On the latest edition of the DNVR Broncos Podcast, Zac Stevens and Ryan Koenigsberg are coming to you to break down all of the latest news in Broncos Country.

The guys discuss if it’s more likely Drew Lock becomes the MVP in 2020 or if they finish 3-13, answer listener questions and much more.

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Zac Stevens

Zac Stevens was born and raised in Denver, went to the University of Denver and now covers the Denver Broncos. After graduating Summa Cum Laude from DU in 2014, Zac worked for the Cleveland Browns as a remote scout. He then jumped straight into the journalism industry at the beginning of 2016 covering the reigning world-champion Broncos and joined DNVR soon after. Catch him on Twitter @ZacStevensDNVR and daily on the DNVR Broncos podcast as the co-host.

  • Quick fix for a no fan season.

    Move all team/fans/media/personnel to 4 locations in Developing nations. Rent out all the hotels you would need and control the food/exposure etc.

    Each location gets 8 (2 divisions) Teams in quarantine and plays each other twice. 14 game season. Then there is a 2 week bye between playoffs where all playoff teams fly to another quarantined location for playoffs.

    You could easily build 3/4 fields at each place. (Just grass and chalk) In the background would be all sorts of cool things like beaches and rivers and such. The local economies would benefit. The brand would get spread. The games would be fun to watch. Players would be as safe as possible.

    If there’s no fans, they don’t need to be played in stadiums. And this could actually be fun. Almost like a beach volleyball type setting.

    Oh wait, this is the no fun league. Why do I even dream ?

    The Count

  • Hey guys,

    I know Colin Cowherd has been mentioned a lot but bear with me here. I think there was a slight misunderstanding regarding his MVP take. I watched him talking about Drew Lock in the MVP race, and I recall him specifically referring to 2nd year quarterbacks. A topic inspired by the last two league MVPs. So “IF” the trend were to continue, Collin is picking Lock among other 2nd year quarterbacks. I don’t think the other candidates were on the table for that scenario ea. Brady, Rodgers, Mahomes, Jackson etc. This being said I could be remembering incorrectly and if that’s the case, someone let me know.

    While still on the topic, can someone clarify why Cowherd is so disliked? I don’t watch him regularly but everything he’s said usually makes sense and I find his personality relatively entertaining. What am I missing here. Am I a monster for liking him? Also as mentioned before he’s need REALLY high on the Broncos regardless of the MVP talks for Lock. He’s the only National media guy giving Denver the respect they deserve.

    Sorry my whole comment is pretty much about Cowherd but I’m curious here. What do you guys think?

    PS. Does the DNVR promo code work for accounts for users out of state? Like Nevada perhaps?

    Thanks guys.
    I have spoken, MileHighMike.

  • Zac! Great twitter coverage of Courtland and AJ’s press quotes!
    A lot has come up about Lock being able to make pre-snap reads and taking advantage of what the defense is showing. I am getting pretty stoked to think that Peyton is having A TON of influence over helping Drew with that (at least I hope they are talking that frequently). Do you guys have any insight about Lock and Peyton’s communication? I imagine that’s probably pretty under wraps, but was curious.
    Thanks gents!

  • I’m reference to why Nick Wright decided to say that the Broncos would be an AFC worst 3-13, Nick is a huge and well documented Chiefs fan. So I don’t believe he doesn’t know much about the Broncos and just threw that projection out there because we’ve been down for 4 years. In my opinion Wright knew what he was doing giving the Broncos a horrible record and it is only out of his hate towards “Broncoland”!

    Like most chiefs fans on Twitter that would have you believe they have been the dominant force in the division since the NFL inception, he would rather write us off instead of face the reality that the Broncos are up and coming with our cost controlled QB!

    But that’s just my opinion and you know what they say, “Opinions are like buttholes. Everyone’s got them and they usually stink!” I’ll see myself out now lol.

  • I had to giggle when Mase said “Piss me off” in a comment, man, I would never have thought I would hear that saintly man cuss!

    Here’s my question:

    Would you rather Peyton Manning 2013 and the “known quality” of 2013 offensive weapons, DT, Decker, Welker, Julius Thomas, Knowshon Moreno, Montee Ball?

    Or Peyton Manning 2013 and the “unknown potential” of the 2020 offensive weapons, Sutton, Jeudy, Hamler, Fant, Phil and Melvin?

    With the OC of your choice, Adam Gase, Pat Shurmur?

    Love ya boys!

    • I would take the original “known quality”. That 2013 team was stacked. I think if we played best of 3 against the Seahawks we would win the next two game. We had so many injuries and the team just wasn’t ready that day (I blame the leadership for that). Still cant watch the highlights for that SuperBowl.

  • RD Dhaliwal (Dolly-Wall)

    What are some sports related phrases that annoy you guys?

