On the latest edition of the DNVR Broncos Podcast, Zac Stevens and Andrew Mason are coming to you to break down all of the latest news in Broncos Country.

The guys breakdown recent mock drafts, answer listener questions and much more.

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Zac Stevens was born and raised in Denver, went to the University of Denver and now covers the Denver Broncos. After graduating Summa Cum Laude from DU in 2014, Zac worked for the Cleveland Browns as a remote scout. He then jumped straight into the journalism industry at the beginning of 2016 covering the reigning world-champion Broncos and joined DNVR soon after. Catch him on Twitter @ZacStevensDNVR and daily on the DNVR Broncos podcast as the co-host.

  • The virus changes things. The offseason will be abridged. Rookies will have less of an impact. Also, new coaches will not have time to install a system. How do you think it will effect the offense with Shurmur.

    Teams changing head coaches are finiashed.

    I do think we have a team advantage with Elway, Fangio, Lock, Miller, and Chubb coming back as pillars the others can klean on.

    Much love. Stay safe y’all.

  • I have a theoretical question for you boys today, but before I ask, I feel like I need to say I’m not one of those people that criticizes Elway for taking Drew Lock in the second rather than the first.

    But, I do want to ask a theoretical. If you could retroactively change the 2019 draft so that you could package together the Drew Lock pick and the Dre’Mont Jones pick to move up and pick Drew Lock at the end of the first, would you do it? Basically, I’m asking whether you think a fifth year option on Lock’s rookie contract or Dre’Mont Jones is more valuable to you.

    Just a thought I had and I’m curious what you’ll say. I think I lean towards wanting Lock’s 5th year option rather than Dre’Mont, but it’s a tough call.

  • When I was kid my mom would often have us on adventures on Sundays that left me scrambling to find the Broncos on TV. I remember once being at a friend’s house in rural Arizona wherein the satellite (yes, those giant dishes that now serve merely as relics or large salad vessels) had an announcerless broadcast with the only sound available from on-field mics. it was unnerving as a child, but man id love to access this feature now. Do you all know anything about this? I’ve never found anything archived about it?

    The Count

  • Hey guys!

    If you were in the position where you had a walk-up song to introduce you (ala team call-out of the tunnel, stepping up into the batter’s box, bullpen, introduced to the ice, etc), what would it be?

    I asked Andre and Henry this for the draft podcast, but I’d like to hear your take as well: Kirk Herbstreit made a point on Pat McAfee’s pod earlier this week, echoing Mase’s sentiments about the current pandemic. It would be absolutely irresponsible for either the NFL and NCAA to hold seasons in the way they normally do this year without a vaccine. Let’s imagine a worse case scenario: no football whatsoever this year. How does this effect the current juniors and seniors in college for the draft in 2021, and who do you like for the broncos out of that potential class? Personally, I have a dream scenario wherein Courtland Sutton, Henry Ruggs (or whichever 2020 WR we do end up with), and Warren Jackson create a receiving core that is an absolute nightmare for every opposing defense.

  • I would like to introduce myself since I just started my annual subscription. I’ve been listening for a while and love the chemistry that y’all share. I’ve listened to every pod where everybody’s together or paired differently. Mase, you’re a great asset to the team and happy that you have joined. I listen to the pods at 1.5x speed and Zac’s chuckle is a big reason that I’ve kept listening. Ryan, you’re what holds everybody together; when it’s just Zac and Mase, Mase’s tangents get pretty lengthy… I listen to you guys every day and am proud to join the family. One day, I’ll come down from Idaho and visit the DNVR Bar. It was automatically added to my bucket list as soon as I heard about it.

  • Fellas,
    I did it. I used DNVR20 and got manscaped. Let me tell ya, my sun dance kid has never looked better. Everything is toned, revived, and ready for a shoot out. Thanks for the tip!
    You guys have been vocal about your offensive scheme preferences, but if you had your way what would your defensive scheme preferences be? Who are your favorite defensive coaches in NFL history?

  • With the signing of Melvin Gordon, does that take players in the mold of Antonio Gibson RB/WR off the board entirely or just push them way down in priority?

  • Hey friends. Luv the pod and to clarify, I have no issue in prepare for the worse Mase but we hope for the best Zac. Best part is, we are going to come out on the other side someday with having learned a lot about many things in life these past months. GO AMERICA & this THIRD ROCK from the sun!

  • Hey guys,

    I’ve been loving your twitters during the live watches.

    A suggested game for you guys to look at next is on YouTube. It is week 2 of the 98 super bowl season against Dallas. I was actually at this game when I was just 3 years old and obviously don’t remember too much. But watching this replay of the game makes me realize even more I was lucky enough to see one of the best teams ever

    Anyways, thanks as always guys. Stay safe out there

  • Some good draft discussions here. My ideal scenario would be;

    1st – Ruggs,Juedy, Lamb fall to us (in that order)

    2nd – trade to top of the second for our second and Third, third rounders and take Laviska!

    2nd – (our normal pick) Cleveland or Prince Tega

    3rd – Biadisz

    4th – Davion Taylor !

    What do you guys think? Gives us two legitimate starting receivers, a solid LT, a starting Centre and a development LB.

    Any chance this could happen?

    Keep up the great work.

