On the latest edition of the DNVR Broncos Podcast, Zac Stevens and Andrew Mason are coming to you to break down all of the latest news in Broncos Country.

The guys discuss recent comments from the NFL on their approach to the season, answer listener questions and much more.

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Zac Stevens was born and raised in Denver, went to the University of Denver and now covers the Denver Broncos. After graduating Summa Cum Laude from DU in 2014, Zac worked for the Cleveland Browns as a remote scout. He then jumped straight into the journalism industry at the beginning of 2016 covering the reigning world-champion Broncos and joined DNVR soon after. Catch him on Twitter @ZacStevensDNVR and daily on the DNVR Broncos podcast as the co-host.

  • As you guys were talking about at home workouts yesterday I have one called the prison workout. Like Denver Rubber Company, it may not be what you think it is. You take a deck of cards and flip one card at a time while doing the card’s value in pushups, sit ups and squats. For example, if I flip an 8, I then do 8 push ups, 8 sit ups, and 8 squats. Face cards represent values over 10 with Jack being 11, Queen-12, King-13, Ace -14. If anyone is looking to stay in shape I highly recommend this once a week or so. It will kick your butt.

  • Quick rant: went to Sonic because it’s on my way home from my *essential* job. Ordered my food a a sonic blast with Reese’s
    Guy taking my order: what kind?
    Me: Reese’s
    Guy: one more time
    Me: Reese’s
    Guy: oh a Reesies?
    If you recall the scene from Dude, Where’s My Car? when the lady at the Chinese restaurant’s drive thru keeps saying “and den?” and Ashton Kutcher flips out on the speaker, that is what I wanted to do. Anyways it reminded me of not too long ago when RK had to correct Zac on this.

    Sharknado is an amazing movie. It, like Kung Pow or Napoleon Dynamite, was supposed to be stupid and should be viewed as such. It was made by the SyFy channel which is where the funding came from.

    If I didn’t even like football I would listen to the pod just for the segways into Manscaped ads. I actually have the lawnmower 2.0 and can testify it’s a quality product. But I lost the charger for it so maybe it’s time for an upgrade.

    Just how likely is it that the NFL plays with no fans this season? I was looking forward to 2 Broncos games within 6 hours of me since this past season they didn’t come closer than 10 hours to me. Oh well, maybe I can catch a game in 5 years when they come to Washington again ?

    • I had a similar issue with the 2.0 and I messaged them and they sent me new one for free

  • Hey Guys,

    The sadness of no march madness along with @DNVR_Gaming bracket for best sports video game inspired an idea for a question. If you had to set up a 64 player bracket of all-time best Denver Broncos Players who do you think with be the 4 number one seeds?

    Not sure what the logistics of setting something like this bracket up on Twitter would be but it sure would be cool to see who makes the field of 64 and who would win it all.

    Much Love,
    Run Phil Run

  • Hey guys! Sorry for the litany

    First off, I would NEVER pull a lifesaver shower on my fiance. It’s too evil for SOs. However, I’ve had roommates that earned it. Especially when was their turn to pay the water bill (vindictive, yes, but worth it)

    2) I’ll add the music questions that have come up, but spread it out:
    I don’t go to many concerts, but the best I’ve seen was Metallica at Mile High in 2016. Volbeat and Avenged Sevenfold (the openers) had great sets, albeit way too short for their talent levels. But when Metallica came out, the stadium erupted. About halfway through, a june thunderstorm rolled in, dumping rain and lightning in and around the stadium, while the BAND played through the Unforgiven, amung others. It got so bad, we had a half hour weather delay. When we were given the all clear, and returned to our spots, 57,000 fans began chanting “RIDE THE LIGHTNING! thump, thump, thump thump thump; RIDE THE LIGHTNING!” For a solid 5 minutes. Sure enough, the band tore into the intro, sending 57,000 fans into an absolute frenzy. Even with earplugs, still top 5 loudest sounds I’ve experienced

    3) for Mr B

    4) When you started discussing players’ inability to work out properly, I started wondering: Drew Lock, and a few others quarterbacks have benefitted tremendously from the VR programs designed to aid their football IQ. Are their similar programs for some of the other positions, and who on the broncos would benefit most from them?

