On the latest edition of the DNVR Broncos Podcast, Zac Stevens, Ryan Koenigsberg and Andrew Mason are coming to you to break down all of the latest news in Broncos Country.

The guys discuss why the Broncos have more confidence in Drew Lock than the rest of the country, answer listener questions and much more.

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Zac Stevens

Zac Stevens was born and raised in Denver, went to the University of Denver and now covers the Denver Broncos. After graduating Summa Cum Laude from DU in 2014, Zac worked for the Cleveland Browns as a remote scout. He then jumped straight into the journalism industry at the beginning of 2016 covering the reigning world-champion Broncos and joined DNVR soon after. Catch him on Twitter @ZacStevensDNVR and daily on the DNVR Broncos podcast as the co-host.

  • Hey guys, first time commenting but I’ll try to make it nice and to the point. This offseason the broncos have added A TON of talent. With talent though, also comes expectations. What is the floor and ceiling of this team and what do you see actually happening?

  • Hey guys!

    Just have a story and a question. So as a kid I lived in the San Diego area. One of my teachers was an AVID Chargers fan. We were there around the LT days, So they were winning… often. Every time they would win, my teacher, Ms. Z, would make our class sing the “SAN DIEGO…. SUPER CHARGERS”. Needless to say at a point, the song became infuriating, And I promptly stopped singing after 2 weeks. I didn’t know much about football. But I did know that when I grew up, I would root for any team who played those “SUPER CHARGERS”.. So I guess in a way, Ms. Z brought me to you guys!

    Last second question. How much of a chance does Bradley Chubb have for comeback player of the year?

    As always, love the POD. Keep it up.

    -Tommy Bronco

  • What’s up fam? I’ve had a huge backlog of pods since I had to move recently but I’ve finally caught up. I’ve been subscribed for over a year, listened to every pod, and even got to meet Mase before a Chiefs game here in KC. This family has meant so much to me in that time and listening to the podcasts always puts a smile on my face. Listening to y’all has been a constant in my life that has really helped me during some dark times. Despite that, I dont often comment, so now I’m looking to comment more and engage with this awesome community more as well. I was wondering, is it possible to change your display name in these comments? I’d like to start fresh with a new name.
    Anyway, as for the Broncos, ever since RK published his article that framed Drew Lock as a potential “super villian”, I’ve loved that narrative. This made listening to the Raiders podcast hating on Drew all the more entertaining. My favorite part is when they say, “I tweeted … I appreciate that you left off the Broncos quarterback’s name, I didn’t even reference his name.” Drew Lock has only played 5 games and the Raiders are already so afraid of him that they’re giving his name the Voldemort treatment. Priceless.
    Sorry for the long comment, I look forward to posting more (reasonable length) comments. Keep up the amazing work.

  • So, I have been relatively quiet over the last couple of years giving the new listeners’ voices a chance to be heard. So just some words of encouragement.

    1) A much-belated welcome to Andrew Mason. You are such a fountain of knowledge and always amuse me as you take us deep in the past digging up old relic NFL players like Y.A. Tittle and Ed Podolak.

    2) To Brandon Spano, Ryan, Zac Andre and Henry, way to keep growing the content and offerings on the Broncos side. I don’t know if you realize how much welcome entertainment you are providing us in these stay-at-home times.

    3) Really like the LIVE YouTube/Periscope broadcasts. Keep these going!! I watched your draft coverage from bell-to-bell and it was far superior to watching ESPN. Like the way you involved Allie Monroy, AJ Haefele, Steve Atwater and other media members.

    4) Shout out to DNVR Hall of Fame Podcast Listeners…Spacebar, Nacho Brad, PastorRhett, Litvakski, RyanClaymon, Nacho Brad, Jdfry, LONESTAR BRONCO, Preston_Nibaur and the rest of us who were here at the beginning, when discussions of ball hair had to do with the tennis variety. 😉

    Keep doing what you’re doing. Peace out. –PaulieFromWaukesha

  • My guys! I love me some good football talk. I’m unfortunately the only big time sports fan in my family so I don’t get these kinds of conversations very often!

