in time to make the podcast!

    Finally stopped freeloading and decided to invest in my favorite Broncos podcast out there with a Annual Membership. After moving to Highlands Ranch just before high school, I was converted and now bleed Blue and Orange in heavy Cowboy territory. My parents still live in the Ranch and I look forward to coming back to visit the DNVR Bar the first chance I get!

    Do you guys think that the constant news of the Broncos wanting to trade up for Jeudy is any sort of smoke screen? My personal theory is they want to trade up, but for Ruggs. Coming out and stating it is for Jeudy may make someone else try to jump them at get Jeudy at 8 or 9, pushing Ruggs to 10 where the Broncos have talked with the Browns extensively. Will be extremely happy with either, just seems a bit brash to specifically name who they’re trying to get.

    Thanks for all y’all do and Go Broncos!! – TexasBronco

  • Hey DNVR Team,

    I was surprised to hear you think that WR in the first, or even trading up to get one is still Plan A after Elway’s latest comments. To me him saying that the WR and Tackle classes are both deep this year all but confirmed that they are going to wait until day two to address these positions.

    To me WR has never seemed likely in the first. In the last 30 years the Broncos have only drafted a receiver three times in the first round. Nash was a bust, Lelie underachieved, and while DT was a great pick, it was in the McDaniels era and I do not consider any decision that guy made in his short tenure to be reflective of the organization’s philosophies.

    From Elway’s perspective he will look at this roster and see two elite pass catching options in Sutton and Fant already. His ego will also tell him that he hit on a second round receiver two years ago and there is no reason why he can’t do it again.

    If it were up to me I would see if any of the top defensive prospects somehow slipped to 15, and if not then trade back and get another second round pick. I’d also try and trade some day three picks for another third rounder and have seven picks in the first three rounds. You then use those seven picks on an Offensive Tackle, Center, Two Receivers, a D-Lineman, Cornerback, and Inside Linebacker, in no particular order. Hit on most of those picks and all of a sudden you have a young and deep team that can grow and develop together.

    • Then on day three if there are players you like at a certain spot you can trade back in using 2021 draft capital as Mase alluded to

  • Hey y’all

    RK, I truly appreciate you laying out how to follow the draft coverage. I got the periscope and twitch app downloaded to cover my bases. I’m a “heat freak” just like you when it comes to food. Right now I have a total obsession with cayenne powder. I’m also a big fan of fresh jalapeño and habanero. Excluding hot sauces, what source of heat makes YOUR heart beat? I’ll see myself out.

    God Bless

  • Hey DNVR Family,

    I want to start off saying that I can’t wait for the draft. Unfortunately I will have to work during the first two days of the draft so I can’t watch it live. I was wondering if I would be able to watch the DNVR coverage at a later date?

    If I could suggest a game for the DNVRwatch parties: 2012 Week 6 game against the Chargers on MNF.

    Couple of football questions:

    I heard a rumor that teams can go over the salary cap as long as they cut it down before training camp? Is this true?

    I was watching round 1 of the 1989 NFL Draft and they made a comment about Denver trying to get for Bruce Smith. How good would of the Broncos been with him on the roster?

    Love how the draft crew in the 1989 draft were shock by the Atwater pick. Love to go back to them at that point in time and tell them he is a Hall of Famer.

    This question is for Mase. The ESPN crew during the 1989 Draft was talking about a player the Broncos drafted in 1988 in the first round and then traded him half way through the season. Do you know the story behind this?

    Thank you and keep up the AWESOME work.

  • Bro Dogs! I’m so grateful for all your draft coverage this offseason and for this community’s unparalleled camaraderie. In crisis, the bonds only grow deeper. So thank you RK, Zac, and Mase for being our sherpas through these difficult days. Onion Booty loves you.

    Onion Booty also make mock draft. Here it is. I call it: “Onion Booty’s Bootylicious Fortune Cookie Mock Draft.” It was born from sheer clairvoyance (with a splash of mayhem). Away we go!

    1. CIN: J. Burrow QB
    2. WAS: C. Young DE
    3. DET: J. Okudah CB
    4. NYG: A. Thomas LT
    5. MIA: T. Tagovailoa QB
    6. LAC: J. Love QB
    7. CAR: I. Simmons LB
    8. ARZ: D. Brown DT
    9. JAX: J. Herbert L7 Weenie
    10. DEN (from CLE): J. Jeudy WR
    11. NYJ: C. Lamb bahhh
    12. LVR: H. Ruggs WR
    13. SF: T. Wirfs OG/LT
    14. TB: J. Wills RT
    15. CLE (from DEN): M. Becton LT
    16. ATL: J. Kinlaw DT
    17. DAL: G. Delpit S
    18. MIA: K. Murray LB
    19. LVR: C. Henderson CB
    20. JAX: K. Chaisson EDGE
    21. PHI: J. Jefferson WR
    22. MIN: R. Blacklock DT
    23. NE: P. Queen LB
    24. NO: A. Davis-Gaither LB
    25. MIN: T. Higgins WR
    26. MIA: J. Jones LT
    27. SEA: X. McKinney S
    28. BAL: C. Ruiz C
    29. TEN: T. Diggs CB
    30. GB: D. Duverney WR
    31. SF: A. Terrell CB
    32. KC: K. Fulton CB