  • Hey guys, another of example of Mase being right on the nose is when he said “He Stopped Loving Her Today” by George Jones is an absolutely beautiful tune and the goat of songs, country music and non-country included.

    Zac, if you haven’t listened yet, you need to drink around 15-18 Budweiser’s or MGD’s or Coors Banquets, has to be a non-light beer, smoke about 20 cigarettes, then listen it will tear your heart out.

    No football question today, you guys always cover them all. Fricken love you guys.

    Go DNVR
    Mark in Kansas.

  • You guys are killing it! I love your content and approach to the change we are experiencing. Keep up the great work. You get me through my home workouts and drive to and from work. Happy with the off season so far and looking forward to the draft. Check out “The Wraith” movie. My favorite movie growing up in the 80’s.

  • Long time listener, but about to become a yearly subscriber very soon. Tried it out for the month and and you’ll got me shortly. Didn’t realize there was another Orange Crush, and am using my fantasy football team name.

    Speaking of E-Sports, I wonder if they can add VR to the game. During the Covid, it’s a chance to get the fans engaged. I haven’t tried it myself, but I believe the NBA is already doing this.

    One another note, another member mentioned that subscriptions for Veterans are free? I didn’t find anything mentioned on the website, but there may be some vets out there that don’t know it’s offered and it’s stopping them from joining the family.

  • RD Dhaliwal (Dolly Wall)


    Must Watch:
    Clockwork Orange
    Blade Runner
    The Crying Game

    For Fun:
    StarShip Trooper
    The Iron Giant

    Flat Liner
    Lost Boys
    Red Dawn

  • Hey y’all

    Just want to send some y’all a thanks for all you do keeping the pod going and keeping it light and fresh. I’m a truck driver running nights from NC up to Charleston, WV and back every night (575 miles). That’s a lot of windshield time, but y’all keep me up and alert and thoroughly entertained.

    I gotta agree with Mase about the NFL’s statements about this upcoming season. It’s kind of frustrating they aren’t even hinting at a contingency plan for a worst case scenario. Do you think they really don’t have a plan B for making sure games take place? Well, I guess I’ll see myself out.

    God bless

  • Dear Mighty Three, greetings from the UK.
    Zac tweeted that Nick Vannett will wear #88 which generated some replies that it should have been retired when Demaryius Thomas was traded to the Texans.
    Personally, I don’t think jersey numbers should EVER be retired. Certain numbers clearly have a strong legacy attached to them but if you’re a player who thinks they can honour it, then I think you should be able to choose it and wear it. Phil, TD and the #30 would be a good example of what I mean by honouring the legacy of the number, both in the way Phil approached selecting it, and the way he plays wearing it.
    What do you guys think about jersey retirements?

  • Hey friends. Remember, the start of 2020 is 5+ months away, so I caution not to make fun of Roger G. & the NFL for ” hoping ” the start of the season is after Covid-19 is completely over! It may not be but hoping it is is not wrong in any way!!! We’ll see how it all plays out? Kids, don’t forget the Crop Cleanser!!!!! 🙂 Luv DNVR!!!!!!! GO NFL & The Broncos!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi guys- just wanted to wish everyone well, and lets all get through this together! Thanks to DNVR for putting a smile on my face every morning before I go to work! Go Broncos!!

  • What’s happening guys? I’m really interested in how many spots the Broncos will have left on the roster after the draft for UDFA’s. It seems that this year has the potential to be the year where we could find more quality pieces in this area than normal, therefore I think we need to really consolidate our Draft Picks to maximize that potential. Say there are guys that aren’t getting drafted now because of being held out of pro days, camps, etc…do we use those late round picks on those guys or use those late round picks to acquire more earlier round talent? Just curious what the numbers would be and which thought process makes more sense to you guys. I personally like consolidating and trying to get those guys as UDFA’s assuming our roster is getting close to being full.

  • Hey Fellas ….so Kristian Fulton seems to me the broncos are prepared to trade down if bpa or the top 3 wrs arent there right ???? …… No way he should go 15 … I mean we coulda got greedy Williams last year if we’re getting fulton at 15 ??? U feel good about fulton at 15 i feel horrible about that …..MUCH MUCH RATHER TRADE DOWN get gladney !!! And more picks then fulton …. What you think ?