    – I know we lost today but the team gave it 110% (next time someone tells you guys that you should come back with “well you needed 150% tonight)
    – To tell you the truth (what were you doing before)
    – Never say Never (if someone asks me when do I want the Raider to win a SuperBowl, the correct answer is Never)
    – No Disrespect (right before they are about to disrespect)
    – Everything happens for a reason
    – Not sports related but “money cant buy you happiness” yeah but it can buy me everything else
    – and finally RK’s favorite “I don’t know why we lost, we practiced good all week”

    Take care and keep up the good work.

    Also, does anyone know if we can take showers yet or should we just keep washing our hands?


  • I will forever be able to remember Trevor siemians and brock osweilers face for as long as a live. What a bizarre thing. Say what you will about elway but he just keeps swinging. On top of how great I feel about drew lock because of his play, I also just think.. elway is about due for a hit right? Thinking about the pure purgatory our qb room has been these past few years, I can’t believe we aren’t thought of like the jags, browns, bills (before Josh Allen, when they constantly had new qbs) etc. in terms of franchise prestige. Shows that broncos are a solid, winning franchise despite our qb struggles. Hopefully that all makes sense. I’m about 80% through a Breck sampler right now so I just can’t be sure.

    DNVR 4 lyfe

    P.S. love or hate him, elway IS Denver. Imagine being able to do anything in a city because you just own it like elway. #GOAT

  • Hey amigos. 3-13? Well, it is 50% more than Rank’s take a year ago. I remember it was so great when Allen finally got the Broncs to 3-6 and completely destroyed Adam’s horrible take! Andrew could destroy the horrible 3-13 take in week # 4? 0-4 with skinny boy Joe, why not 4-0 with rapping Drew? 🙂 Peeps don’t remember Timmy put the Broncs back on the NFL map pre Peyton!!! LAs helmets are the worse, along with their unis!!!!! GO AMERICA/ANDREW/DNVR bar

  • Hey guys,
    R.k I hope kyler is doing well.
    So I have an unconventional comp for Drew lock. Now that is football related only and not personality or judgment based comparisons.
    But what about big ben. Neither were the top prospect of their draft class, both were drafted by defensive minded coaches and played in a run oriented offesne. Similar interception rate and ypg rate with Drew actually a bit better. Although different athletes, both qbs possess athletic traits that allows them to extend the play. And once they both established themselves the team slowly evolved offensesively.
    Also in the draft in the league, im takin ruggs 3rd overall.

  • Talking about premier league football songs I just thought of my favorite. I’ll set the stage.

    Last day of the summer transfer window. Willian, extremely talented offensive Brazilian footballer currently playing for Anzhi in the Russian league. Tottenham Hotspurs is close to signing him, Willian is actually a at the Tottenham training ground waiting for paper work. In comes Chelsea, with only a few hours left of the transfer window get Willian to leave Tottenham and sign for Chelsea FC.
    The best part is that Tottenham is Chelsea’s arch enemies. UK Chelsea fans hates Tottenham.

    The Chelsea fans creates a brilliant song:
    The shit from Spurs, they bought his flight, but Willian he saw the light. He got the call from Abramovich, and of he went to Stamford Bridge. He hates Tottenham x4


  • Hey fellas,
    Great content! It’s so funny seeing the national media’s wide range of predictions for the Broncos. We are truly a wild card. I have bee watching “The Last Dance” on ESPN the last few weeks, and in this last episode, Jordan said something that stuck with me, “Winning has a price, Leadership has a price”. In the episode, his teammates said he was a bit of a jerk to them, but it was because he was trying to elevate their gameplay. It got me thinking about the QB greats that have played for us. They all had a jerk side, and were not afraid to get into someone’s face mask if they weren’t giving their all. Have you seen that side from Drew? Or are we still in the honeymoon faze? As always, thank you for all you do! Keep up the great work!

  • Hey fellas! I’m friends with a couple of Chiefs fans and they all feel the same way about Lock… They love him! They think he’s going to bring a fire to the division and make it competitive again, thoughts?

    Also if RK’s on this pod, thank you for choosing me over Field Yates for all your media leaks. Cardinals go Henry Ruggs with the 3rd pick in the DNVR Draft. Book it.

  • remember when people wanted the broncos to draft deandre baker? 👀

    if he gets cut by the giants, do y’all want the broncos to go there?

  • Day 24 of the Jersey Challenge brings us to the New York football Giants!

    I am going with USC alum #99 Leonard Williams. Saquon Barkley is a very very close second but the Trojan connection gives Williams the nod.

