On the latest edition of the DNVR Broncos Podcast, Zac Stevens and Andrew Mason are coming to you to break down all of the latest news in Broncos Country.

The guys discuss what the Broncos should do if faced with a nightmare scenario in the draft, answer listener questions and much more.

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Zac Stevens

Zac Stevens was born and raised in Denver, went to the University of Denver and now covers the Denver Broncos. After graduating Summa Cum Laude from DU in 2014, Zac worked for the Cleveland Browns as a remote scout. He then jumped straight into the journalism industry at the beginning of 2016 covering the reigning world-champion Broncos and joined DNVR soon after. Catch him on Twitter @ZacStevensDNVR and daily on the DNVR Broncos podcast as the co-host.

  • Something what really chaps my hide (Mase will get that) is the Pace at which we fans throw shade at players for “sucking” or being “garbage,” etc. When upset about our teams’ performance shouldn’t we (excepting, of course with ne’er-do-wellS like AB or major slackers ), look at the bigger picture?

    RK – the surface of the sun stuff is in good fun I know, but is it Joe’s fault that Los broncos came calling with a 20 million dollar bill burning a whole in their side swooshes ? Is it Bolles’ or Yiaddom’s or Royce’s fault that the team drafted them too high? By and large footballers are men who have toiled their whole lives to be considered to play on elite levels. Very few of theses praetorians “suck.” Our rancor, I believe, should in general be pointed to coaches with bad schemes/game plans – coaches who don’t coach to players’ ability/ bad front office decisions/ bad drafts/ bad scouts/ poor bad GM choices/ leadership etc. In a hierarchical system, such as the NFL, shouldn’t insults be reserved for the costumes at the top, the ones putting players in bad positions, etc?

    In this time of humanism I think we need to remember that even though a man may have lost us a fantasy game or even an actual game, it’s generally not just at the feet of said player. Take the Rahim Moore play ( and I’ve been guilty of trashing his name and for this I’m sorry) – why were in that position in The damn first place ? Mase, tell the people if they don’t already remember what happened to get us to that point.

    Let’s be more kind

    The Count

  • What is the latest on the NFL Sunday Ticket. I absolutely hate Directv. There product is so dated and over priced! I am really hoping I will be able to get the ticket some other way soon.

  • RD Dhaliwal (Dolly-Wall)

    In my experience, I think the answer to my question depends on your age. My kids say no but I am a definite, yes!

    Is Pluto a planet?

  • Thinking hypothetically. If you could trade all your 3rd round picks and your 1st round pick for san Francisco’s 13th and 31st picks, would you do it? You are essentially trading up for a top receiver and then a top interior lineman deep in the 1st, both giving you a 5th year option on them.

    The trade value is actually worse for the 49ers based on the draft value chart, but they could be desperate enough to get some draft capital with them having nothing between the 1st and 4th rounds. It would suck to not have any 3rd rounders, but it’s extremely valuable to have premium starters at their positions, especially with 3rd rounders being more of a gamble.

    Quick side question: who would you guys draft in the 1st and 2nd rounds in this situation?

  • My evaluation of the first DNVR Mock:
    We HAVE TO be trading with AZ, JAX, or CLE if we want to get a guy we want. Like y’alls mock played out, the top OTs and WRs will be long gone so we need to be aggressive in this draft. I do believe Elway will be aggressive to get his guys in the draft because he recognizes this is our biggest window currently with the defense still elite, and the offense on the rise under Lock. Package the first two 3rds to move up to 8, 9, or 10 to get Jeudy, Lamb, Ruggs, Wirfs, or Thomas.

    This is an aside but RKs pick of Ceedee to JAX is the only one that didn’t make sense to me in the first mock. They have DJ Chark and Dede Weatbrook along with Chris Conley and I don’t see WR being a route they go and find it more likely that they go after CJ Henderson or Kristian Fulton at CB.

    Also I just wanna give a huge props to Timmy for making the Madden league so great and an enjoyable experience for everyone! I’ve met a lot of great dudes through this that I wouldn’t have otherwise!

  • Here’s something fun we can do for a while! I love jerseys. I plan on owning jerseys for every team of players I like.

    Each day I’m going to list a different team from around the league. You guys tell us who’s jersey you would get by picking 1 player from the current active roster of that team and 1 player from its history. Also for bonus fun since we’re all jersey nuts, name the specific jersey you would like I.E. Power Blue Chargers, Creamsicle Bucs Ect.

