On the latest edition of the DNVR Broncos Podcast, Zac Stevens and Andrew Mason are coming to you to break down all of the latest news in Broncos Country.

The guys discuss what the Broncos should do if Derrick Brown slides to them in the first round, answer listener questions and much more.

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Zac Stevens was born and raised in Denver, went to the University of Denver and now covers the Denver Broncos. After graduating Summa Cum Laude from DU in 2014, Zac worked for the Cleveland Browns as a remote scout. He then jumped straight into the journalism industry at the beginning of 2016 covering the reigning world-champion Broncos and joined DNVR soon after. Catch him on Twitter @ZacStevensDNVR and daily on the DNVR Broncos podcast as the co-host.

  • Hey guys, I can’t help but pick Antonio Gibson at the start of the 3rd round in all my mock Drafts, what do you guys think of him coming to Denver? The third round could see us get some fantastic value of we keep all three picks with Biadasz and Hall being available on the majority of mock Drafts. Who else do you think could come into play in the third round.

    Also, one random question. When the bar reopens would there ever be space for donated shirts of teams from fans home towns when they attend in person? Would love to leave one of my Football/ Rugby teams shirts to exa

  • Sorry.. to expand the DNVR community feeling to mark my first visit to the bar.


  • Hey DNVR Fam,

    Huge Broncos fan from Los Angeles and have been listening to your pod for years now. Not a fan of any other Colorado based teams so was putting off the annual membership. Truth be told, I finally caved as it is so worth it even if just for one team. Mase, I was so pumped when you joined DNVR as I absolutely loved you with the Broncos….you are one of the best in the game. I go to Denver at least once a year to catch a Broncos game so hope to meet you guys out there @ the DNVR Bar!

    Stay safe, appreciate all you guys do.

    P.S. I would be surprised if Lamb, Jeudy or Ruggs are there @ 15 (mainly due to Raiders, 9ers & Jets needing WR) but fingers crossed.

  • With an abundance of idle time these days, spent mostly away from the fruitful tilling of our fields or The joyous tolling of our laudatory bells, furtive words about our draft selections seem to Have become cheap and ubiquitous. The pundits pontificate on the punctuations of our beloved draft as If they were our progenitors, as though they were actual members of our clan. Many people, hearing this palaver, begin to become perturbed, fidgety, irresolute even.

    I take pleasure, myself, in this conjecture about our future team, but I warn ye all against drinking the flavor-aid of the national ninnys. Stick to Simonè and Chisholm (which sounds a bit like an old west gang, I know).

    As Gertrude Stein once said “Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.”

    Go us!

    The Count

  • Jersey Challenge day 6! Today were on the Seattle Seahawks.

    It has to be Russ…..right?

  • just a quick story. Was at broncos at jags game a few years ago, front row endzone, caught a kickoff that went through the uprights into the stands. (Almost hit my wife) I had a forearm and bicep bruise for two weeks lol. Anyways guy on field kept yelling for me to throw ball back, but I wanted to keep it and tried to turn and run. The stadium employees were already headed down the stairs. So sad. I think about having that ball on my desk way to often

    • Do you just think the NFL can afford to lose the $70 it cost (according to an uncredible online search) to make that football? Most owners can hardly afford a 7th yacht. Don’t be selfish Breck Drew.

  • What is your favorite quote or passage? Why is it meaningful to you?

    Mine is, “everybody is the hero of their own story.”

    Because it is a reminder that everyone is on their own journey in life. But it also encourages me to live and act like a “hero” (as a dad / husband / brother / son / at work / etc…). There are many angles and applications to such a simple and powerful statement.

  • I’m sure this will be addressed by the time this comment is read but they are saying DT really wants to come back. Do you like that? I think he could contribute still and still go WR with the first pick and also swing for another late round guy as well. With an offense almost devoid of veteran leadership, could be a nice addition even if he only has 50 grabs or so.

    • This was the question that I was about to ask, it does seem like he would offer some veteran leadership since it sounds like he is maintained a good relationship with Sutton. If they did make this move, do you think it would most likely be before the draft, or after the draft if they still felt the need to improve the receiver position?

    • Would LOVE to see DT back. Especially as a high-character presence in the locker room. He’s the only present-day player jersey I own!

  • Just listed to the pod. Mase you named 10 total receivers and didnt mention Michael Pittman Jr. I can promise you there are not 10 receivers better than him. Just wondering, isnt Ruggs the combine guy who has the most risk? VERY LITTLE production for lack of size and production. What makes him so much more appealing than a guy who just dominated for years! He isnt slow either. I’m not a USC fan by the way. Plus you love Mims but hes got butterfingers and Pittman is the exact opposite!

  • From 2015-2017 most of the first round receiver ended up being bust. In my opinion only Amari Cooper and Devante Parker out of the 13 receivers were worth a first round pick. Why do you think they ended up being bust and do you think any of the top 3 wrs could end up being bust.

