On the latest edition of the DNVR Broncos Podcast, Zac Stevens, Ryan Koenigsberg and Andrew Mason are coming to you to break down all of the latest news in Broncos Country.

The guys discuss the Broncos’ decision to decline Garett Bolles’ fifth-year option, answer listener questions and much more.

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Zac Stevens was born and raised in Denver, went to the University of Denver and now covers the Denver Broncos. After graduating Summa Cum Laude from DU in 2014, Zac worked for the Cleveland Browns as a remote scout. He then jumped straight into the journalism industry at the beginning of 2016 covering the reigning world-champion Broncos and joined DNVR soon after. Catch him on Twitter @ZacStevensDNVR and daily on the DNVR Broncos podcast as the co-host.

  • RD Dhaliwal (Dolly Wall)

    Who is the QB that has thrown the most TD to 1st round WR’ers?

    Peyton Manning to Marvin Harris, Reggie Wayne and Demaryius Thomas (Total 293 TD passes to 1st round WR’ers). For comparison Aaron Rogers has thrown just 1 TD to a 1st round WR.

    How many TD will Drew throw to his 1st round receivers (Jerry Jeudy and Noah Fant) next year? My guess is 18 total to these two, 10 to Jerry Jeudy and 8 to Noah Fant.

  • Guys, as happy as I am for you to have a sponsor like MSU, it is my least favorite sponsor you guys have. Let me tell you why. It basically just boils down to the fact that I graduate college in less than a week (Friday), and the thought of taking more classes makes me physically ill! Haha, just kidding. In Broncos’ news, is it too early to buy a Jerry Jeudy jersey? I’m PUMPED about him! Have a good one, boys!

  • Hey y’all, were any of you able to catch ESPN’s E60 from this past weekend about Alex Smith’s recovery from his gruesome leg injury? It was equal parts devastating and inspiring. I never knew how close he was to not only losing his leg, but also his life. Crazy to think he was making regular appearances at Mile High only a few short years ago and in the MVP conversation during his last year in KC—and now may never play football again.

    Anyway, watching the E60 special reminded me of how much I actually genuinely liked Smith, even when he played for the Chiefs (admittedly, it probably helped that we almost always beat them during the Manning years). I wonder, who are some guys who have played for rival AFC West teams over the years whom you actually liked? And, for the heck of it, who are some players on those teams whom you absolutely despised?

  • mike clay just put out his predictions for the season and thinks;

    the broncos finish 2nd in the division
    the broncos score 341 points in total for 21.3ppg
    the broncos give up 321 points in total for 20.0ppg
    the broncos win 8.7 games (call it 9?)
    the broncos make the playoffs as the 6th seed
    the broncos play the colts at lucas oil
    the broncos end up picking 20th in the 2020 nfl draft

    seems pretty fair, right? how realistic do y’all think this is and if they did play the colts with rivers at qb, who do you think wins that matchup?

  • Yo yo yo
    Been thinking about wat 2 say its been a really rough time 4 me as of late an out of everything goin on its so great 2 have yall in my ears 5 days a week cant say it enough thanks guys i appreciate all the hard work yous put into this so i guess im just trying 2 say just like drew is goin 2 lock us down a playoff spot u guys have lock a spot in my heart keepem them coming il keep listening probably be awhile 4 me 2 post another comment as life get hectic
    Peace,love and chicken grease im out

    P.s.have yall tried cows tongue its quite tasty in bbq sauce

  • Hey friends. I’m so glad they refused to pick up 72’s option! It’s time R.K. to sign Peters and dump this absolute liability!!! 🙁 If he gets Drew hurt, 2020 is gonzo thanks to 1-7 Driskel waiting in the wings to probably go 1-7 again!!!!! Not to mention, will James play 63+ snaps in 2020? Well, there is Michael Munchak & Hunter Watts!!!!!!! 🙂 Yes R.K., it was the Stadium District and guys like Mase & Iceman that voted to get us a new Mile High Stadium and Coors Field as a free bonus with the .1 cent sales tax increase in the 1998 elections!!!!!!!GO AMERICA/LONDON/ANDREW/MUNCHAK/HUNTER/DNVR BAR

  • Am I the only Count that’s a bit disappointed by the lack of strange names of the Korean Baseball Teams. I wanted to pick a team based on the sobriquet of their Quirky, zany or odd mascot, but I’m left with nothing to lampoon. Am I too picky?

    The Count

  • Noooo!! UK game cancelled ! Glad to hear you guys were positive about us getting a UK Broncos game next year! Fingers crossed!

    Quick question Where would you rank the new look Broncos offense compared to the other 31 Teams in the league?