  • I’m 27 and this is the first I’ve ever heard of man spacing at the movies. Who’s supposed to hold you when you get scared? I’m pretty sure this rule only applies at the urinal.

  • You guys are trusting the language of the NFL too much.

    There is no way the league isn’t planning contingencies.

    But for the vast majority of their constituency, who are, well, let’s say not so intellectually dexterous, clear language around football being there in the fall is great for marketing. There is nothing exciting about “yeh we are planning to play in tents in Arizona, or in a town in Australia“ (man that would be fing sweet though).

    Ask yourself this – (and Mase don’t manufacture an answer to be argumentative), what decisions would you make differently if you thought the NFL was going to be delayed or impacted by COVID. And how is that good for the NFL?

    • My answers and arguments are NOT manufactured. They’re honest opinions and analyses based on how I read the situation.

      • Didn’t mean any offense Mase! Was a intended as playful tease. Sorry if it wasn’t received that way!

  • Hey y’all

    Mase, you hit the nail on the head about where I’m from, which I expected. Being from the piedmont region I’ve got to represent in the BBQ debate. Lexington-style BBQ is the way to go. For those who don’t know, it is vinegar and pepper based like E. NC but also incorporates a little tomato and brown sugar like W. NC. That’s probably the sauce(traditionally called a dip) you had at Lexington BBQ.

    Now a question for everybody. If you were a death row inmate, what would be your last meal? No limitations. As always, I’ll see myself out.

    God Bless

  • Hey guys,

    After seeing the interview with Drew Lock, you HAVE to be excited for what he can bring to the team this offseason.

    My question is this though, is it wise to be truly all in on Drew Lock after 5 games, and not bring in competition(like Siemian and Lynch back in the day)?

    I have all the faith that Drew will be good, and just don’t want to he disappointed I guess.

    Thank y’all and go broncos!

  • Hey gents, with team visits and medicals off the table, should we consider the possibility of Viska falling? I’m still astounded at the fall of Mo Hurst(not quite the same, but still), and I’m wondering if there’s a chance of him falling to the 3rd.

  • https://s.amsu.ng/0zY0Ws40eLxN
    Hey guys, I’ve been a free loader for a few years you finally got me! Broncos fan from iowa surrounded by a bunch of chiefs fans…its awful. Speaking of KC have you noticed everything bad happening in the world started after they finally won a Super Bowl? Coincidence, I think not! Anyway my username just made sense because a I have a big Broncos tattoo I got after superbowl 50, it went kind of viral, I woke up after I shared it and all of a sudden it was on nfl.com and a few other websites! I attached a link so you guys can check it out. I look forward to being apart of the awesome community you guys have built. I have a trip planned to denver in july I was stoked to come check out the bar, so hopefully earth is open by then.? sorry for the long comment thanks guys stay safe!

  • A lot of interesting points. If medicals drop Laviska to R3, why not gamble and take a chance. If this surgery can correct the issue with his pubic bone and the inflammation it creates, he can be a dynamic weapon.

  • What’s up you DNVR! Have you guys heard of TheMadFanatic? His a Denver broncos rapper who has been making bronco music for almost a decade. His music gets you hyped before games and the season. The first song I ever heard from him was right after we drafted Derek Wolfe called “Big Bad Wolfe”. His a huge fan and truly gets you hyped up for the season and before each game. During the super bowl 50 Run he made a diss track before Every game, it really made that season even more special. If you haven’t heard of him, broncos country you should check him out!

  • Hey guys hope you all are doing well.
    Since there is no live sports to watch I’ve been watching a lot of old Bronco games. I want to say John Elway was Patrick Mahomes before Patrick Mahomes. The drops he would take , the scrambling to extend plays ,and the unbelievable passes. You forget how good he was.
    Also watched the 2013 Broncos with Peyton. My question is how many receivers do you think got their big contracts because of him? Like Eric Decker and Julius Thomas.

  • I think we should trade down !!!! I THINK teams like miami and jaguars need sooo many pieces that we should trsde down amd this is what im thinking …… U trade down with either miami or jags …. And pick up an extra second ….. U grab mims or Jefferson whomever is available at either of their picks . . And u go in the second round grab Ezra clevland and kushenberry , or tyler biadscz …… And if u need to trade back in to the 2nd u can and get laviska or hope laviska falls to u ….. What do u guys think ?

  • Just wanted to pop in and say thank you to RK for coming up with the idea to help Timmy yesterday. It’s truly unbelievable we as just a fraction of the community were able to pool that much resources so quickly! Thank you all for what you’ve created!

    Also, trade up and get Juedy, Ruggs, or Lamb. The Jags clearly have no clue what they’re doing with their franchise and would trade back for a stale bag of chips and a pbr that has sat in the Jacksonville sun for 5 days. Keep the content flowing.

  • Hey fam, didn’t get my last comment in under the wire so reposting.

    Few thoughts.

    When talking John Denver one cannot simple not mention Rocky Mountain High, especially when y’all live there. Shame.

    When talking number 87 Decker deserves a shout out too, not over E Mac but still. On that note… Mase rank your top 5 #87 Broncos. Is Fant higher than Decker? I think he needs to show more first.

    Stay safe.
    I have spoken, MileHighMike

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