On the latest edition of the DNVR Broncos Podcast, Zac Stevens, Ryan Koenigsberg and Andrew Mason are coming to you to break down all of the latest news in Broncos Country.

The guys discuss how the Broncos’ offense fits their players, answer listener questions and much more.

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Zac Stevens

Zac Stevens was born and raised in Denver, went to the University of Denver and now covers the Denver Broncos. After graduating Summa Cum Laude from DU in 2014, Zac worked for the Cleveland Browns as a remote scout. He then jumped straight into the journalism industry at the beginning of 2016 covering the reigning world-champion Broncos and joined DNVR soon after. Catch him on Twitter @ZacStevensDNVR and daily on the DNVR Broncos podcast as the co-host.

  • My quarantine boredom led me to a YouTube channel called “QB School”. This is a great resource for those looking for more X’s and O’s and scheme breakdown. Former NFL QB JT O’Sullivan makes videos that break down everything from explaining cover 2,3, and 4 to specific game QB game tape and much more. His breakdowns of Drew Lock’s first two games were very detailed and enlightening. Something to check out when everyone is caught up on Andre’s film rooms and can’t get enough football. Stay safe!

  • Hey guys!

    Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is understanding it doesn’t belong anywhere near a fruit salad.

    Anyhoo, this may be a day early, as the schedule releases tonight. Obviously this team is not going to go either 0-16 or 16-0. In this upcoming season, outside of the obvious two answers, losing to the chargers in Denver or beating the chiefs at arrowhead, what is one loss that takes the wind out of the team’s sails, and one win that gets everyone, including the national media, on the Drew Lock train?

  • To tell the truth, I am really only here hoping to put the kibosh on the idea that if our 17th game was vs a natural rival, that it would be Seattle. In my opinion, that is the definition of a no win situation! If we win a rivalry game it doesn’t matter because they kicked our ass in a Super Bowl!! If we lose, well, we lose! On top of already having them kick our ass in the dog gone super bowl!!!! Theres no winning! I can see all the SB48 jokes raining down like missiles on our victory parade, essentially rendering a regular season victory meaningless. Just my pesamictic spin on all this.

    Ps. Sorry for the exclamation points Mase!!!!!! Much love DNVR❤

  • Hey, Mase, you asked me to remind you to talk about Lindsay’s production running inside, off tackle, and outside on the next podcast!

  • TLDR Big shout out to the crew behind the scenes. I messed up my order, and they were EXTREMELY patient with me. I got my DNVR logos shirt which I’ve wanted since the switch from BSN. Just wanted to say the the customer service is amazing, and VERY patient. Thank you.
    Best vegetables; black eyed peas, greens( any southern style), chick peas, and southern green beans

  • Gonna see if you boys are up for a round of “What happened to that Bronco?: WR edition.”
    Todd Devoe
    David Kircus
    Matt Willis
    You can answer one or all three. Or none bc it’s your show.

  • And just for fun: I found my old iPod in a drawer the other day that I haven’t seen in years, charged that sucker up, and among some music I hadn’t heard in a while was one single episode of an old Denver Broncos podcast hosted by one: Andrew Mason. The “episode” was weirdly short and talked about DJ Williams move from Sam to Mike Linebacker and how he was now in charge of leading the warmup stretches. Riveting stuff. 😉 It was a fun blast from the past and a joy seeing how you’ve grown into a successful local blogger since then. Also weird hearing you alone as I’ve now gotten used to hearing MY BOYS all together.

  • Hey amigos. # 19 for the Denver Broncos. Most peeps will not remember that was Jerry Rice’s number in the preseason when he made the 53 man roster but decided if he was a non-starter, he should retire. Mike had to be disappointed that it seemed he ended the Chinaman’s career when in fact he did not! The Godfather era is currently 13-19, Vic needs a lot more than 8-8 in 2020. GO AMERICA/ANDREW/THE GODFATHER/SHANAHANS/RICE

  • Hey y’all

    In regards to Phil, it’s been talked about how he’s had back to back 1000yd seasons. Both of those seasons the Broncos have used a FB-centric offense featuring a fantastic Jano and even a serviceable Beck. Do you think with the change to a non-FB system, the Broncos may have their doubts about Phil succeeding in a solo backfield and therefore brought in Gordon? How do you think he’ll fair without a lead blocker? Also, heads or tails? Tune in tomorrow for the reveal. I’ll see myself out.