  • Ok – I’ve got a feeling.

    I think Fant is the break out star from this team in 2020. The man is a beast. He really is. Every time I rewatch 2020 games he just pops with some of those big moments. Jacksonville, Cleveland, Houston. Sure, not enough of them in his rookie year to steal the spotlight. But my giddy aunt, I have a feeling it’ll be more regular in 2020 with the space underneath that should be created by Sutton, Jeudy and Hamler. He will be a YAC monster and will destroy DBs in open space.

    So – whose your breakout star for the Broncos in 2020?

  • Hey y’all

    Top 5 vegetables(not a ranking, just a list):
    1. Green Beans
    2. Corn
    3. Boiled peanuts
    4. Pulled pork
    5. Beer

    What has been each of y’all’s favorite vacation and why? I just figure talking about some happy memories will brighten the day! I’ll see myself out.

    God Bless

  • Hey guys,
    RK has said before, “your first thought is usually the correct one.” Flacco, Lock, etc, your first thought is the best one. And your first thought about Garret Bolles should’ve been “PEACE!” I also agree with what Zach was saying…what kind of message are you sending if you extend Garret? Good call John, keep it up.

  • ¡Mis caballeros! Not a whole lot has gone our collective way in 2020, but sometimes the stars properly align to give us Taco Tuesday on Cinco de Mayo like today.

    The NFL schedule release has been one of my favorite parts of the NFL calendar for some time now. The football nerd in me creates mock schedules for the Broncos and other teams each spring. Last season, the Broncos opened on the road for the first time since its Week 1 game at Jacksonville in 2010. This game’s most memorable moments were Tim Tebow getting a couple of snaps in his pro football debut in his hometown and Josh McDaniels lighting up Richard Quinn, who McDaniels grossly overdrafted, on the sideline. Strangely, the Broncos have not concluded their regular season with a game on the road against Chiefs since 1992.

    With the schedule set to be released on Thursday evening, where do you think the Broncos will begin and end their 2020 season and against which opponents? Right now, I am leaning towards the Broncos kicking off their season with a Sunday afternoon game in Denver against the Chargers. I have the Broncos finishing their regular season in Los Angeles against the Chargers as well. The Broncos commenced and concluded their season against the Raiders in 2019. The last time the Broncos had their final regular season game on the road against the Chargers was in 2008. The details of which are obviously not fond.

    As always, thanks for indulging me and my questions on the DNVR Broncos Podcast. It’s a privilege to be a soldier in the DNVRMY.

  • Hey guys,
    Currently listening to yesterday’s pod and not sure if you have touched on this question, but would it be wild to think that KJ Hamler could produce numbers closer to Jeudy and Court? Schematically and with how much of a vertical threat that Hamler can be, could defenses focus on other aspects of our offense while Hamler sneaks right by to the endzone? I don’t think the targets will be nearly the same for Hamler compared to our top two, but could the impact he has be closer to Jeudy and Court numbers?
    Thanks guys. Happy Cinco de Mayo
    Just Ice Hold The Water

  • Hey all, after Mase joined the DNVR fold, that was the final selling point and I had every intention of subscribing this spring to since draft season is almost as fun as the games for me… Then, Covid19 hit. I own a small business in Colorado Springs that was forcefully closed and I had to cut all discretionary spending. During that time I made a list of small businesses I wanted to support once I had the opportunity again and so there it is… queue it up.. “got ’em.”

    Also, I know I already shouted out Mase, but I have been a huge fan of Zac’s coverage for a long time and he deserves a bunch of credit for the allure as well. All love for RK too!

    I am equally confused with the Bolles situation. I feel like lately there has been a plan in place and very good roster strategy which is why this situation is so hard to pin. I think it comes down to three main options 1) waiting for the right veteran to become affordable (it looks like Peters is staying in Philly so we need to put that to bed) 2) Munchak has an internal candidate that may outgrow Bolles by mid-season, (a few people on twitter think Wilkinson could be growing) 3) What are the chances that this is cap / financial flexibility maneuver? Where with Bolles’ “advanced” age and upcoming contracts for Sutton and Chubb the Broncos don’t want to start the clock on Bolles’ new deal close to those other guys but rather get the guaranteed money on the books now to give them flexibility for the bigger pending deals… I’m just so confused by it all that I don’t know a possible explanation could be.

