Training camp is less than 10 days away, but for now, let’s dive into a scenario that could befall the Broncos and the NFL at some point, and one in the news this week as the Seattle Kraken joins the NHL: an expansion draft.

The NFL hasn’t expanded its ranks for 19 years after adding six teams in a 32-year span after the AFL-NFL merger. And while 32 teams is a nice number for scheduling, skyrocketing franchise values soaring through the billions and the perpetual desire for growth could lead to more clubs joining the NFL fold at some point.

So, if the NFL expanded and chose to have its expansion draft look like the one for the Kraken, who would the Broncos protect?

Andrew Mason and Ryan Koenisgberg dive into the topic now!

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Andrew Mason

Andrew Mason has covered the NFL for 22 seasons and the Broncos for 17. Over the years, he has contributed Broncos content to CBS Sports, The Sporting News, The New York Times and the Broncos' official website. He also worked three seasons with and two years with the Carolina Panthers' official site. He is the author of "Tales from the Denver Broncos Sideline" and he lives in Denver with his wife and daughter.

  • My Folks!

    Is there any data to back up GP’s paradigmatic shotgun approach to drafting or might there be just as much as success when trading your bounty of picks to land, say, 5 or so guys in the top 100 prospects and letting the late round guys, who rarely work out, fall to the wayside or hopefully exist as UDFAs ?

    Of course, the X factor could be the drafter/scouts etc, but I wonder what you fine fellows prefer?

    Le Comte

  • Gentlemen!

    After listening to the latest Three Ring Circus pod. RK inspired this suggestion when he mentioned you could do a whole pod on any one person’s background/ history if they are willing to open up.

    So how about this – as DNVR is all about the fan community you have so lovingly created how about a 10 minute subscriber spotlight at the end of a pod?Where you pre-record a one on one conversation about the fan’s life, what they do, where they live, life goals and most importantly their Denver Broncos story etc. (you’re the creative ones, come up with better questions)

    You could start at the OG and work your way through to the newest subscriber.

    This would further enrich the fan/subscriber interaction and experience whilst you guys gain a valuable insight into what makes us tick.

    I am unsure of the amount of work involved for you guys to implement such a task – it’s just an idea, so please know I will not be offended if you shoot this down.

    Thanks for the consideration,


  • Hey, gents! Been a while since my last comment, but I really wanted to share with you guys that after 24 years of Broncos fandom from a guy who has sadly never lived in Denver (or Colorado!), I am going to be attending my first-ever game at Mile High this September against the Jets. My hope is to get to the stadium well ahead of kickoff so I can wander around and really take in the stadium. What are some things I should absolutely be sure to see while I’m there?

    I will also obviously try to get over to the DNVR Bar during my two days in town (I know, it’s way too short a trip). Not sure how often y’all tend to hang there during the season, but if I happen to see you there, I’d love to say hi. You guys are the best!

  • Fellas, I’ve been a member for a few years but have probably only commented a couple times, just love supporting everything y’all do. After listening to today’s episode about the expansion draft and the considerable time you spent on Portland, I wanted to share my thoughts. While I’m a Boulder native (Sko Buffs), I currently live in Portland. There is NO WAY they would ever get an NFL team here. Besides being a small market as you mentioned, there is no way the politics of this city would subsidize billions of dollars to build a stadium for someone who just spent upwards of $6 billion for the rights of the new team (see Oakland, while I hate the Raiders, as I have to by birthright, I agreed with the citizens that they didn’t need to be screwed out of their tax money by the walking worst haircut in the world, Mark Davis).

    That being said, this is a perfect MLB city, as you said they are starved for sports (I can’t tell you how good it felt to see first hand the Nugs break the Blazers and the city at large), there is a large working class portion of the city that does not work normal hours that could easily go to a 1:05pm Tuesday game. Tie that with a park built right on the water and you’ve got something special.

    Sorry for not talking Broncos too much, I’ll see you at the Bar in October for the Raiders game wearing my custom Kendall Hinton #2 Jersey

  • Is there a way u see Pat shurmur putting Drew and this offense In a position to succeed….. I GET SO PISSED OFF …looking a drew locks passer rating with play action …. Isn’t this a copycat league ??? Isn’t this a good defense ??? Didn’t we just draft Javanote Williams to go with our 4.4 or more yards a Carry high paid rb from last year isn’t this online expected to be in the top 3 rd of the league ????

    WHY THE HELL OUR WE NOT RUNNING A TENNESSEE TITANS OFFENSE …,??? Commitment to the run game and giving drew play action opportunities wth he does best ?

    Imy sorry guys I had no clue drew was that good on play action … Cuz like dude ……where is this team with the play of tannehill next year ….if we had that type of qb play …

    I just want to see a path where we can trust that Pat shurmur will give this offense the best chance to succeed ???

  • Hi guys,
    Loved the expansion pod yesterday, I’m dreaming of a Melbourne NFL side knowing it could never happen, (money, distance, summer), but I would stay a bronco!
    Im curious as to how the DNVR bar and universe started, was it one mans dream? Or a group? Cheers!

  • Hey guys. First and foremost bummed the three ring circus might be pushed out for a bit but that just means we are one week closer to the tailgate show! Woot woot!
    Anyways, I loved the conversation about expansion franchises. I say the more cities that are in the proverbial pot of NFL franchises is a win. I like the idea of Portland getting a franchise and the return of a team to both San Diego and Saint Louis. The Fourth city to me would either be Oklahoma City, Birmingham, Anaheim, or Richmond. Obviously this is somewhat of a dream scenario but one can hope boys.
    Cheers to this Tuesday! Go Broncos!

  • Hey Gents – just saw a Schefter tweet saying that A-Aaron declined a crazy big contract extension with Green Bay. Does this mean he’s 100% mean he’s not a Packer next year???

    I don’t want to get too excited, but damn it… I think I’m there. Ready for Rodgers in orange and blue (sorry Count).

    • Ill even throw in my signed Champ Bailey picture from his 2009 season to e=get this deal done…

  • Couple things.

    1. Id love to see SLC get an NFL Team. They would show out to support that team, but I know SLC and Northern Arizona are big Broncos markets and the NFL may not like to eat into that.

    2. Never put the burger down.

    3. For MR. B

    4. Mase…Mase.. Champ isnt a top 5 Corner all time.. He IS the top corner of all time.

    Love yall!

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