    Well, there you have it folks. If you can spare some time for a little booty, I’d love to hear your reactions.

    Love & other hugs,

    Onion Booty

  • Hey friends. I don’t care for L.A.’s uniforms but those numbered helmets are such a good look! Give me a tackle; guard; center; d-lineman; inside lb, corner back & a punter. The rounds they are picked in is what it is. Fill the holes & build the nest around Andrew and let’s dethrone the Chiefs and make them 1 and done! Love you 3 and don’t forget, Winfree is still a Bronco and year # 2 might set him free to completely compete. GO AMERICA!!!

  • On the subject of bringing back any former bronco in history, I would like to take the cerebral route by selecting John Lynch. He is really the only player that by selecting to bring back weakens a superbowl contender. (in this scenario I assume that means he would no longer be the GM of the 49ers)

    Now Let’s get down to business, but not to defeat the Huns. It’s Day 10 of the Jersey Challenge! Today we’re onto the Cincinnati Bengals! No cheating by selecting Burrow as he is not on the roster…yet

    I’m cloosing to go with Giovanni Bernard. He’s been doing to for so long and I think on any other team he is a 1000 yard rusher year in and year out. Hard to believe he’s STILL ONLY 28!!! I’ve always been under the belief that if he were in Detroit they would have been a playoff team a couple years the previous decade.

  • I’m so excited for the draft. I’ve been listening to old coverage from last years draft with Dre & AJ. It was a lot of fun to hear all the good things about Fant, Lock, Risner, and Jones. If the Broncos get starting 2 receivers, a starting center, and a starting safety or cornerback out of this top 100, we’ll be in pretty good shape. But I’m most excited for DNVR’s Live Draft Coverage, it’s going to be a lot of fun. Really glad the DNVR Lounge has come together really nicely & I’m really enjoying it. Go DNVR, and go Broncos!

  • Enough of the draft – let’s focus on more pressing issues.

    Why does RK pronounce the “L” in Folks?

    That’s all, Phoaks.

  • Thursday is my birthday. Thursday is day 1 of the NFL draft. If the Duke of Denver could acquire the services of an Alabama WR for the Denver Broncos, that would be a fine birthday gift for me. I was thinking back to the last time my b-day fell on day 1 of the draft. The draft was just two days then with rounds 1-3 on day 1. And 4-7 on day 2. The Broncos day one selections that year were 3 DB’s and one RB. Can y’all name the year and the players? Hint: the first Bronco selected was from Oklahoma State.

  • Remove all current QBs from the game, and replace them with hall of fame QBs from those franchises. So you have the current roster + a hall of fame QB.

    Which team is most likely to win a super bowl this year?

    Also what is the best excuse I could my *beep* of a boss to not attend that *beep* meeting Friday. Seriously, *beep*!

  • Ok with the talk about A Christmas Story I have to say, it’s no joke to talk about shooting your eye out lol. Been there done that and it absolutely sucks. Feb 5th 2012 right before the patriots were about to play the giants in the Super Bowl I decided I was going to try and shoot a bottle of juice that had been fermenting in my bedroom for a couple months. The plastic bottle had expanded and I thought it would be a good idea to shoot it with a BB gun and try to pop it. Needless to say the bottle didn’t pop instead the bb bounced off the bottle and hit me right in the center of the eye. I got to watch a few plays from the game in the emergency room out of one eye as the other was full of blood. That year I was actually pulling for the patriots so I’m thinking the accident was karma coming around telling me don’t ever do that again lol. Now every Christmas and Super Bowl Sunday I’m called Raplhy by friends and family. Thankfully I regained the sight in my eye although still having a few complications from it that will never go away. Sorry for the long comment but I thought I had to share a good Super Bowl story and warn everyone that being a broncos fan and cheering on the patriots sometimes has grave consequences lol

  • I feel like my talents are being taken for granted as a member. I tried to bring up the supplemental draft discussion last week & finally y’all touched on it yesterday. This stuff wouldn’t happen if you would just give me an executive position!!

    That being said, I don’t know if I would even be able to accept the position at this time.

