On the latest edition of the DNVR Broncos Podcast, Zac Stevens and Andrew Mason are coming to you to break down all of the latest news in Broncos Country.

The guys discuss Phillip Lindsay’s recent comments over the Broncos signing Melvin Gordon, answer listener questions and much more.

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Zac Stevens was born and raised in Denver, went to the University of Denver and now covers the Denver Broncos. After graduating Summa Cum Laude from DU in 2014, Zac worked for the Cleveland Browns as a remote scout. He then jumped straight into the journalism industry at the beginning of 2016 covering the reigning world-champion Broncos and joined DNVR soon after. Catch him on Twitter @ZacStevensDNVR and daily on the DNVR Broncos podcast as the co-host.

  • Let’s kick theses comments off right with day 18 of the Jersey Challenge!

    Today were on the New England Patriots! I’m choosing Tom Bra…..wait….he’s really gone huh? Damn, okay then I’m going with our old friend Matt “LaSauce” LaCosse! It’s either him or Julian Edelman but why not go with the road less traveled?

    • Is the challenge limited to players currently on a team’s roster or does it include former players?

  • Thanks guys, always enjoy your pods. The other aspect PL needs to work on is pass pro. As a reformed Giants fan, can share that they have always demanded their RB be effective pass blockers in 12 and 11 packages. That was the case through Coughlin, McAdoo and Shurmer. And the Broncos will definitely need second tier protection around the left side given Bolles deficiencies. I read that Gordon is good in pass pro.

  • Hey guys, quick question regarding the 17th game starting in 2021. Do they know how they are going to format who the teams play?

    I was thinking the best option would be that you play the same seed from the prior regular season in the other conference 1V1, 2v2 etc. This would bring more exciting games for the NFL. Even though we’d have 16 seed vs 16 seed those can be somewhat exciting for draft rank purposes?

    This would have Denver playing Chicago. The rest of the division would be Chiefs vs Packers, Raiders vs Cowboys, and chargers vs Giants.

    And every year you just swap which conference has the extra home game.

    Just wanted to hear your thoughts!

    Thanks guys!

  • It’s easy to vilify the check down. But I’d be curious to Shine a light On the percentage of TB12’s tosses that were to tailbacks either behind or near the line of scrimmage. I feel as though he might be the actual sausage king of Chicago, I mean check down king. These completions, of course often resulting in 1st downs and long gains. If my hypothesis is correct and TB12 is indeed a check down deacon, we may need to revise our mockery of this once maligned arrow in the qb quiver.

    The Count

  • Hey guys, I just saw the Broncos released their rookie numbers, and Ojemudia wearing #23 stands out for the wrong reasons. The Broncos have seemingly never a good player where that number (sorry Willis McGahee) and Ojemudia was a 3rd round corner. Is he destined to be a bust or will math prevail and two negatives make a positive? Also is there any truth to Albert Breer rumoring the Broncos and Chargers are interested in Jason Peters? Thanks guys and happy Cinco de Drinko

  • A lot of attention was paid to Phillip Lindsay’s number of touches per games. While it is true he’s had several games with more than 20 touches, he only has one game with 20 RUSHES or more, that was the loss against Green Bay where he had 21 rushes. That’s probably what was on his mind when he said that.

    For completeness sake his rookie year he had 0 games with 20 or more rushes, but had 2 with 20 or more touches (@KC: 18+3) (@CIN 19+1).

    Last year was had 21 rushes against GB, and had 20 or more touches in three games (@GB 21+4) (LAC 17+3) (DET 19+2).

    He had several games with 18 or 19 touches.

    I haven’t looked at the Inside/outside splits, but I always felt that he looked better running up the middle than to the outside, does anyone know his production based on directionality?