    God Bless

  • Fellas! It’s been awhile. I took some time off from working as a medic in Antarctica and am now in New Mexico working as a paramedic in the emergency room.

    First, is like to say thank you to everyone who is staying at home, washing their hands, and making our job manageable in the ED.you are the real hero’s!

    You talked yesterday about how Drew Lock is picking up the offense “10 times faster” this year. Here’s another analogy that might serve this point more accurately. I think learning a new offense is more like learning a second musical instrument. Think about it. When you learn an instrument for the first time, you have to learn how to read music, how to listen, how to play with others, how to play in tune, how to adjust etc… the list goes on and on. But when you learn your second instrument, you already know how to read music, how to listen, how to play with others etc… now you just have to learn to apply your knowledge to a different medium. The learning curve is much faster and far more efficient. And hopefully Drew will be faster and more efficient this year.

    I decided to switch from jokes about grammar to dad jokes. With that in mind… what’s the difference between the people in Dubai and Abu Dhabi? People in Dubai don’t like the Flintstones, but the people in “Abu-Dhabi-dooooo”.

    Stay safe amigos.

    • Thank you for your service and risking your health and safety to help others, Flumunda Cheese!

  • MY BOYS! It feels good to only be one day away from the NFL and Broncos’ schedule release. And to add to the excitement, DNVR is going to have streaming coverage of the event?! Sign. me. up. Thanks for indulging me by reading my comments and answering my questions on the past two and now three podcasts concerning scheduling.

    This evening, I delved into who the Broncos have finished against each season dating back to their inaugural season of 1960. The Broncos have finished the regular season at home 29 times, including nine of the past ten seasons and 18 of the past 23 seasons since 1997. The Broncos have still finished the regular season more times on road at 31.

    On the topic, I have another trivia question for you all. Which opponent have the Broncos concluded their seasons against the most?

    The answer: The Chargers, who the Broncos have played in a final regular season game a staggering 14 times. This number increased further once the NFL mandated that teams play a divisional member every Week 17 starting in 2008.

    The Broncos have also finished the regular season against the following teams:

    • Dallas Texans/Kansas City Chiefs – 11 times
    • Raiders – nine times
    • Seahawks – five times (all when Seattle was an AFC West member, including Denver playing almost concluding the regular season at Seattle in four straight seasons in 1982, 1984, 1985, and 1986)
    • Bears – twice
    • Colts – twice (the 2001 game was moved to the finale due to 9/11)
    • 49ers – twice (RIP, Darrent Williams)
    • Packers – twice
    • Patriots – twice
    • One time: Bengals, Bills, Browns, Cardinals, Cowboys, Dolphins, Oilers, Saints, Steelers, and Vikings

    With great anticipation, I look forward to watching the schedule release with you all and for your thoughts on the matter. Take care and be well, DNVRMY!

  • Greetings Everybody,
    First time comment, and a new subscriber. I got to say that you guys got me! After freeloading all season and listening to the podcast on Spotify I finally used some stimulus money to get past the pay wall and finally be a part of the family. I have to say I listen regularly and the content you all as a company put out is phenomenal. Between you guys on the Broncos side, the nuggets/avs/rockies and raptors coverage, I stay informed with my home state teams better than I have ever been before. After watching your guys draft coverage on twitch I decided I need to be apart of this. Sorry for the long intro.

    For my first question. Besides Phillip Lindsey, are there any other home grown talents on the roster currently or in the past that have made it to the Broncos roster? And/Or is there an Adam Thelien type of player that went to a small school locally (School of mines, UNC, DU, ect) that made the roster? As always keep up the good work.

    • Didn’t Deyon Sizer, who was on the active roster for the last three games of the 2019 season, attend CSU-Pueblo? Sizer graduated from Eaglecrest High School in Aurora/Centennial, which is less than two miles from where I live.