    I am spearheading a mutiny against Roger Goodell. Thinking my overwhelming experience with virtual football and virtual drafts as the PSN Madden League Commissioner – I am a more suitable candidate for the NFL League Commissioner position. Those that support this Mutiny may be rewarded in policy changes such as: all players must wear the number 75, Patriots must give the worst record team each year all of their picks, or with the RK special being the only beer sold in stadiums.

    Sorry super bored at work… don’t tell my boss – i need this job..

  • Hey guys! Day 1 starting tackle or day 1 starting center? Which do you think denver is looking for more in the draft?

    Number of players drafted by Denver this draft. Over/Under 7.5.

    Which 2 Broncos players currently on the roster would you want on each side of you in a bar fight? Think I’m going with Risner and A.J..

    Any thoughts on reports that Juedy has a knee issue?

    I haven’t been in the lounge for a few days but man it’s an awesome place. Can’t wait for the draft show!
    Thanks guys for always pushing the envelope!

  • The thought of ice in cereal made me cringe. Isn’t the proper way to eat cereal by pouring the cereal into a bowl, pouring cold milk over it, and then as you eat the cereal goes from crunchy to slightly softer as it soaks up the milk. At the end you have a little sweet milk leftover to slurp up!

    But on to more important things, I had my first ever Breck Brew last night while listening to the podcast. There’s not much of it available in my part of Illinois, but I found a lone 4-pack of Breck’s NVP, the Nitro Vanilla Porter. I wouldn’t have paid it much thought if it wasn’t for you guys and your shrewd advertising. It was a remarkably smooth drink and I hope to find more Breck Brews in the future. Keep up the good work!

  • What are your guy’s bold predictions for this draft? Does someone get drafted too high? Someone fall? Who will get the reward for the worst draft this year? Lastly, are there any sleeper players that you think can make a big impact on a team?
    Looking forward to the draft coverage, can’t wait to see the pick tomorrow and hope we make some big moves
    Stay safe and keep succeeding guys!

  • Hey guys so here’s my final draft scenarios what I’d prefer

    Ezra Cleveland
    Matt Hennessy
    Akeem Gaithers
    Danay Holmes
    Davion Taylor
    Calvin throckman

    That’s my final list of love

    My Spidey senses are super up

    I think ELWAY is trying to get okuda !!!! I think okuda is the best fit and #1 corner on their board that they think is going to fall ….the trade up is not about Jeudy. They are really happy if they can get Mims or Jefferson but they want okuda (and why is John asking about what other teams think about okuda vs Henderson ….hmmm)

    I also think that if Willie gay falls to the 5th or 6th we take him granted we could have just been doing due diligence on him but again why did elway bring up.charecter issues and then the next interview he did with a prospect was Willie gay hmmmm ??

    Sadly I don’t think Tyler Biadcsz is a bronco. We all know how John values interior linemen in the draft and the injury concerns at this point Tyler has to fall to the 5th for John to consider him

    I also don’t think ??? Laviska is a bronco ….this …is my only head scratcher the message has been bronco’s want 2 wrs in the top 100 they wanna trade back in to the first round …..who is that second receiver lol ??? Nobody knows all the receivers they like are first round to top of second so idk. If we actually even get a second receiver ( room for dt perhaps hmm???)

    So BOOM !!! SMOKE SCREEN CLEARED …that’s what I think …
    But we’lll see what happens

  • My worst draft fear has already come before day 1. My two favorite liqour stores around, and the only 2 with Strawb Sky and Vanilla Porter let me know this week they are no longer carrying Strawb Sky. I have 8 cans left and a 6 pack of VP to get me through the draft and the summer. Sad day indeed.
    Anyway, I’ve become the de facto draft presenter to my friends who are all fans of different teams. Any advice on who would be bad or good picks for the following teams: 49ers, Chargers, Colts, Rams, Giants? If not no big deal. I appreciate all the fantastic Broncos coverage.
    Stay safe out there.

  • Greetings, gentlemen! I find the following to be apropos with the 2020 NFL Draft commencing tomorrow evening under unprecedented circumstances: Over the door of a building that sits close to the Stirling Castle in southern Scotland, hangs a curious stone designed by John Allan, a 19th century architect known for his peculiar designs, as well as including inscriptions in his work.

    At the top of this particular piece, Allan had carved a quote typically attributed to Shakespeare: “What e’er thou art, act well thy part.”

    Here’s to the Broncos acting well their part over the next three days starting tomorrow in further building this team around Drew Lock and the other players already in place. I feel like the Broncos are at a critical hinge point in their history, and this draft is pivotal for both their short-term and long-term success now that Denver conceivably has an answer at quarterback.

