The DNVR Avalanche Podcast drops with Nathan Rudolph and AJ Haefele discussing the Avs bottom six when it hockey comes back and how to shape a successful lineup as well as a sneak peek at the 30-man roster,

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  • Filling out the 30 man roster thoughts.
    Hutchinson in goal has to be the choice. If they allow a 4th uncounted emergency goalie then Werner there.
    Defense is the start of the contract questions as well as what does the schedule look like as far as do they finish out the regular season or right into a playoff type of format. Connauton and Timmins are for sure adds. If contract rules and schedule allow, then I would seriously consider adding Byram for no other reason than to get him practice time and with the group for a while.
    Forwards I think would be a bit easier. With the roster you set up on the pod we already have Nieto, Kamanev, and Wilson who would all probably play over anyone else that is added at this point. That would leave 2-3 spots left depending on the Byram situation and I wouldn’t be too worried about contracts unless just having them on the roster counted against them for a year. Personally, I would go with O’Connor and Kaut for sure. I would prefer to have Byram in there practicing and getting that experience with the group, but if that isn’t possible then give me Bowers as his contract can’t slide anymore. The thinking is that this messed up year is already unhinged, might as well get our top prospects the best experience that we can. If things go so sideways that we’re in a position to decide to burn a contract year we’re probably on the verge of elimination so just run 7 or 8 D if you have to for a couple of games.
    On the other hand, if say Kaut comes into the camp and is clearly in better shape and earns a spot in the middle 6, I would not have a problem burning that year if we feel that he is going to give us the best chance of making a deep run this year.

  • New league sounds like rugby 7s, where they play on a normal rugby pitch, but with only 7 players on the field at a time rather than the standard 15. It’s Super open, very fast, high scoring and massively entertaining. It’s turned into a major sport in and of itself having made the Olympics. Players massively gassed after a short time so they play two 7.5 minute halves. And they run it via tournaments so they have a bunch of teams and you sit there while the teams keep rotating through. Great event. Of course the Hong Kong Rugby 7s is a legendary event with superb rugby and even better partying.

  • Looking at xG while on ice, Jost has had a slightly better defensive impact and a much better offensive impact than JT Compher. Should Compher be a ‘given’ as 3C?

    • Given, certainly not, but Compher was on his way to a career year when everything shut down. His on-ice impacts fluctuate pretty wildly but I think Compher is still a more proven commodity than Jost right now. That may not be true in two years, but for today, he gets the nod.

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