  • Yo yo yo few things then im out
    PEOPLE OPEN UR EYES toilet paper aint goin no ware plz stop buying so much in excess it takes me over 4 hrs every time we get a truck in cause our shelves are empty to fill bck up srry 4 the vent just wanted to get that off my chest moving on
    Zac cant wait to hear ur voice doin a audiobook got to let us know if u do.
    As Always grade A work,kept those podcast coming

    Some good shows to binge while being stuck at home
    1.tiger king (obviously)
    2.dont f#@$ with cats
    3.3rd rock from the sun if u have Amazon
    4.lock an key
    5.last one Time[the kalief browder story]
    Love the community love u guys
    Peace,love an chicken grease im out

  • Mase, I agree with you that the major sports leagues will have a PR battle to navigate if they begin testing their players regularly while testing is still tough to come by in the general public. Here’s the idea I’ve had for a couple weeks now: the leagues should partner with a company that manufactures the tests and give funding to increase test manufacturing. The NFL would likely need to test all game day personnel every week before games are played. I’d say that’s roughly 250 people per game (players, refs, broadcast crews, etc). Across the league, that’s 4,000 tests per week. If the NFL were to fund the production of 20,000 tests per week, use 4,000 of them, and donate the other 16,000, I think they could make a big positive statement from a PR perspective. I don’t know if it’s feasible, but it would be cool to see.

    And on DT wanting to come back to Denver: SIGN. ME. UP. I would absolutely love to see it.

  • I havent heard anything on Gandy-golden in awhile. The last hype I heard was him potentially being picked in the 2nd round. Now 3rd, 4th, or even 5th round seems very likely. Is he someone you’d be happy obtaining as the 2nd receiver the Broncos pick in the draft? As always, love you fam.

  • Hey friends. It’s a Strawberry Sky night. So I’m having flashbacks to last off season when I first learned what a podcast even was. Finding BSN, I drank all of the Orange cool aid you kids were selling via the Dove Valley 2-steps you parroted, how the 2019 season was going to be so much better with skinny boy Joe instead of Case. I was ready for a return to the glory days until the 0-4 start, then it was just will Adam Rank be correct @ 2-14? All of this draft chatter just seems like the same old glass is half full positive spin, akin to the hope and change days. I believe with Andrew Lock, the glory days will indeed return soon!!! GO AMERICA

  • If Tua, Ruggs, Jeudy, and the rest of the bunch are so great, why was this Alabama team the worst record-wise that they’ve had since 2014? I know that’s still a great record but if the team is stacked, wouldn’t it also be very hard to evaluate any individual player?… especially when they’re beating the Western Carolina Catamounts 66-3 in late November…

    One last thing. I was laughing out loud when Ryan was trying to critique Lamb’s playoff performance. “If you take away the 50-yard play”… Why would you do that? He made an explosive play! And if you take it away, he still averaged 20 yards per catch!! He had over 100 yards receiving in a game where they ran into a buzzsaw in LSU that clearly no one was stopping this year.

  • What’s up DNVR!! Quick questions for you. 1. If both available, who are you taking, Matt Peart or Ben Bartch? I’m not sure why, but I have fallen in love with Bartch. I think he will succeed very well at the next level. 2. How do you guys feel about James Proche and why has no one really been talking about him? He has 209 receptions and 27 TDS over the past 2 season. His hands are crazy. Why so overlooked? As always, thank you guys very much for everything y’all do!

  • Derrick Brown presents an interesting question if he’s there at 15. The most up to date analyses of positional value show that interior d-linemen are among the least impactful players on the field. I understand the theory behind why interior pass-rushers are important, but the numbers find that games are won and lost in the air—by QBs, WRs, and DBs. The analytics-driven approach says to stay away from interior players, even if they’re talented, in the first round. How do you factor that into your analysis?

    Positional value article for those interested: http://www.sloansportsconference.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Eager_PFF_WAR.pdf

  • Hey y’all

    I’m gonna officially kick off the Dad Joke Showdown! So for all of the DNVRmy out there, bring your best stuff. Here we go.

    Last night I dreamt I was a muffler… I woke up exhausted.

    On that note, I’ll see myself out.

    God Bless

  • Fellas…long time listener, infrequent commenter. Love your work and much appreciate your points of view and ability to communicate them in an endearing way.

    I know you guys aren’t proscribed “draft gurus”, but it’s clear you each take great pride in prognosticating player outcomes and truly enjoy the core elements of team building. Given that and the fact that this draft is *literally* the only form of live sports entertainment (that matters) in the universe, for an undefined amount of time…it’s no secret we’re all chomping at bits and using it as something positive to look forward to, and the entertainment that goes along with not just Thurs/Fri/Sat, but the hype and buildup leading up to it. This draft is IT right now…and it’s so damn important for our ascending squad, likely Elway’s final GM legacy, setting up a potentially franchise QB for success, lots of draft capital….holy hell…so much at stake!