  • TGIF, foLks! To continue the discussion on the national media’s stance concerning the current state of the Broncos, there are a few besides Colin Cowherd and Peter King who are bullish on Denver. Following the draft, Nate Burleson of CBS Sports and NFL Network said, “the Broncos are Locked and loaded, baby.” Last week, Burleson said, “The Broncos used their first two picks on wide receivers . . . then you add the fact that Courtland Sutton is literally just figuring out his powers . . . so now they have one of the youngest groups of wide receivers — guys that are still on their rookie deals — and you can build on that plus the quarterback. I feel like the Broncos are in a great place over the next few years to start to add to what Drew Lock can potentially become in this league.” PFF also gave the Broncos an A+ for their draft and an above average grade for what they accomplished in free agency. The Broncos and Cowboys were the only two teams to receive such marks.

    While many in the national and other media outlets perpetuate uninformed takes to lazily discount and dismiss the Broncos’ prospects, there are some who do not exclusively cover the Broncos that are starting to see the potential in this team. Obviously, any opinion is just that—opinion. What will matter most is how the Broncos perform once they take the field again. This team has a history of doing its best when they are counted out, so here’s to these Broncos being the dark horses we can see them being in 2020.

    Have a great weekend, MY BOYS! DNVRMY SALUTE!

  • Hey Guys
    This is for Mase hope he is there today. What if the Bucs make the Super Bowl first team ever to play in their own stadium. But there are no fans allowed.
    Keep up the great work and enjoy your weekend.

  • Hey guys !!! Hope you have an awesome weekend ! So let’s hop in a time machine …. We’ve clearly had 3 awesome drafts in a row we’ve doubled down on certain position so we head into 2022 …..you need to pay courtland .. Chubb is on his 5th year option …and your going to turn around and pay drew and risner …. And Kj and Juedy the next year …..out of these people …. Who is expendable who are you in a pinch willing to let walk .. is it Courtland ??? 🥺 … The put up or shut up time will come is courtland the Odd man out tho ????

  • Another day, another casual mention of Drew Lock being a dark horse for mvp, this time in an article by Adam Schein. It seems all the talk of national media sleeping on the Broncos jinxed us, and now we are getting way too much hype. Hell, I threw 10 bones on him to win mvp right after the draft at 75-1. Those odds now? 50-1. This hype is starting to make me nervous and think we might not be as good as I’ve been thinking. Am I crazy for thinking we might need to pump the brakes a little?

  • Howdy fellas, really trying to sneak my comment in before the end of the pod. Logan Ryan is still on the market. Would it be worth it to you to sign Logan Ryan to a 1 year 9 mil deal worth 12.5 with incentives? I know I down talked the Jets defense whether it would be with him or without him, but, if he’s not signed anywhere, and I know he’s much more expensive than Amukamara, but it gets you another corner deeper, and you can have Bouye Bausby Ryan, while guys like Ojemudia & Bassey learn from this year. They’ll get into some games too, as will the other guys. Thanks guys, appreciate all your work, and to end it, if Mase is around, I think the Great Cornholio needs to make an appearance to send us off. Go Broncos, and go DNVR.

  • I can already hear all 3 of your responses to the take that I am about to make, and it will be shrugged off as a “non-sense” comment. Just a little background on me, I have an MBA and an extensive background dealing with data driven analysis in both the Military and the Civilian world. I have a proven track record of identifying trends and forecasting based off of big data analysis. I promise I am not bragging and I will wrap this up very soon, but I think it is important to understand that I do not just make this prediction based on a “fan’s point of view”.

    In 2014 the QB market began to spiral out of control, and the amount of money being given to the most important position in any sport has reached a tipping point. Since 2014, Super Bowl winning QBs have been “Cost-Controlled” unless their names were Manning or Brady.

    My HOT TAKE prediction that WILL prove to be correct is this, and I expect credit for this when it comes to fruition: Mahome’s record breaking contract will be the final straw for the QB market. Teams will begin to let QB’s walk and start banking on rookies or vet min QB’s over paying above average QBs the majority of their cap. You have already seen big contract QB’s such as Nick Foles and Jared Goff immediately backfire on teams and lead to instant regression. When a QB of Mahome’s talent can only produce 9 win seasons due to his hyper inflated salary, the rest of the league will follow the newly created “Bill Belichek” method of using cost controlled QB’s to win championships after he finds success this year BECAUSE he has already figured this out. It’s simple numbers, and the QB market has already shown trends that point to this fact, look at Russell Wilson or Cam Newton’s success since getting paid as examples.

    This isn’t meant to downplay Mahome’s success or talent, rather it is the cautionary tale that all coaches should consider. A 40 million dollar QB might seem worth the money, but an entire defense, or in the Broncos case, an entire offense can be built with that amount of money. The future focus will turn towards the draft or by committee to offset this market trend, and eventually normalize the QB market. As a reminder, you heard it here first!

  • Howdy gents! I trust everyone’s weekend was great!

    Day 25 of the Jersey Challenge takes us to the AFC South and the Indianapolis Colts. I’ve lomg since been on record that Phillip Rivers is one of my favorite players due to his toughness and passion for the game, but since I already choose him way back when we did the Chargers, im choosing to go with a mauler in Quenton Nelson.

  • >