On the latest edition of the DNVR Broncos Podcast, Zac Stevens and Andrew Mason are coming to you to break down all of the latest news in Broncos Country.

The guys discuss whether the Broncos should sign another cornerback, answer listener questions and much more.

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Zac Stevens

Zac Stevens was born and raised in Denver, went to the University of Denver and now covers the Denver Broncos. After graduating Summa Cum Laude from DU in 2014, Zac worked for the Cleveland Browns as a remote scout. He then jumped straight into the journalism industry at the beginning of 2016 covering the reigning world-champion Broncos and joined DNVR soon after. Catch him on Twitter @ZacStevensDNVR and daily on the DNVR Broncos podcast as the co-host.

  • Hey guys!

    A couple of years ago, Joe Thomas was asked, after retiring, whether he had ever considered leaving Cleveland. He claimed, that while he never really entertained the thought, a certain QB tried to get him to force a trade in 2015. While he did not give a name, he heavily implied it was PFM. Allegedly, PFM tried to convince Thomas to take a dump on Ray Farmer’s desk. Given what you know about Manning, can you see him actually having this conversation?
    Further, how much different would’ve these last few years have been with Joe Thomas on this offensive line?

  • You’re takes on Prince Amukamara going to Vegas brought me some peace. Sounds like Sutton and Jeudy can still have their way when we play the Raiders this season.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one to wanna hear about this so I’m commenting early. But let’s hear it! What do you guys make of the Rams new threads? Seems the general consensus is that they’re atrocious. I’ll be the minority here and say they’re just fine. The Number design is what’s unspeakable, but if you fix the numbers and I think you got a great look. You’re thoughts?

    I saw a post by a major sports social media page (I don’t remember which) and they asked everyone to rank the new uniforms from best to worst. Someone responded saying “you mean from Chargers to Rams?” And I got a real good laugh.

    Sending love,
    I have spoken, MileHighMike.

  • Hypothetical: you’re an NFL general manager. You get to only use one of the following to evaluate your talent.

    (1) Madden ratings
    (2) PFF ratings

    Which ratings system do you base your entire roster on? Draft, free agency, setting the depth chart, etc.

    Also, if John Elway had to choose between these two, would he just retire?

  • Which would you rather have in a draft class?

    2 all-pro players, or 5 guys that are starters or significant contributors?

  • Most impactful Bronco with 2 or fewer seasons played in Denver (modern era)?

    The Count

  • What’s up fellas!
    I just finished watching a video of Colin Cowherd (I know… Colin Cowherd) evaluating which 2nd year QB could have a huge season. It came down to Kyler Murray and Drew Lock and he picked… Drew Lock!
    Even though Colin Cowherd has some head scratching takes at times, his reasoning as to why he chose Lock was actually very agreeable. He even mentioned that not a lot of people paid too close attention to him due to the fact that the Broncos were not very good.
    With all that being said, I have a fun little exercise. Drew Lock is the MVP of the 2020 season with a statline of…?
    -Passing Yards
    -Rushing Yards
    -Passing TDs
    -Rushing TDs
    -Completion %

    My statline would be:
    -4400 Yards
    -320 Rushing Yards
    -41 passing TDS
    -5 Rushing Touchdowns
    -65 Completion %

  • My Boys!
    What was your honest take on Vance Joseph Era? At the time I was only getting my info from the team site and Orange and Blue 760.
    Also, what’s your level of confidence in the current coaching staff?

    • You got an hour?

      Seriously, though … if you post again and ask this of me in the comment section for the Thursday pod (comments read Friday), I’ll have an answer, and it might sound a little different than the answer I would have given on Orange and Blue 760 when I still worked for the team.

  • Hey boys,
    There appears to be mixed opinions on Twix. I personally would say it’s pry like fourth all-time. My first has to be Reese’s. What’s your favorite candy?
    Drew Locker

  • Hey guys, last week I asked which of the current defensive starters you would have started during Super Bowl 50.

    This week I wanted to know if any of our current, young offensive starters would have started during Super Bowl 50?