  • I was at the chefs v cardinals game in 1995 when Steve Bono ran for a 76 yd TD on a naked bootleg. I was standing at the tunnel, having gotten my hand slapped by Neil Smith (who seemed like a giant to me) and got to watch the play develop from behind the line of scrimmage. It was Incredible.

    Jake the Snake also ran the naked boot with effectiveness.

    And then it seems to have stopped more or less.


    The Count

  • Hey DNVR Family,

    Having so much fun with the DraftKing Sportsbook. Still learning the basic but it is fun.

    First thing I want to talk about is more of a rant by me. I was listening to the Around the NFL podcast and they were talking about players who could have a comeback season. A little mad that Chubb wasn’t brought up as an option. But the thing that made me mad was the host said that if Cam Newton signs with a team, he has a good chance of having a big comeback season. When asked who he thinks should sign Cam, without hesitation he said Denver. Why are they still on this we need a big name veteran QB? We had that last year and these same people we saying we need a young QB for the future. If you guys get a chance to talk to Drew again could someone ask him if he likes being under the radar this season. Rant over. Sorry just had to get that off my chest.

    Second, just saw that Vic is +3000. Thoughts?

    Thank you and keep up the AWESOME work.
    Soldier in the DNVRmy
    ( Hope that is how we are spelling it )

  • RD Dhaliwal (Dolly-Wall)

    You guys are at a party and meet drunk John Elway who hands you his phone. “I will be back in 7 minutes, he says.” Get me one player to assure me that the Broncos make the playoff next year. The full might of the Broncos organizations is behind you. What trade or deal would you guys come up with?

  • Howdy Broncos gang. (MY BOYS!). So I’m using NFL Game Pass to its absolute fullest potential right now, and I’m watching a Pat Shurmur led Giants take on the Washington Haskins. I gotta be honest, I think the off-season & quarantine have soured a lot of people on this guy for frankly no reason, even if Ron Rivera made the trade for Kyle Allen for a 5th round pick. The week prior, Haskins played against the Eagles in a 37-27 loss, but went 25/41, 256 yards, 2 TDs 0 INTs and a 121 passer rating. To be totally honest, it’s been a delight to watch Jones and Haskins trade bombs with one another, Jones just lobbed one to Saquon Barkley for a touchdown. There wasn’t a ton of defense played this game, and that’s ok. Anyways, I’ll be joining you boys tonight on the schedule unveiling, or schedule reveal if you prefer. Since Mase has an expertise in the department, which NFC South team is going to provide the biggest challenge for the Broncos this season? I’m excited to hear your answers, my .02 and novice opinion, I think Carolina will become a winning football team with their emphasis on defense. Ideally even their loaded out defense from the draft shouldn’t be enough to stop the Broncos, but you never know until cleats meet the field. You guys are awesome but you already know that, I love being able to talk football in the Lounge, and I am pumped to be able to watch a season besides you guys and everyone in the Lounge since we’ll be able to put some DNVR watches on the TV for football games. Breaking my short comment streak, I must finally close this comment. Go DNVR, and go Broncos.

  • Do you reckon Mrs Thomas was more angry about the seeing the mistress or the brother?

  • My Boys! First time commenting as I got a subscription for my birthday! We got him! Just wanted to say I love the pod and followed all the draft coverage and it was first class! I live on the Gold Coast in Australia and you guys get me through the work day! So happy to be part of the DNVR family!

  • did y’all see the raiders signed devontae booker after missing out on……frank gore? lol

    i’m assuming the schedule hasn’t come out by the time y’all are recording but there’s a report out there that teams will be playing the interconference games in the first 4 weeks. for us and the rest of the afc west, that means our first 4 games will be the nfc south games.

    what do y’all make of playing those teams early on? i know it wasn’t the case last year, but we typically get off to a fast start in september (that’s if the season plays on time) so could be nice to get those bucs/saints games out of the way early.

  • Hi all….. in your expert opinions would any of the current roster starters , have started in Super Bowl 50? Aside from Von and Davis ?

