On the latest edition of the DNVR Broncos Podcast, Zac Stevens, Ryan Koenigsberg and Andrew Mason are coming to you to break down all of the latest news in Broncos Country.

The guys discuss if it’s even possible for the Broncos to go 3-13, answer listener questions and much more.

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Zac Stevens

Zac Stevens was born and raised in Denver, went to the University of Denver and now covers the Denver Broncos. After graduating Summa Cum Laude from DU in 2014, Zac worked for the Cleveland Browns as a remote scout. He then jumped straight into the journalism industry at the beginning of 2016 covering the reigning world-champion Broncos and joined DNVR soon after. Catch him on Twitter @ZacStevensDNVR and daily on the DNVR Broncos podcast as the co-host.

  • Fellas! Happy Monday! Ryan I hate to say it but you missed a golden opportunity. Manscaped prevents nicks….speaking of nicks…
    Something like that lol. Also, I think the countdown next year should be called the Nick Wrong countdown. Love the podcasts, keep up the great work MY BOYS!

  • On the DNVR Sports Pod, RK said the Broncos need an uniform change/update. I agree with the uniform but not the current logo. I love the current logo of the Broncos. I have stated this before. I do not want the organization to throw out the Bronco head logo. I’m ok if they wanted to do a combo/ merge of the current and old but I think the current one is nice and clean… unlike the LA Rams new ugly logo.

    How much cap space do the Broncos have left? Would they ever give Jadeveon Clowney a 1 yr contract? 12-14 million?Something similar to where the Golden State Warriors added Demarcus Cousins to an already stacked team at the time.

  • 2 questions:

    1. Peyton Manning and Drew Lock are mic’d up playing a round of golf together. Is Mase watching?
    2. Was the BSN voicemail ever officially discontinued? Will it still work? I recall Timmy From Sweden frequenting the voicemail

    • If there is an actual live pro or major college team sporting event happening on another channel, probably not!

  • Remember when Brandon used to read those creepy, cringeworthy wiener adds. We’ve came along way my boys. I know I don’t comment often but I still listen everyday. Love y’all. I’m out.

  • TGIM Gents,
    After listening to the pod I got a bit fired up about what the national media is saying about the Broncos. It is either we are dismissed completely and we are projected to have a terrible record a la Nick Wright. Or we get a high amount of praise from a guy like Colin cowherd where we could have an MVP campaign by Drew Lock. There is zero middle ground! On top of that I read an article by Gil Brandt of NFL.com and he says we had the 4th best off season of all NFL teams. It’s like which one is it here people. Are the broncos a good team or not? SMH
    Anyways, while I was sitting around this weekend I stumbled upon a madden simulation of the broncos week 5 game against the patriots on Youtube. According to the simulation, the broncos are going to lose 21-14 and have a 1-4 record through week 5. On top of that I saw that we are projected to lose 48 to 30 opening night vs Tennessee and then 24 to 10 the following week against the Steelers. Man, no love virtually either for the broncos. My question is how likely do you think a 1-4 record 5 weeks into the season is? Also what do you think about those projected score lines that madden has? As Always, Go broncos and DNVR!

  • Hey gents,

    This year, we start the season by playing the Titans at home, and then we travel to Pittsburgh for week 2, and host the Buccs in week 3. Theoretically, if we are 3-0 after those three games, would you be revising your record prediction? What if we come out of that stretch at 0-3?

  • @ NFL Players

    “Oh sweet my life is made from here on out, just got to stay on the straight and narrow, be nor man and OH DEAR GOD IVE FALLEN INTO CAR WITH 5kilos OF COKE, A SEMI AUTOMATIC RIFLE, AND MY BROTHER IS IN THE BACK WITH SOME CHICK”


  • Dearest Familia,

    Stellar bum musical to end Friday’s pod. Heard my name so I came runnin’! “Booty booty booty booty rockin’ everywhere, rockin’ everywhere / I found you, Onion Booty / Get it together and bring it back to me.” Well here I am—with apologies for my absence. I’ve been on victory-lap since Jerry Jeudy happened. (Honorable mentions to KJ Ham-sandwich-ler, Lloyd (smoke that) Cushenberry-winkle, and the other draftees with brow-furrowing pronunciations.)

    On this day, I have nothing to contribute of consequence. But remember Jeb Putzier? What I name… Was he a cool dude or as wet-blanketed as his name would suggest?

    Also, who’s the current locker room’s Dennis Rodman?

    Love ya s’much,

    Onion Booty!

  • Hey guys ! Hope u had an awesome weekend ! Since my battles on Twitter rage on with billsmafia ….. I’M curious WHERE do you think drew stacks up with(as far as potential) the likes of a Josh Allen or Sam darnold ……. I try my best to not be biased and fair and there’s nothing statistically or on film that makes me feel like Josh Allen is the guy and I’m concerned if Darnold doesn’t take a step forward he’s gonna be in Bust territory …….I don’t wanna be blind like billsmafia about my qb …and I don’t wanna be unreasonable with Drew but I mean if drew doesn’t throw close to 30tds and 4000 yards with 12 or less ints are we excited about Drew going into 2021 ???? If he can’t accomplish that much ?