    Starting today at home with our Broncos.

    On the current Roster I’d love a Blue Drew Lock.

    All time I’ve always wanted a White Jake Plummer jersey but sadly I can’t seem to find those these days.

    Also if this becomes too annoying at any point in the future please just feel free to skip this or just tell me to stop.

    • I’ve got one of the gray Philip Lindsay inverted jersey’s and I absolutely love it. My favorite jersey from the past that I own would be my Orange PFM. Love that guy!

    • My gf saw grey jerseys somewhere, and Chubb is her favorite. So my girl wants a grey Chubb.

      I’m super indecisive. My only jersey is an orange Miller. I’d love Simmons, Sutton, Lock, Chubb, or Lindsay in any color really.

      • For former players, I was a big Mike Anderson fan. So I’d probably go with a navy Anderson or a 90s orange Atwater. Or a navy Champ. Man, this is tough

  • Afternoon gents, going to make this one quick. I’ve been following lots of mock drafts just to see what the people who have the Broncos picks would do. CBS Sports had a particular mock that had them trading up to 11 at the cost of only one of their 3rds, but selecting Andrew Thomas over any of Jeudy, Lamb, or Ruggs who were still on the board. My question is if those 3 receivers are still on the board by 11, do you try to get the Jets to trade with you so you can take one of the top receivers over an Andrew Thomas-Mekhi Becton?I also understand Andrew Thomas is the perfect fit for what we need in the 1st round, however I think there are enough lineman available in later rounds they can draft and work on over the course of the season and develop into starting caliber linemen IE Ben Bartch out of St. John’s. Or, would you be more open to taking one of Thomas-Beckton at 11/15 and then Laviska at 46/trade up in the early 2nd/late 1st? Love the work you guys are doing as always & excited to see what the 2020 Broncos look like after the draft and to continue to have you guys & the great DNVR community riding along.

  • Hey friends. Tell Ryan I missed him. Mase, Mims was a good pick. I would have traded with S.F. for Thomas, give them # 15 & the 3rd. round pick of Lynch’s choice. If James has an issue, holding # 72 can play right tackle, Schlottman can be the swing and Morris the center and Drew would be better protected and off we go with John & Vic & Pat. GO AMERICA

  • Just want to make a quick comment – I think you all are vastly overrating the possibility of the ‘nightmare’ scenario happening. Anybody that’s paid attention to the draft their entire life knows that there will be several surprise picks in the top 15, it happens every single year. I would be shocked if anyone could tell me one single time in history where the top 15 picks were basically consensus across the mock draft universe. Do yourselves a favor and look at last year’s top 15. A lot of consensus picks (most even), but Ferrell was a shocker, most had D Jones to the Giants, but with their second pick, Rashan Gary was a wildcard, Lindstrom was not in the top 15 of any mock I saw. In general, mock drafts do a good job of getting general positioning, but just (this is for Zac) R-E-L-A-X, there will be surprises.

    1 1 Arizona Cardinals Kyler Murray QB Oklahoma Consensus top 15
    1 2 San Francisco 49ers Nick Bosa † DE Ohio State Consensus
    1 3 New York Jets Quinnen Williams DT Alabama Consensus
    1 4 Oakland Raiders Clelin Ferrell OUT OF LEFT FIELD
    1 5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Devin White Consensus
    1 6 New York Giants Daniel Jones QB Duke Most mocks had him to the Giants, but at 17
    1 7 Jacksonville Jaguars Josh Allen † OLB Kentucky Consensus
    1 8 Detroit Lions T. J. Hockenson TE Iowa Not a consensus top 15
    1 9 Buffalo Bills Ed Oliver DT Houston mostly consensus
    1 10 Pittsburgh Steelers Devin Bush ILB Michigan Many had him to Denver here
    1 11 Cincinnati Bengals Jonah Williams OT Alabama Consensus top 15
    1 12 Green Bay Packers Rashan Gary OLB Michigan Not Consensus
    1 13 Miami Dolphins Christian Wilkins DT Clemson borderline consensus
    1 14 Atlanta Falcons Chris Lindstrom G Boston College Pretty shocking at this spot – a lot of people had him in the 2nd
    1 15 Washington Redskins Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State CLoser to consensus by draft day – but earlier in the process, most had him way higher

  • Hello again, Gentlemen,

    Sorry I am a day late with this, but after RK posed the, “what is the first day of the week?” question, I decided the best way to find the answer was to, once again, ask my students what their thoughts were. So after asking 124 Nebraska high school sophomores, here are the results:
    68: said Monday
    55: said Sunday
    1: actually said Tuesday. But when I asked her why, she went into this really long explanation about Lunar cycles and astrology that went right over my head…

    I then had to explain to them that the correct answer was clearly Monday, and any of them that answered differently would be getting an “F” for the day (only kidding). After all of that I realized that I had used up all of our distance learning time and did not even get to discuss A Tale of Two Cities. Some would call it a waste, I would call it a success.