    Thanks for keeping us entertained during lockdown, we all appreciate ya !

  • #Letemsleep experience of this week …. So it appears that it’s a concentrated effort by ESPN to crap on the broncos and Drew Lock ….. I heard a awesome episode of the Bill Barnwall podcast and they decided to do a redraft of 2019 and he chose at number 10 for the broncos Dwayne Haskins ( YUCK !) ….. LUCKILY …. Lindsay Jones from the athletic was on this epidode with him …… Barnwalls argument is and I quote ” Why are we sure that Drew Lock is a great quarterback after 5 games against some pretty bad competition we just know he’s the Guy ? To build around” ….. I’m so grateful that Lindsay explained to him that Drew was the #1 Qb on their board no matter what and that Drew wasn’t handled well with the injury and the organization dragged their feet letting him start …. That no we don’t know but he’s by far closer to anything we have had since 2015 and Drew brings the total package the way his teammates respond to him the way that he works how he handled his injury ….

    Thank U LINDSAY thank you !!!!

    It’s so lazy !!! And I really respect Bill Barnwall but dude people were talking playoffs after the Raiders beat the colts and bears back to back …. Drew beat the chargers in his first start !! And they had Derwin James back blitzing the heck outta Drew . And he put in a show in Houston ..

    ESPN !!!!! (SAY IT ZAC ) OPEN UR EYES !!!! I honestly don’t understand what pundits want the bronco’s to do how do you bring in competition on a qb that went 4-1 for you showed you promise rallies his teammates has a great work ethic and was the #1 qb on your board ??? What is Elway…. Jerry Krause ??? Like I wish they would at least make a better thought out argument some of this stuff is just lazy ! SMH

  • Hey guys,

    I’ve been watching old Broncos games lately to keep my sanity. Watching Drew Lock’s first game now. A few observations that relate to our team this year:
    1. Peace Colby Wadman!
    2. Melvin Gordon…took a while to heat up but looked good. Hopefully the Broncos can use him and Phil together like the Chargers used Eckeler and Gordon.
    3. Let’s hope Strnad is better in coverage than Todd Davis. He is getting beat a few too many times for my liking.
    4. I know you’ve said Hamilton isn’t in danger of being cut but his drops are brutal.

    Also, I was a little disappointed to hear your thoughts on Rivers. It warmed my heart each week to tune in a see Philip’s teammates put him in a situation where he had to pull off miracles. Many times he would do so….only to have his teammates let him down. Whether it was a kicker or in the case of this game, a dumb pass interference penalty. A weekly Christmas present from the Football Gods. You will be missed in Denver Phil. Let’s hope Herbert’s seasons will end in as much disappointment as your’s did.

  • Just a quick hit here, I was a center that wore #74 so when I think of that number I think center before tackle.

    Now Day 19 of the Jersey Challenge with the Maimi Dolphins!

    I am choosing to go with Kyle Van Noy. After hearing his personality come out through appearances on the Pat McAfee Show podcast his stock has gone way up in my eyes. Also, I feel it’s too early for a Tua jersey (even though that number one is pretty sexy)

  • Hello gentlemen! With the scheduling veimg released today, I have a bet with my friend on what the first NFL game of the season will be. I say Saints v Bucks, he says Raiders v Bucs in Vegas. Which one is more realistic, and what are your choices for first NFL game of the season? Cheers.

  • Hello again, Gentlemen!

    First off, having attended the prestigious North Dakota State University, I have faith that Derrek Tuszka will not only make the team, but will be a contributor down the road. It may be blind faith, but it is faith non-the-less. Just like I had faith in Billy Turner, Joe Mays, Carson Wentz and Easton Stick. Not all of them made it… but believing is half the battle right? Maybe Tuszka wont stick, but I think he has a decent chance. I do agree though that 91 would’ve been a much better number…

    Anyway, my question for today is this: Taking into consideration what this current Broncos team needs, if you could choose one FORMER Broncos player to magically be able to play at their peak on this current Broncos team, who are you picking and why?

    Thanks again for all you do! Hope you and your families are staying happy and healthy.

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