    You guys are right! I completely misused the word “ceiling”! and I totally agree with you that the ceiling is about 12 wins, based on you’re clarification of the word.

    I guess the best way for me to describe my position here is to say if I had to bet the mortgage on the Broncos 2020 season record, and the over/under was 9 1/2, I don’t think I could convince myself to take the over….. too risky! I’ve had my expectations for the Broncos a few games too high for the past few seasons, thinking we’re finally going to make a splash, just to tack on another losing season.

    Along with that, I agree the Broncos may steal a win when they’re not supposed to, but I think that’s the Steelers, Bills or Patriots. Beating the Saints sounds a little ambitious to me.

    Thanks for the stimulating discussion!

    PS. *Breaking News*

    But for real, I really wanted this guy and now we have him lined up against our young recievers! I know he’s no Byron Jones or Darius Slay… but how worried should we be? Is this a game changer or just a bug on the windshield?

    Thanks a million and
    Sorry for the long comment.
    Love for all the DNVR fam.
    I have spoken, MileHighMike.

    • When in doubt, just remember these words from Michael Jordan:

      “The ceiling is the roof.”

  • Don’t have much to say today other than I really want mase to say….75!!
    I love the talk about letting players use the number 0 and 00. I would love to see a big old beefy nose tackle rock the 00 or a speedy running back use the number 0. Now that is a jersey I would buy!
    As always go broncos and go DNVR!

  • Talking ceilings in regards to the Broncos, wouldn’t it be the Super Bowl? If everything goes right then we have a top 3-5 D, and the O goes off right? Have a look at the 49ers.. 2nd pick to the 2nd last pick a year later. Injuries did riddle them a fair bit, but they showed that if everything goes right for a team then the previous year is no real indicator for what is to come. The ceiling is the Super Bowl and the floor is the 1st overall pick. It’s why i love football; anything can happen and it probably will.

  • Drew Lock was recently asked about the difference between Pat Shurmur’s and Rich Scangarello’s offenses; one thing he mentioned was that he will have the ability to change routes depending what the pre-snap read looks like, specifically mentioning changing a curl to a go if it looks like man coverage. This is pretty exciting but has be wondering how much (or little) freedom our QBs had to do that last year?

  • RD Dhaliwal (Dollywall)

    Hey guys I just signed up with DraftKings. Just wanted know if you can go over how the betting works. It’s kind of confusing.

    What does +200 mean?
    What does -200 means?

    Basically can you dumb-a-fy it for me. (Explain it’s like I’m a 5th grader)

    If you don’t have time I understand, trying to watch a lot of YouTube video to help me out. Also, I have started to listen to the DNVR Bets Daily podcast.

    Thanks and take care!!!

  • Given all of the talk about the national media sleeping on Lock, do you think that is something that really drives Drew? His swagger (not cockiness, idiot Raider fans) presents him like he could give a hoot less about what any media thinks of him. I like that a lot about him, but I would also love it if he was internally fueled up by it. That Raiders pod should definitely be bulletin board material for the whole team.
    Thanks gents!

  • So if Stidham would’ve been the third or fourth qb this year then Lock would’ve been….first? Lock should’ve been ranked 8th behind Lamar, Kyler, Allen, Darnold, Burrow, Baker and Tua. Then again, why have confidence in Burrow and Tua if they haven’t played yet? Idk, but being behind Stidham is a joke.

    I also love watching Josh Allen play. It may be because the I’m in the Bills’ primary region so I watch them a lot before the Broncos’ games. Not the best pure qb but he’s like a poor man’s Lamar, very poor man’s, but fun to watch.

  • All right, guys. We’ve had a lot of talk about breakfast foods, cereal, and candy bars… But what is everyone’s top 5 ice creams?