    Also just want to say there’s going to continue to be this skepticism leading up to camp and when it’s time to play I think we should go with a Montra that Ryan said months ago when we realize Joe flacco was not the answer …..Ryan Said ” how did you feel when you first heard the news we were trading for Joe Flacco or signing case keenum ? If that’s the case then that is probably more right then not and I felt Drew with time would be a Matthew Stafford floor with mahommes ceiling as a qb and I saw that in the first chargers game (his worst game to me ) and I think we gotta hold.on to that and not let the media and fans who didn’t watch him play detour us from that ….ANR BET THE OVER ON 20 TDS I MEAN ARE U KIDDING ME LOL !!!!

    (OH ONE LAST THING HOW COME JOSH ALLEN IS THROWING WITH HIS RECEIVERS IN CALIFORNIA are they allowed to do that yet ? I saw it on the news in la here …. All the rookie wrs and I believe John brown are with Josh in California wassup with that ? )

  • Hey guys, just thought I would check-in with you all, as it’s been a while since I last commented. Every time I have a question or a comment these days, this one in particular, I notice there are so many comments already posted, and didn’t want to make the show too long, so didn’t comment..

    We’re both thankfully all Covid-clear here, and now been working from home for nearly 3 months, but it has meant I have been struggling to keep up with the pods. This is mainly because my 2 hours commuting time has gone each day, so I am now trying to listen whilst working, but as I am busy working away, I realise the pod is on, and then realise I haven’t been listening for the last hour…

    ….so I rewind. And start over. Again, and again….. I’m doing my best to make it work, but I am usually 2 or 3 days behind, and it’s starting to feel like a chore…

    So, could I make a request we don’t post tooooooooo many comments here, unless it’s something burning that you need input on maybe? The irony (not actually irony) isn’t lost on me, who has waffled page and verse about Tebow, or the differences between UK and US, and other such ‘pointless’ topics, but in my defence, there were a lot less questions back then.

    If I am in the minority, then totally understand, but I did wonder what the optimum pod length is, and whether other people get annoyed at the lengthy pods? Is this something that should be discussed?

    Peace out and love to all, whether the pod is 30 minutes or 300 minutes

    The Big T

    • Oh, and thank you to Mase and Zac for their kind words about a month ago, when me and my wife had corona, that meant a lot, but I forgot to thank you on here. Thanks guys. x

    • EDIT **weren’t** a lot of questions back then. always proof stupid. bad tebowski 🙁

    • Also, meant to say a thank you to Mase and Zac for their kind words, about a month ago, whilst my wife had corona. Meant a lot. Thanks guys. x

  • Hey guys, can you please give some insight on Matt Russell? Recently somebody on the pod mentioned him as a successor to Elway so I want a sneak peek at what the future looks like.

    I’m especially curious to know if he’s more analytics based and if the Broncos scouting department will eventually hire a lot of stats specialists like we’re seeing the Ravens and other NFL teams do. Elway strikes me as being old school and resistant to these new trends.

    Is there any way of knowing which guys we’ve drafted/signed that were “Matt Russell” guys he stood on the table for?

  • MY BOYS! I hope that you each had a wonderful weekend. All of this talk about the Broncos’ rivals in the national media got me thinking as to who you each think is the Broncos’ greatest non-divisional rival? During the Peyton Manning Era, I would have to say the New England Patriots. Over the course of the Broncos’ entire history, I will have to go with Denver’s 2020 Week 2 opponent the Pittsburgh Steelers, who Denver has faced seven times in the playoffs, including twice in AFC Championship Games.

    As always, I send you a DNVRMY salute for the individual and collective content that you produce. Here’s to great week. I leave you with a thought that Sterling K. Brown recently shared with some 2020 graduates: “Where you start in life does not dictate where you end up.”

  • I was reading some different articles over the weekend and i stumbled onto one titled
    “Vegas gets their Prince”. The article goes on to explain how Mike Mayock played chess with John Elway and out maneuvered him to land Prince Amukamara.

    I have said it a hundred times, and so has everyone else in this community. THANK YOU!

    Thank you for not writing click bait crap. Thank you for honest articles and takes.

  • Gonna slide this in before the pod’s over hopefully. Definitely not Broncos related but how do you guys feel about Josh Rosen? We spoke a little on him in the draft last night on zoom but I’m curious, is his opportunity as a starter over in the nfl? Do you think his attitude also affected his untimely downfall? What would It have looked like it the Broncos grabbed him at 5? Thank you guys for the coverage as always, and I look forward to RK’s improvement to 4-12 this season.

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