  • I’ve been directed here to enjoy my 1st comment so here goes. I’m a new subscriber here so please be nice… you got me. I’m from England, and my first game ever following the Broncos was week 17 of the 2008 season and we all know how that ended up. I was born in 93 and around the end 2008 was I started to gain an interest in the NFL (My Broncos routs trace back to the fact I have family in the Denver area). My 1st draft we had two 1st round picks as a result of the Jay Cutler trade and as a newbie to the sport I was excited to see how we would look going forward. Due to my excitement ahead of the 2009 season I was bought a Knowshon Moreno Jersey (I need a new jersey) and I never looked back… I was sailing on the Broncos sea. The Peyton Manning era followed and I still struggle to fully comprehend the impact of having an all time great QB playing for the Broncos had on me. Tough times have followed but I still watch the Broncos week in, week out (no matter the time difference), and I recently visited the great state of Colorado for two weeks to visit all my family and I had the time of my life. I did the Mile High Stadium Tour, saw the Avs and Nuggets play and experienced everything else Colorado has to offer. As a long time listener of the podcast, you guys have made the Broncos feel closer to me than ever before, and I can’t wait until the next time I’m in Denver and I can come and see you guys at the DNVR Bar. My one question, out of the all time great Broncos who have not been inducted into the Hall of Fame, who is most deserving to go in next? For me it’s Randy Gradishar.

    Til next time, take it easy.

  • Hey fellas,
    Great pod as always! Personally, I think Shurmur made the call to bring in Gordon. Correct me if I’m wrong, shurmur runs a power scheme I think. Gordon fits his play style better than Lindsay? Maybe I’m wrong, still trying to wrap my head around paying him like we did.
    Secondly, I wouldn’t want any other draft class then ours. Baltimore is very enticing, but what our team needed was some OJ (Orange Juice)! I don’t think we could have done a better job than we did drafting.
    Keep up the great work,
    – BB

  • Hey guys!

    Love to hear Mase talk so positively of Charleston/Kiawah. Just want to throw you a bit of a local’s recommendation for the next time you can make it, as I lived in Charleston for 8 years before moving to Utah last year. You can do better than Amen St for Oysters / Raw Bars! There are several places, but by far the best is 167 Raw. Their oysters, scallops, and ceviche are absolutely divine, and their lobster rolls are better than the ones I’ve had in Boston & Maine. It’s a must try. Zach and RK, you’ve got to take trips to Charleston with your girls as well. A more fun little city, there is none.

  • Hi,
    Mase, how do you and your wife split up watching the kids and working? It’s been tough for my wife and I with a two year old and four year old.What are your top five candy bars? Here are mine:1.) Snickers2.) Kit Kat 3.) Butterfinger 4.) Twix 5.) 100 Grand.

  • Hey friends. BREAKING NEWS! WILLIS CASE golf course in Denver is open and everyone gets a golf cart for social distancing. No masks and no other 6 feet restrictions. Kids, the wait is over!!! 🙂 I believe Phil was referring to no 20 rushing attempts in a game. GO AMERICA

    • I love your comments, Iceman. You are a living legend. You should join us in The DNVR Lounge sometime to chat!

  • ….played Korean Baseball? What position would he play and what would his batting avg be?

    Question: Saw Aaron Donald had over 60 more pressures than next highest player 2017-19 which is unreal as DT. How much is he worth to a team – would you trade Lock/Juedy for him?

    • eh. helps that the rams were playing from ahead a lot during that stretch. wonder what von’s numbers would look like if he got to pin his ears back these past 3 years

  • What is the more likely scenario offense is top 10 or defense is top 2? Calling from Cali Bronco Decali

  • Sorry for the double comment but I was just wondering knowing all we know now what would have been your perfect offseason. What I mean is you know how much each player got in free agency and where players went in the draft and how much each player went for in trades. What would your guys perfect offseason have been? Calling from Cali Bronco DeCali

  • “Wherever you go in life, always keep an eye out for Johnny, the tackling Alzheimer’s patient.”

    Two questions;

    1. What TV show is that quote from?

    2. What advice should we give each rookie coming into the NFL? (Rounds 1-4 for your sake).

  • MY BOYS!!!! referring to the comment yesterday about breakout players how did no one say DREW FREAKING LOCK!! he had his awesome moments last year but 5 games isn’t enough to have a breakout year 2020 I truly believe that Drew will make the NFL OPEN THEIR EYES!!!! kid is special and I hope he’s the guy. Thanks for all you guys do keep up the great work yall do

  • I loved yesterday’s podcast and I’m so on board and with you guys …it’s simple math for me all short yardage and 3rd downs and goaline should go to Melvin all 1st and 2nd should go to Phil ….give Phil 10-15 relieving Melvin and he will make incredible plays I’m certain ……