  • Happy Cinco de mayo
    My painful sport fan story I grew up on a small ranch in Colorado in the 60’s and 70’s. During that time as Bronco there wasn’t much to celebrate. So I picked a 2nd team, had to go NFC , so I picked the Minnesota Vikings. ? . I was 10 when they lost the Super Bowl to the Chiefs. I was so upset I ran outside crying. One of our cows got in my way so I punched her. My Dad saw this and said ” that kid is going to kill one of our cows over a damn football game. Eventually dropped them completely. And went whole heartedly with Broncos who also lost 4 Super Bowls before winning one. But I kept my emotions in check and didn’t commit anymore livestock abuse.
    Sorry for the long comment.

  • One more thing I hear The Boles line of clothing Holds it shape wash after wash.

  • Hey there, guys! A couple of questions:

    -What order would you rank the past three draft classes? I personally think the last year’s draft was number one because we got the QB of the future, and that’s the most crucial position in all of the sports.

    -Who do you think carries the heavy load this upcoming up season offense or defense?

    Thanks for the great content as usual gents!

  • Day 17 of the Jersey Challenge

    AFC East time!

    New York Jets!

    I’m going Sam Darnold to match my USC version of his Jersey. Fight on! ✌

  • So … Here’s my thing when it comes to Elway ….and Especially when it comes to Fangio ….. Everything we’ve asked them to do …. They have done !!! We wanted elway to draft better here we are sitting on 3 incredible drafts 3 years in a row ….we wanted to STOP WITH THE RETREADS AND FIND A YOUNG QB … Boom we got lock .. . Like everything they have done has bared awesome fruit and this team is so young !!! Like you guys said if everything works out well and Lt is our only issue we can go Tackle tackle back to back next year !!!! (Maybe someone will be a “Fan” of that and stop crying on the radio and social media all day ?) …… My biggest issue latley is people knocking the Michael Ojuimudeia pick ….. Anybody complaining about that pick I got 2 questions for you ….#1 ….other then bill bellichick is there a defensive mind in the NFL better then Vic fangio ??? ……then #2 ……out of fangios 2 dominant defenses …..the 49ers and bears …. Can you name the corners in those defenses ….. You know the dline …. You definitely know the safties and lbs but the zone corner aren’t as integral duhh !!! I mean Kyle Fuller is awesome but let’s be honest before fangio the bears didn’t even know if they wanted to resign him I mean he was Emmanuel’s SON!!! when we’d have joint practices with the bears I trust fangio to know what he’s doing and he wanted this guy ….Yiadom was not fangios guy I love Chris but fangio inherited Chris …. He has the safties he wants in Kareem and Justin …… He has the corner he wanted in AJ boyue that he’s been wanting and now Ojumedia we gotta trust fangio who if we gave this defense to Vance Joseph with all these injuries last year we woulda been drafting Chase Young this year let’s be honest ! …….. I MEAN these things take time …..we can go through every A+ draft ….. Yes the Cowboys had a phenomenal draft …but they only got trevon diggs 4 people in their secondary are on expiring contracts and you still haven’t paid Dak Prescott . . ..or Minnesota …yes they had an awesome draft … But they needed all those picks !!! They lost 3 corners 2 dl . A wr …. And their offensive line already had holes …. If the one weakness we got is tackle I can live with that rather then have a litany of holes like the other drafts people are praising …!!! Lol

    P.s. idk what game that the one Listener was watching but I rewatched every snap and um…. JEUDY WAS OPEN A LOT….and if he wasn’t open he was blocking or at least trying to ….. And maybe Donvan Smith stood out to him because he had two deep tds but Jeudy was open …..Alabama offensiveline had a really bad day and tua had a bad day as well I didn’t see what he saw about Jeudy lol idk

  • If you could swap draft classes with one other team, would you? And if yes who?

  • This comment may get in just under the wire! I hope!

    Just a couple quick thoughts.

    1. Mase, pull up a YouTube video and you’ll master the Rubik’s Cube in a single day. easy.

    2. Tomato being in the Fruit food group MAY be a fact…. but it is truly the biggest blunder made by whoever these “food experts” or “scientists” are and whatever they were smoking when they made the call. Don’t bring up any arguments about seeds or sweetness because those apply to other vegetables too. Find me a fruit party platter with tomatoes, it doesn’t exist, if you want cherry tomatoes you buy the vegetable platter with the carrots, celery and peppers. What about a fruit salad with tomatoes or a fruit smoothie, ever heard of tomato pie? Topped with some whip cream fresh out of the oven? … no… gross. Cause it’s a VEGETABLE. Nobody puts fruit on a burger, but you put vegetables on a burger like lettuce onion and TOMATO! I know I’m wrong here but I shouldn’t be. Rant over.

    3. Pat

    4. I’ll wrap with a little Broncos question.
    Who’s your FAVORITE day 3 pick?

    I have spoken, MileHighMike.

  • >