  • First off, Hingle McCringleberry is now known as YieldFates, and only RK will understand. Second, I love the DNVR Xbox Madden League. We’re in the first week of the offseason and things are crazy. RK traded for Kyler, Hank trades me Shaq Thompson for a late first, among many other blockbuster trades. It’s really so much fun, and something to look forward to in these sportsless times. Lastly, I’m really tired of all the Broncos doubters out there. I know we’ve been pretty spoiled overall as a fan base, but for people to predict us to go 3-13? That’s outrageous, and frankly idiotic. It’s almost as bad as Adam Rank’s prediction of 2-14 last year. I see us making the playoffs at 9-7 or 10-6. Lastly Lastly, huge shoutout to my fellow colleague @RianYapport for breaking big news all the time.

  • Hey you guys, I’m sitting her Reminiscing and decided to share a quick heart to heart with y’all. I started listening to this podcast 3 years ago, at the time my GF of 4 years and I had just broken up, and my best friend had passed away suddenly. I was in a dark place, I felt very alone and kinda of just dove even more into sports, sports is truly a huge distraction in so many people’s life’s. I read and listened to everything I could about my beloved broncos and remember stumbling upon 2 guys about my age, who seemed to just be having fun and talking sports, BSN, I was hooked. I listened everyday, I remember yelling at my phone in disagreement about many things, while also loving so many of y’alls Insightful thoughts and ideas. I also watched a show on broncos.com called ask Mase, All I ever thought during that show was there is no way this guy knows all of this just off the top of his head, the man must be a genius. As time went on the pain of losing my best friend while never truly being gone nor will it ever, has subsided. Many things have factored into this, but this podcast gave me something to look forward when I truly needed it. I know it’s just sports coverage To some, but you guys have created something amazing to many people. My best friend was a Seahawks fan, but I think he would of liked this group, thank you Ryan, Zac, and Mase.

  • Hey amigos. Rookie seasons. Mahomes II went a whopping 1-0 with a meaningless win over the Broncs. Impressive I guess? Lock went 4-1, an .800 winning percentage, with the loss in a ground blizzard on the road to Mahomes II. His 4 wins secured a 2nd. place finish in the AFC West after a 3-8 beginning. I guess an .800 clip in 5 games vs. a 1.000 clip in a meaningless 1 last game of a season equals a lucky stretch for a 2nd. round pick? Matt was referring to O linemen, his area of expertise like Mase said. GO ANDREW LOCK/DNVR bar

  • there was a report yesterday that the broncos were sniffing around jason peters although this quickly got debunked by nicki jhabvala who said they called his agent, but they’re likely gonna roll with a competiton between bolles and elijah wilkinson. i…….find that hard to believe so let’s talk about calvin anderson real quick!!

    he’s been cryptic on twitter for the past few weeks and just a few days ago said ‘I truly believe opportunity will soon meet preparation’. i don’t know enough about him to think he could be a viable lt in the nfl, although munchak has a track record of developing udfas so i’m not holding his draft status against him. i did find this scouting report on him that’s kinda interesting. tell me what y’all think;

    ‘‘Calvin Anderson has the potential to be an effective power tackle in the NFL. His limitations in hip mobility will hinder his ceiling as a pass protector but Anderson has ample length to mask these issues. Anderson is a plus drive blocker with enough functional athleticism to warrant consideration as a potential starter in the long term. Will require a strong OL coach to draw out his abilities, however.’

  • If KJ and Jeudy both hit, do you see the Broncos giving Sutton WR1 money at the end of the rookie contract?

  • Here is a tandem of first segment ideas, one for the preseason and one for the post season. I’ve enjoyed this, but think it would be 75! times better with the DNVRmy. I like to collect all professional anaysist’s predictions of the Broncos and go over them. I will then reflect on their accuracy by going over them once more after all is said and done. Then we can crown the analysists that correctly predict the Broncos playoff spot quality season, and put the gamers on the chopping block such as Adam Rank from last season.
    I’m sorry I’m giving someone a chore if this goes through…
    Take care boys.

  • Hey y’all

    Wednesday Life Hack: Incorporate more high fiber foods into your diet such as beans, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. This will equip you with the ammo you need to insure other people will keep proper distancing when you have to go on a grocery run. I’ll see myself out.