    Ps pff latest mock was the best mock ive seen thus far ……#1 why people mock anything but qb to the chargers makes no sense to me ….and the jets taking juedy, ruggs or lamb over OT !!! Other then the Cardinals NOBODY IN THE TOP 15 needs offensive line help as badly as the connor mcgovern led jets if connor mcgovern is ur best offensive linemen u are in trouble

  • I was wondering if there are any Jersey bronco fans??? They play the jets this year and see who would be interested in going. I have yet to see the broncos in person.

    • Also I’m catching up because I’ve been behind with military work but I’m with mase on that it is called man space for movie theaters and I’m 32. So not really generational. Also do you guys think they signed Gordon to maybe make Phil has less leverage if his numbers are down so they can get him on a cheaper contract??

    • I live in Jersey City! email me at rohit.ravi@gmail.com and we can keep in touch! I’ll probably be going to that game with my Jets fan friend (he has season tickets so not sure i can add on there) but I’m definitely down to watch some games in the city at a Broncos bar

  • What’s a team In The last 10 years that just the missed playoffs (but would now be in under the new set up) that could have done major damage, maybe won a SB.

    The Count.

  • Hey guys, we’re trying to get an equivalent PS4 Madden League setup. There are some posts on the DNVR Gaming Twitter account about it. Not sure yet if we’re doing Fantasy Draft or what, just trying to get numbers initially. Or, message @zjcastro_94 on Twitter. Sorry Zachary, I don’t know who you are on here, to give you credit, but for he’s setting up the league and will invite you to our GroupMe chat and to the league.

    Would be great if we could get 32 teams going! Zac, Mase, can we tempt you into the delights of the PlayStation 4? 😀

  • Btw ….. almost forgot to say this but …… Bronco fans don’t need to worry about phil….. because according to the new cba ….. PLAYERS FORFEIT THEIR SALARY FOR THE SEASON IF THEY HOLD OUT . ….. So there lies the end of leverage for players smh ….. Phils going nowhere for rhe next 2 years

  • This draft is deep at Wr, with saying that would it make sense for the Broncos to trade up with the lions and draft Okudah and have a young CB that will have a amazing career in denver. Then draft a WR and a Linemen later in the draft. You guys said we dont need more capital so why not make the bigger moves and get GREAT players not good players

  • A couple days ago you guys talked about playing Madden with 2-players on the same team and I was SHOCKED you guys were so down on it.

    Playing with 2/3 players on the same team opens up a whole new world, it’s even more like football having to work alongside teammates. You can now run almost any route imaginable as a WR during a play instead of being limited to the play-calls in Madden, letting you play football like it was never possible before in a video game.

    And you can also get open and tell your QB that mid-play or as a QB, you can tell your friend to move a certain way mid-play like QBs can in real life. If you run your route poorly and aren’t where you’re supposed to be as a WR and the QB throws an interception because of it, there’ll be some tension like real football. It truly adds levels to the video game that feel like football.

    And on defense, you can have 1 or 2 guys play corners and the other a safety and lock down the field better than 1 player and CPUs can which makes it truly feel like a no-fly zone. And on defense, you’re all playing pretty important roles on every down no matter where you are (linebacker, tackle, corner, safety). Anyway, I think this kind of gameplay in Madden is sensational and wanted to make my case.

  • Hey fam,

    Few thoughts.

    When talking John Denver one cannot simple not mention Rocky Mountain High, especially when y’all live there. Shame.

    When talking number 87 Decker deserves a shout out too, not over E Mac but still. On that note… Mase rank your top 5 #87 Broncos. Is Fant higher than Decker? I think he needs to show more first.

    Stay safe.
    I have spoken, MileHighMike.

  • It is possible that we will have a totally normal football season but it all depends on what happens next. Right now we have most of the country on some form of lockdown. These will start to end in May as this initial surge gets through the system.

    At that point this can go two ways. One is that we implement a rigorous testing and tracing policy. We identify people who have it, isolate them, and keep it under control. German is planning to certify people as safe from infection. It’s like putting out a fire and then dealing with the embers.

    If we don’t do that then you’re right, there will be no season or a season without fans. We will be on rolling lockdowns for the next year until we reach herd immunity or a vaccine.

    In closing, you’ve become my go to podcast to listen to on my walks during the shut down. Most of my podcasts are political and I just can’t take it right now. So thanks for the sanity from my bunker in Chicago!

  • >