    Thanks for your time and keeping quarantine relatively more bearable !

    Also congratulations to Xbox DNVR league commissioner Timmy on winning the first super bowl of the league with the Jets !

  • Hey amigos. Colin Cowherd has Andrew Lock as the odds on favorite for NFL MVP in 2020! 🙂 My floor for the Broncs is 12-4, my ceiling is 16-0. No playoff guess, I have to wait to see in year # 101 if 12-4 will be good enough to make the playoffs? No team in the 1st. 100 years missed the playoffs with 12 wins but several teams with 11 wins including the Broncs have missed the post season. You have to go through DNVR help for them to change your name, you can not do it on your own!!! They will need to approve your new name and then change it for you. GO AMERICA/BRONCS/ANDREW aka very soon Mr. MVP

  • I’m not sure if you guys have seen this or not, but the NFL is doing a Madden simulation of the season. As of last night they have the Broncos starting 0-3. I accepted the fact that national media doesn’t really pay attention to any Colorado teams a long time ago, but this is getting absurd. Did they forget that we went in last year and spanked one of their darling teams in Houston? And we’ve improved significantly this off season?? I hope the boys are seeing this stuff and letting it fuel the fire! Thank you for letting me vent, and as always, keep up the incredible work! Cheers.

  • Mase, I could have gone my entire life never having to hear about that San Diego Super Chargers song ever again… one time on my birthday heading to a Broncos Chargers game at Qualcomm Stadium riding the Amtrak, this one particular charger fan had one of those walking Boombox beer cooler things with that song on repeat for nearly an hour. It was particularly obnoxious to myself, a die-hard Broncos fan however, many of the surrounding charger fans we’re starting to grumble. I propose that song be used by the United States military for interrogation purposes as after an hour on that train being forced to listen to that song on repeat I was ready to spill any information I had to make it stop.

    And now we’re on today 23 of the Jersey challenge! Today we rolling with the Dallas Cowboys.

    I don’t think he’s anywhere near worth the money he is demanding but I’m choosing Dak Prescott. On my radio show at the time I was steadfast in pounding the table on Denver taking him. I was met with the same lazy “he’s the next Tim Tebow” take. I still believe had it not been for the DUI prior to the draft he wouldn’t have fallen as far as the fourth round.

    P.s. Sorry for the long comment but I must say no I am not a secret Cowboys fan, and I was higher on Lock when he came out.

    • Since I missed the Thursday pod to attend to some other matters, I will tell you what I would have said on the air: There is no chance in hell I’m wearing a Cowboys jersey or choosing one. That’s the line I’m not crossing.

  • Mase, you nailed it on yesterday’s trivia question. The quarterbacks to win at Kansas City in December were Hugh Millen, who filled in for John Elway after he left that game with an injury in 1994, Kyle Orton in 2009, and PFM in 2013.

    Zac, Orangina is one of my favorite beverages as well, although I have not consumed it during a Broncos game since having it during the Broncos-Bills game on Christmas Eve in 2011, which proved to be a very bad luck beverage that game. I am also a huge fan of grenadine. I tend to always have a bottle of it on hand. Mase, in some ways, there is nothing better than just the classic, tried and true, Coca-Cola. And Mexican Coke in a glass with a lime is well, sublime. Zac, if you love coffee ice cream, I highly recommend Baskin Robbins’ Jamoca Almond Fudge and Tillamook’s Coffee Almond Fudge, both of which you can find at Denver area grocers.

    My question for today is what you each make of the net rest days for NFL teams this coming season? Kansas City has a staggering +10 of rest days, while Denver has a league worst -13, with the second worst league worst being Cincinnati at -11. For the full list, see https://twitter.com/LeeSharpeNFL/status/1258551419419807745

    As always, thanks for the content you individually and collectively churn out to inform and entertain. I direct a DNVRMY salute at each of you!

