On this Wednesday episode of the DNVR Bets Daily Podcast, Ryan Koenigsberg and Andre Simone take a look at the best value bets for The Memorial Tournament starting tomorrow.

Who does RK think will be this week’s Collin Morikawa? He has a surprising new pick! The guys also take a look at other intriguing bets for the weekend. Andre then comes through with some EPL and MLS bets! All of this and more on The DNVR Bets Daily Podcast.


Ethan is a student broadcast sports journalist at Colorado State University and an intern at DNVR.

  • Hey guys, thanks for all that you do to keep the orange and blue entertained! So my question is what was your favorite broncos games youve attended, and why? Could be home or away. My two favs would have to be the return of Brock osweiler as a texan the year after we won the superbowl. Ill never forget the roaring boos the moment Brock stepped on the field, even just for pregame warm-ups. I had phenomenal seats behind the broncos bench, it was my first time in Colorado. And winning that game made it even better. The second would be back in 1998 when the broncos played the giants. My peewee football coach brought our entire team to the game. Now I know the result of the game wasn’t the best, but understand I was 6 at the time and living in ny im not afraid to admit that back then I was guilty of being a giants fan. But that was soon to change, my coach was neal schwartz, who was actually tarrell Davis’s agent. So after the game our coach setup a meeting with Tarrell where we were able to meet and greet! And to top it off Tarrell gifted our entire team playstation 1s! Needless to say, that was the day I became a broncos fan and I have been a diehard ever since. Im looking forward to your answers and thanks for listening to mine.

    Sensei Out!

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