    God Bless

  • Yesterday was a pod with RK complaining how Drew Lock is being slept on, then he proceeds to sleep on Twix. Once again showing why I’m a promo code ZAC guy. I kid but come on RK, you’re better than that! Also, Left Twix or riot!

    Now onto the Jersey Challenge day 22 and the Philadelphia Eagles!

    There’s a lot of great options on their roster but I wonder if we’ll be thensame across the board because I’m going with Philly Will, Will Parks. Great guy and if it wasn’t with Denver, I’m happy he gets to play for his hometown team.

  • Guys… I just saw Nick Wrights’s prediction for all AFC teams… and I know better not to pay attention to these so-called journalists, but I must say something about this. Guys… he had broncos going 3-13 and last in the division 😦. He has dolphins going 9-7, and they were the WORSE team in the league last year. All of a sudden non-healthy Tua makes them a playoff contenders?!. He has the browns going 11-5, I mean the Browns! (no offense Zac). And the worst part is that he has the raiders going 10-6. This is an absolute blasphemy (in Steve Smith’s voice). I just don’t see raiders as a winning team, and I’m not even trying to be a hater, they’re just not a good team right now. At least the chargers have a respectable roster and weapons On both sides of the ball. What do raiders have that we don’t have or more? This brings me to this question, in what position groups, offense or defense, do raiders are clearly better than broncos?

    Sorry for the rant gents. Very grateful for the content!

  • Usually you guys brighten my day but today you pissed me off. Glad I was listening to the pod while working out because listening to those Raider D Bags got me fired up. Didn’t think anything could add to Raider Week but now I will be thinking about these chumps. Won’t say his name and referred to him as the Broncos Quarterback!?! Their girlfriends must be wanting to hang out on Drew’s Mandscaped lawn.

  • Idk if I’m sliding in under the clock or not…just wanted to let RK know that you do not have to be ordained to officiate a wedding in the state of Colorado. I only know this bc I myself officiated my brother’s wedding in Morrison in 2015.

  • FoLks! Happy Hump Day! I have a beef to pick with RK. First, he espouses the virtues of the vilest of candy bars—the waxy white chocolate Hershey’s Cookies ‘N Creme bar concoction and then he has the audacity to impugn the goodness of the Twix Bar! Heresy, I tell you! I do agree with Mase about the Peanut Butter Twix being phenomenal. I usually can find it at Walgreens locations in the Denver metro area. The Twix Bar that I miss the most is the Java version. I have not seen it since 2008 or 2009. It was delectable.

    Another trivia question for you all today: Who are the only Broncos’ quarterbacks to win at Kansas City in December? Hint: The 1994 game is somewhat of a trick question. I will post the answer in tomorrow’s comments per Mase’s suggestion/request.

    Thanks for reading my comment. You guys are the best. Until the morrow, take care!

  • Good morning everyone!

    I have a take on the national media’s Drew Lock opinion I’d make a long term bet on if anyone is game.

    I’ve heard a lot of comparisons regarding Drew and a number of them use the term “poor man’s”, he’s a poor man’s Josh Allen, he’s Mahones without the athleticism, etc. The disrespectful truth is he is going to be in Mahones shadow until we win a Super Bowl due to our division rival’s success. We could beat KC three times this year, including knocking them out at the Conference championships by absolute beatdown, but unless we go on to win the Super Bowl it doesn’t matter. The narrative would be “Lock didn’t accomplish what Mahones accomplished”.

    Unless KC regresses to the mean next year after contracts and a QB breaking the bank start to weigh them down and we have sustained success against them Drew will always be an afterthought until he has a ring. Which I’m OK with because I like Drew when he’s counted out…..here’s to the Drew and Phil revenge tour when this offense starts clicking!

    Have a great one, and sorry for the typos, I’m working from a broken iPhone.