  • Hey guys. …. Colin Cohwerd is annoying (I’m sure Zack loves him and his takes on Aaron Rodgers ) but darn it ….he was spot on about why he thinks drew will be the 2nd year qb to take a big leap. ……now granted I feel he’s being unfair to the raiders…. Even tho I don’t like their qb situation they are building a very very awesome young team and hopefully with Amukamora they can fix that secondary with Amik Robertson and Joyner etc .. .and they have formidable weapons now so to be dissmissive of the raiders is a little unfair …… But I don’t think the chargers are going to be good I just don’t with that offensivline and tyrod Taylor and rh situation …that defense won’t matter …… But Colin is so accurate in the fact that the bronco’s have been bad for the past 3 years and nationally people aren’t watching so it’s easy to be a skeptic of Drew’s success …. And dismiss him and this team. .I guess my only issue is ….. I have no issue with fans doing that ……but Journalist and Football analyst ??? C’mon man GO WATCH THE FILM !!!!! NFL all 22 is still free right now dude lol ….. Too many people are just being lazy !!!! …….

    Anyways quick question ….. Do you think Albert O beats out Andrew beck ??? Al OCHO !!! …. Played a lotta hb at Mizzou he blocked pretty well as a freshman. . .and can be far more explosive ….idk even though Jake butt may be done as a bronco ….. I liked Austin fort a lot !!! In training camp …. And ….AL OCHO IS MORE explosive then beck …with vanette being a great blocker third down te and what Fant and Al OCHO can bring ?? I need more then just “versatility” from beck ???? Your thoughts ??

  • Hello again, Gentlemen,

    One quick one for today. If someone came up to you and said, “You can choose one player from this year’s draft class and I will guarantee that they will hit their ceiling immediately” who would you choose and why. This does not mean that the others will not hit their ceiling, it just guarantees that this one particular player will.

    I would choose Hamler… I think if he can be Tyreek Hill (and I’m pretty confident that Jeudy is not going to be a bust) then the receiving corps of Hamler, Jeudy and Courtland would be unstoppable.

    Thanks for all you do, hope you and your families are staying healthy and happy.

  • What’s up guys! Could you share a funny lockerroom story that happened in your time covering the team?! I’ve been watching those KJack tv episodes and I’m missing those lockerroom antics! Thanks, guys!

  • Greetings Gents,
    After listening to this pod you guys have put my nerves at ease about our corner back room. You guys gave some awesome points about the depth we have and how we were able to get by pretty admirably last year with basuby, dawson, and yiadom. Also the addition of ojemudia is a good third CB option. Even though it isn’t the no fly zone, it still seems formidable.

    Anyways, Mase you mentioned the return of the Bundesliga in Germany for this weekend and it got me thinking. In Europe it is fairly common to have huge banners that span several rows of seats around the stadium. Along with flags waving and chants that can go anywhere from absurd to awesome. A prime example of what I was thinking about is what happens at Borussia Dortmund.
    Does the NFL not allow banners or flags in their stadiums? or has any fan base just not adopted something like this? I would love to see a giant run phil run banner on southside of the stadium someday. Or a banner that would memorialize Mr. B. As always go Broncos and go DNVR!

    • They’re pretty strict on what they allow. They’ve clamped down on banners and signs, and I would imagine the only way you’d see the tifos — the huge banners like we see in soccer — is if they were actually brought into the stadium with team approval beforehand and then moved into the stands for display pre-game. I haven’t seen flags of any notable size given to fans since the Bucs were last in the playoffs at home in the 2000s. (From 1997 through 2005, they would occasionally give away flags at postseason games, which created a pretty cool visual effect.)

  • Gents! How have you not tried Reese’s Sticks?! They are in the upper echelon of gas station candy, yet you have not even given it the opportunity to grace your tastebuds!? I’m appalled. For the love of Pat, please!

    • Also, you can in fact change your name as a commenter here in the DNVR Broncos Podcast. All you have to do is go the the ‘My Profile’ tab under ‘Account’, change your ‘Nickname’ to whatever you want your new name to be, and then change what your name is displayed as to whatever nickname you chose! Peace and love baby!

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