    So I’m GONNA just come out and say it …. If ( Mase say iT) …. MUTI!! ….. Is healthy ???? ….I’m perfectly comfortable giving him the ? status


    The last straw was yesterday, and since I saw it I have yet to finish his tape …. In his highlight tape on YouTube at the 4:45 mark a DB picks off the ball and proceeds to house it ….. Muti ( pause …. I still can’t believe what my eyes just saw ) ….. Muti pushes one Db 5 yards into another DB and knocks them both down trying to prevent the pick 6 …….. This guy doesn’t even need to block from the first stab dlinmen are pushed back several feet their momentum ELIMINATED ! Dude he’s a ? …… Other then maybe Quentin nelson when is the last time you remember seeing a prospect look as utterly dominant on film as Muti because I shut the tape off feeling like DRAFT HIM IVE SEEN ENOUGH SCREW IT LOL …..?

  • I was in the market for a new jersey and I was about to go the Mase route by buying a retired player’s jersey. But while I was looking at my jersey collection I noticed something crazy – I do not have any jerseys of offensive players. I have a Champ Bailey, Brian Dawkins, Von Miller and Bradley Chubb. After seeing this I had to buy a Jeudy jersey, so if he has a bad year you guys can all blame me for breaking tradition.

    Also random question for you all – what is something non-sports/work related you can talk 10 minutes about, without any preparation? Mine is probably coffee, whether it is brewing methods or about the science of the beans, I love everything about it. Interested to hear yours!

  • ok this is a hypothetical trade scenario that has i think has some smoke to it, so tell me what y’all think;

    andre dillard is someone whose name has been circulating in trade rumors for a couple months now. there’s been reports that the eagles have ‘major concerns’ about him as far as being able to handle criticism, coaching and being in a city like philly in general. he had a couple fights with some teammates in training camp and when you consider that jason peters is all but returning to philly and the eagles were reportedly interested in trent williams, it seems like dillard could be on the outside looking in.

    but what do you offer for someone who has talent, and played well against guys like khalil mack last year but might be emotionally volatile? i feel like the broncos locker room and especially mike munchak can handle a guy like that.

  • Happy Wednesday guys!
    About Phil needing to up his production in the pass catching game. I think it will be easy for him to do so this season. Just think about how we always mention Drew Lock was limited because of Scangs and how Joe Flaccenstein could barely move the ball. I think with Court, Jeudy, Hamler, and Fant actually being threats to the defense, the middle of the field will be wide open for Phil to succeed. I can only hope.
    Slight flex, I have never had a hang over, even from blackout nights drinking. But last night I joined my friends in a zoom birthday celebration for some friends and enjoyed some Vanilla Porters and whiskey. Today I did not wake up with a hang over but I still feel drunk! Has this ever happened to you? For the life of me I can’t explain why….
    Keep up the good work. I’ve never been more excited about a season that may not even happen.
    Stay safe out there.

  • On the topic of Aaron Rodgers’ TD throws to first rounders, I think you’re leaving out the Bengals’ 2016 1st round pick, William Jackson III ?
    Still miss Jano, stay thicc

  • Got my comment in too late yesterday and it didn’t make the pod so my topics might be a little old. Better late than never.

    1. Mase, pull up a YouTube video and you’ll master the Rubik’s Cube in a single day. easy.

    2. The Tomato being in the Fruit food group MAY be a fact…. but it is truly the biggest blunder made by whoever these “food experts” or “scientists” are, and whatever they were smoking when they made the call. Don’t bring up any arguments about seeds or sweetness because those apply to other vegetables too. Find me a fruit party platter with tomatoes, it doesn’t exist, if you want cherry tomatoes you buy the VEGETABLE platter with the carrots, celery and peppers. What about a fruit salad with tomatoes or a fruit smoothie, ever heard of tomato pie? Topped with some whip cream fresh out of the oven? … no… gross. Cause a tomato is a VEGETABLE. Nobody puts fruit on a burger, but you put vegetables on a burger like lettuce onion and TOMATO! I know I’m TECHNICALLY wrong here but I shouldn’t be. Rant over.

    3. Pat

    4. I’ll wrap with a little Broncos question.
    Who’s your FAVORITE/MOST EXCITING day 3 pick?

    I have spoken, MileHighMike.