    I look forward to the stellar draft coverage that DNVR will continue to provide before, during, and after the draft. Thank you, RK, Zac, and Mase! Go Broncos and Go DNVR!

  • I’ve been all about Ruggs at 15 or moving up to 10. But if Simmons gets by the Giants at 4 and the Dolphins and Chargers go QB then I’m calling Carolina and offering 15, one of our 3rds this year, and our 2nd next year to move up to 7 for Simmons. We have 3 of the top 5 tight ends in the league in our own division and I’m tired of watching these guys go off against us EVERY game.
    Do you guys like this and do you think Carolina might consider it if offered?

  • Hey Gents!

    Other than drafting the top 4 OT’s (Bechton,Wirfs, Wills, and Thomas), what offensive tackle prospects are you pounding the table for to draft and hopefully eventually take over in place of Bolles and James?

  • Draft is tomorrow! Call your shot here. No hedging your bets, you gotta call your shot. No ifs, ands, or buts. Looking at you, Mase!

    1) I asked this question a couple months ago and want to ask again. The last two seasons, our draft haul was better than we ever would have expected going in. Nobody thought Chubb would be available at 5. No one thought Risner or Lock would be there in the 40s. So, yes or no, do the Broncos get unexpected value in rounds 1 or 2?

    2) what do we get with picks #15 and #46?

    By the way, if y’all need a subscriber to come on the show on day 2 or day 3 to share some thoughts from the ordinary fan’s perspective, I’m your guy!! ?

  • Hopefully I get this in under the wire.

    With all the new NFL uniforms releasing this year has made uniforms a fun topic and has stimulated a lot of thought. So 7 teams get new uniforms this off season and six have released. Waiting just for Rams now. Said it’s supposed to be after the draft. So because the Colts hardly changed anything at all they don’t count. Rank the 5 other revealed new uniforms in order from best to worst.

    Mine are
    1. Chargers
    2. Buccaneers
    3. Browns
    4. Falcons
    5. Patriots

    NOW list the top 5 teams in the league who are seriously due to get an upgrade to the unis. Kindly omit the Broncos from this list as it’s been thoroughly discussed already. (And I still like them)

    Mine are
    1. Panthers
    2. Bengals
    3. Bears
    4. Steelers
    5. Cowboys

    I know my opinion may be unpopular to some but I stand by it
    Thanks for the great content, I’m stoked for the draft and 100% will be tuning in.
    I have spoken, MileHighMike.

  • With jags cutting Lee as i am sure you discussed if broncos might pick him up and increased chance jags drafting wr. I am curious on timing – why cut him right before draft – doesnt that show their hand and make it easier for teams like broncos to jump them? What possible benefit did this timing have?

    Whoever jags draft, even if Juedy, i think we can all agree, he will be just another guy (jag).

    Excited for draft coverage!

  • Hey guys, brand new subscriber here and my first time commenting. Been listening to you guys for a while on spotify but had to subscribe for at least for your coverage of the draft. Been enjoying the podcast and look forward to interacting with you all tomorrow night.
    Now for my take on who the Broncos should take: Unless Simmons falls past 7 trade up to 10 for Henry Ruggs I’ve been hearing Jets love Ruggs and also Chiefs would consider trading up for Ruggs if he falls into the 20s. That would be a nightmare! I just can’t get over how fast Ruggs is I believe he’s a faster version of Hill, but is slightly bigger and more physical too. So after effect of Hills speed on defenses last year I think that’s why we should select Ruggs even over Jeudy. In my mind you finally habe the strong armed QB that can get him the ball downfield so just get the guy that freaks out the entire secondary because of the speed that no one else in this class and maybe even the whole NFL possess. Will have great effects for Courtland and Running game because saftey’s will constantly be further back. I don’t think Jeudy is as good of a fit or deep threat and is not as good of a compliment to Sutton. Your thoughts?
    Apologies for the extra long comment, and thanks for the great pod and look forward to the draft with you all.

  • Hey y’all. I have been a casual lurker that turned into a daily listener over the past few months. Today I made the easy decision to subscribe. You guys have really created something great! I’m from the US, but I am doing my PhD research here in Germany and it was surprising to me to see how much Broncos fandom there is here!

    I am a Virginia Tech alum and it always puts a smile on my face when Mase drops some Hokie knowledge. That being said, I would like to bring up some praise thrown Lynn Bowden’s way, in particular about his character. I don’t know if you saw, but before the Belk Bowl he threw and connected a punch on a player during pre-game (he didn’t end up getting suspended for the game b/c of some weird rule). Don’t get me wrong, he absolutely balled that game, but his character is what I question. Keep up the great content! Link to punch = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYT1T3QGhj4

  • >