  • Hey guys, I’d like to try to sneak my comment in here so it will be a short one today. I’d like to clarify yesterdays comment by saying I’ll be equally as thrilled as you guys if Jerry Jeudy beats AJ Browns 57-58 receptions & 1051 yards. I just think he is better than a 900 yard 5 touchdown receiver, even alongside Courtland Sutton, Noah Fant, and Albert Ochocinco. And now that we know Prince Amukamara is officially a Las Vegas Raider, I’m very confident our offense is going to likely make more catches. They have Prince, Damon Arnette who they overdrafted, and Amik Robertson. Which AFC West teams’ defense do you think the Broncos offense has the best chance to run all over and own the field? I’ll take it one step further. Which teams’ defense on our schedule outside of the AFC West do you think the Broncos offense has the best chance to dominate? I’m going to go with the Miami Dolphins, although even though the Jets are about to sign Logan Ryan, I am not a believer in their team at all, even the sneaky good secondary. I think the Broncos win that Thursday Night Football game handily, 31-17. You heard it here first, they’re not losing to the freaking Adam Gase lead Jets. Alright guys that’s enough out of me, sorry to run a little longer here, I’ve been trying to make the effort to shorten the comments up, but its hard to shorten when anyone presents information. I appreciate the discourse you guys and the Lounge have given me, thank you guys for all your work through these strange times, go DNVR, and go Broncos.

  • Dudes!

    I don’t comment often but I feel like I won the commentary lottery with my comment about golf being talked about for the last two days.

    My question today is, with all the well deserved hate being thrown the national media’s direction lately, I’m really curious who’s your FAVORITE member of the national media? Who do you genuinely not mind listening to, and why do you like them?They can’t have any bit of Denver bias (Mark Schlereth, Woody Paige, Shannon Sharpe, etc…)

  • Bare with me this is a little long but so neccesary 2 important quote’s

    “In the Afc West the bronco’s at 3-13 I think your dead wrong there Vic Fangios defense usually comes into play a little bit slower then other coordinators …But it’s coming they won 4 out of the last 5 and they added a fair amount of talent games and even at 7-9 they lost multiple games on the last play of games inthink their going to push a whole lot more in that division then you have there ” – Eric Mangini (in response to Nick wright smh )

    Look Vic in all honesty only likes to rush 4 and play coverage …he’ll play one on one at times ….. doesn’t wanna beat protections But he’ll create one on one opportunities …..However ……When u add Jurell Casey u get Bradley Chubb coming off of INJURY ….. ARE U KIDDING ME !!! THEY CAN DO ANYTHING THEY WANT ….to me I think this team is ABSOLUTELY LOADED ON DEFENSE AND U GOT AJ BOYUE ???? ….I mean the only one that frustrates me is that callhan kid if he can just ever stay healthy they got rid of Harris and they need him to be healthy !!! …

    If u can’t tell that I’m really excited about this Denver broncos team I mean …. I understand that you just can’t win on one side of the ball when I went to the Jets I vowed to fix that defense and I did made it the number one defense in the league but you can’t win on one side of the ball …. AND THAT’S WHAT THEY DID ….look at the draft to go get a starting center you get 2 wide outs that have the potential to be absolutely outstanding ….. U fill all the holes in free agency on defense and throw every pick u got at that offense ….

    Look Vic’s a solid Football coach and I like they get Jerry Jeudy idk how he fell to them but he did and when u look at Denver they can line up in 3 wr sets …they can go 2 te …. Or honestly they can just go Jumbo and run the ball down your throat with Lindsay and Gordon … I mean their gonna be tough to defend this team is in win mode right now ….

    I have no reason to think that drew lock won’t light it up with shurmur …his ability to throw off platform and his arm talent … – REX RYAN on the broncos potential with Stink (cry baby wish we got a tackle ass )

    Like this is the point I was trying to make yesterday ….DONT SPEAK DOWN ON THIS TEAM IF U DON’T KNO THIS TEAM .. I will respect your opinion a lot more as a journalist if you speak to the facts and not something you skimmed over ….. Mase is right these opinions are just Lazy !!! And it’s dissapointing people can be this lazy but hey …..


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