    One quick football question then I am done. Your first mock draft got me a little bit nervous that we aren’t going to get one of our guys, so how high would you say we would have to trade up to get one of the elites at either WR or OT? And what would it realistically cost to get up that high?

    Sorry for the long comment. Thank you for everything you do!

  • I was listening to some draft analysis on another site and they mentioned the second WR in Pat Shurmur’s offense, especially when you have a dynamic TE like Noah Fant, averages only 40 targets a year. If Sutton and Noah Fant end up with 75-100 catches each, are we placing too high a value on receiver in the draft? Is it more likely Elway prioritizes OL or LB?

    By the way, Mase, thanks for setting off the Alexa in my office. I will confirm, she stated Manning played for the Broncos first, then mentioned the Colts, and then Tennessee….Alexa has spoken.

  • Gentlemen, assuming the top tier tackles and receivers are off the board, are you open to taking CJ Henderson over Mims, Jefferson or Kinlaw? He seems to have elite potential and is extremely fluid. Having Bouye and Henderson on the corners with Callahan in the slot seems really intriguing to me. What day you? Stay safe and go Broncos.

  • DNVR Family, it is safe to say that the past couple weeks have been difficult for me. I am a senior in high school and the social distancing is preventing me from spending my last few months of school with my friends and in the classroom. I had remained hopeful that I would be able to go back to school at some point. A couple days ago I learned that schools will not be reopening in my state. I was devastated. If staying home means that health care workers will have an easier time then I am more than willing to help. I came here to you guys about this because I know that the DNVR community is one of the closest anywhere on the internet.

  • Hi Guys
    No question just a quick comment. A couple of days ago you were all making fun of the old guys and Zoom conferencing. Then immediately after Zac hits the mute before he finishes his comment.
    I have solution for the Broncos and the draft. They all rent houses on the same block. Next door across the street etc. Then they can just stand on their front porches and yell at each other.
    That’s all stay safe.

    PS keep promting Zoom my stock has been falling lately.

  • Hey guys do yall think this mock draft the NFL is going to do gets players Hope’s up and in turn hurts there feelings when it doesn’t come out the same. And mase my brother Denzel at 15 and you like that disgusting vinegar bbq of the Carolinas. Losing slot of credibility my man.

  • BIG SHOUT OUT TO: Xbox Madden league commish Timmy! He has been a great help with getting the PSN league up and running. We draft tomorrow and we have roughly 10 or so more open spots! Can’t wait to watch this thing derail.

    Looking for somebody who can help co-commish an can help run the league website. The longer this virus is around means the more I will be needed at work; but i want to see this thing succeed! Stay safe, stay health DNVR FAM.

  • Mase have you seen the NFL Throwback video of Alstott? PRetty awesome little interview with him, plus its like 12 minutes of him “Running through M’Fers faces” as Beast mode put it.

    I know this is a Broncos pod but Mase what would you say are the chances of Ronde ever making the HOF? He is by far the most underrated Corner all time, He played the ball so well, loved to tackle and got after the QB. Truly one of my favorite players all time.

  • We discussed Von Miller’s get off, yesterday. It seemed like he wasn’t coming off the ball as aggressively and consistently last year than in previous years. Did you guys notice that, too? Was that a product of the new scheme or a lack of confidence or a change in playing style or what? It really irked me. Please help.


    Onion Booty

  • Hey guys! Been listening to you guys for about a year and a half now and was recently lucky enough to be gifted a subscription (Thank you anonymous donor!). I don’t have anything Bronco’s related today but just thought I’d comment and introduce myself to the group. As my name suggests, I live in Washington state, and I can’t stand the Seahawks. Especially since SB 48. Anyway, thanks for all you guy’s do to help keep our minds off of this difficult time we’re all going through. You guy’s rock!

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