    So I ask you this…as journalists… when you’re evaluating something that is literally the only game in town, and you need to find different story lines to fill the programming, but none of the real information changes or is known, you understand the chatter and rumors at this point are mostly misdirection…how or when do you settle on a narrative of what you believe the Broncos should do, plant the flag, and then keep score? How will you measure success when evaluating your analysis of this draft? We all know mock drafts have flaws. Maybe a final statement?

    Since we’ve all used the journey of this draft as a ride that’s helped us stay sane through tough times, and we’ll never forget the 2020 draft for as long as we live…I really want to know what your final answer is to the question that will be answered in a week. I’d love for you each, sometime before next Thursday (during segment 1), to give your final draft statement/opinion/prognostication. Maybe not which specific players you want the Broncos to land (or maybe that is your narrative) , but more so what the form of the draft return will look like. Either positionally, stylistically…some theme that you hope takes place. Not a hot take, but the take you want to be able to go back to 5-7 years from now and smile proudly when listening to.

    Your “nailed it” narrative of the 2020 NFL draft.

  • We need to add the phrase “Draft value chart” to the DNVR Drinking Game! With a week left until the first round it’s got me thinking, what is Goodell going to do when he walks up to the podium in his basement and only hears silence? Will he pass out? Will he have his family come down and boo as he announces the picks? Or will he nervously break out into Mase’s cornholio voice as he announces the picks? These are the thoughts that pop in my head whilst grinding away on Xbox at 4 am.

  • Sorry for the second comment. A thing that was brought to mind while listening to the pod. Somebody mentioned but feelings with certain picks and one of them was Paxton. Well it just so happens that day was my 18th birthday and I was so disgusted that we drafted him and I remember yelling “WHO??” When we picked him. So I guess I can only say: Thanks John Elway for the worst birthday present I’ve ever received…

  • Mase,

    On yesterday’s pod you said that Cody Latimer’s failure to develop was probably due in some part to external factors. What did you mean by that?

    Sorry guys couldn’t resist akter hearing you have something cooking for the draft. Lol!
    Your boy Elroy.

  • Will Drew Lock be able to prepare for the season with VR if there is a delay in OTAs/camp?

    Shurmur was a big proponent of VR and used it to prepare Case Keenum in Minnesota, something the Broncos didn’t continue with him. It took Scangs to bring it to Denver with Lock, but will Shurmur continue the VR party this season?

    Thanks for being the best team around.

  • profootballtalk are running an interesting poll and i wanted to know what y’all thought

    would you rather have the current chiefs roster, or the best players on the raiders/broncos/chargers roster.

    the chiefs are winning the poll and obviously mahomes is the best QB out of all 4, but you’ve gotta imagine that a combined defense alone of von miller, bradley chubb, joey bosa, melvin ingram, jurrell casey,, justin simmons, kareem jackson, derwin james, chris harris, aj bouye, desmond king, corey littleton and alexander johnson is good enough to take down the chiefs? and that’s not even factoring all the offensive players.

    what do y’all think

  • Hey guys, I hope this gets in on time. A quick question about the last mock draft. Since Harris is on a 1 year deal, and Casey has no guaranteed money left, instead of drafting Derrick Brown, would it be smart to offer Casey a new contract? Maybe lower is overall cap hit but offer him more guarantees. 4 years/$40 million with $25 million guaranteed? Solve a future need while also be able to get Ruggs III.

  • Hey guys,
    I don’t know if this question has been asked but are Elway and the Broncos still targeting players that have great character, leadership skills, and/or maturity? This model has seemed to work for Elway. Does Ruggs, Juedy, Lamb, Wirfs, Jefferson, Brown, or other fit this model?
    Thanks guys!
    Just Ice Hold The Water

  • Hot take: Elway will pass on one of the Alabama WR’s at 15 because of his disdain for drafting Alabama players. Thoughts?

  • Hey guys …. Excited to hear what ur doing for the drafts … SO I LOVE MIMS !!! …idk if u heard me say that before lol bronco’s seem to love him too hmmmm …..one thing I noticed ….. Bronco’s have a surplus of picks ….and a surplus of te’s in a draft that is not the friendly ….. Should I rule out the idea of us packaging butt, fumagali and huerman with picks to either move up in the draft or pick up some pieces we need ….I mean raiders are trynna get rid of Gabe Jackson …hmmmmm ….. Could Patrick Peterson be a draft day trade ??? Hmmmmm…..there’s a lotta vets who can play at a high level that are on the cusp of being released …. That warrant a 4th or 5th round pick u agree or should we keep the draft about young talent ???? ……oh yes I LOVE MIMS ! TAKE HIM AT 15 IF THE BIG 3 ARE GONE LOL LET’S GO !!

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