The DNVR Avalanche Podcast returns with Nathan Rudolph, AJ Haefele, and Evan Rawal live as the trade deadline unfolds as well as discussing the Avs two smaller moves made and where the team stands.

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  • Hi guys. This is my first time listening to the Avs podcast having never watched hockey before. I live in the UK and have decided to come across to your pod following a recommendation from the Broncos podcast team. My question is, what is the main reason for me to get into hockey and to follow the Avs?

    • For me, the main reason to get into hockey is the NHL playoffs. A super high intensity, high skill level, end of year tournament to compete for the Stanley Cup. Watch a video on the Avs/Redwings rivalry in the late 90s as an example. Also, the Avs are set to be really good for another 4-5 years which is why now is a perfect time to jump on the bandwagon. Go Rovers 😉

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