  • My boys! We are one day away from the NFL schedule release. Fingers crossed that we have a full season of football. I did some research this morning into all of the Broncos’ opening games from their 60 seasons. I start off by asking a trivia question: Which team(s) have the Broncos opened against the most in their history?

    Since their inception, the Broncos have opened as follows: four times against the Patriots (three times as AFL members), four times against the Bills (one time as AFL members), five times against the Chargers, (two times as AFL members), five times against the Chiefs (one time as AFL members), eight times against the Raiders (never while AFL members), three times against the Jets (one time as AFL members), three times against the Seahawks (twice as divisional mates, one time with Seattle residing in the NFC), eight times against the Bengals (one time as AFL members), twice against the Oilers (one time as AFL members), three times against the Dolphins, five times against the Rams, twice against the Ravens and Steelers, and one time against the Colts, Eagles, Jaguars, Giants, Panthers and St. Louis Cardinals.

    The Broncos have opened against an NFC opponent 16.67% of the time. The Broncos opened against NFC opponents three years straight from 2000–2003, but since then have only opened against an NFC opponent in 2006 and 2016. If the NFL does frontload inter-conference matchups at the beginning of the season, I could see the Broncos traveling to Atlanta or Carolina for their season opener.

    As always, thank you for the great content and community! Go DNVRMY!

    • 2000–2003, should be 2000–2002. Also, the NFC Week 1 opponent percentage should be corrected to 20% to reflect scheduling from 1970 through 2019, as the Broncos only played AFL opponents from 1960–1969.

  • Hey boys,
    Here’s a scenario your playing madden for a million dollars you can use any team past or present. Who you guys picking?
    Drew Locker

  • I can recall two times when I was really crushed by a Broncos loss.

    The first was the Redskins Super Bowl which I will not rehash here except to note the play of Tony Lilly. He got burned multiple times in that game and was largely responsible for all of those touchdowns the Redskins racked up.

    One of the decorations from my Parents’ super bowl part was an Elway pinata. Not one you were intended to smash open but just decorative. At the conclusion of the game, my brother I and took a marker, changed the number to be 22, the number of Tony Lilly. We then treated that decoration like the pinata it was always meant to be.

    The only time I’ve weeped openly over a Broncos game was during the Seahawks super bowl. I watched the game at the Broncos bar here in Chicago and they opened at 8AM. We had to get there early to get a seat, and so I did.

    Let’s just say that 9 hours of drinking was not the best way to prepare for that debacle. I was a blubbering mess in the third quarter.

  • Hey guys, with the news of Frank Gore signing with the jets, I have seen alot of discussion on if he is a Hall of Famer, I think he should be in just not a first ballot guy in my opinion. Anyway with all this discussion I’ve seen alot of people saying “if TD is in then Gore should be in” to that I say STOP. TD is a 2x Super Bowl champ, a super bowl MVP, has a 2000 yard season, 3x first team all pro, and a league MVP! He was arguably the best RB in the league from 96 to 98 in a league that also had Emmit Smith and Barry Sanders in it. I like Gore but comparing him to is TD ludacris, am I crazy?
    Thanks guys, Go Broncos!

  • Good afternoon gentlemen, just a couple questions for you guys. Who are 2 candidates for a breakout year next season, 1 offense 1 defense? P.S. just wondering if there’s any concrete updates on the ownership situation. Thanks for all the great work. You guys really make the off-season almost as good as the regular season.

  • Hey guys!

    Hope I’m not too late on this one, but I just had an idea about schedule making:

    How would you feel if the NFL changed their schedule making format so that weeks 1, 2, and 3 were division games and then weeks 15, 16, and 17 (or next year weeks 16, 17, and 18) were the second division games?

    I feel like saving the second division games for the last weeks of the season would keep teams in the running for a little longer, as well as making the rivalries even more intense when those last three games could be playoffs-or-bust for multiple teams in the division.

    I think it’d also reduce tanking, because teams would think they’re in it for longer, and also a little bonus would be because the teams are staying in their division’s corner of the country, it could provide just a little rest for teams heading to the playoffs, rather than the stress of taking cross country road trips (except for the Dallas Cowboys being in the East).


    Also, if you have time and feel like answering, what‘a the strangest item in your wardrobe?

    Thanks for the great content


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