The DNVR Avalanche Podcast drops with Nathan Rudolph and AJ Haefele discussing the Avs overtime win over the Rangers and more importantly the suspension of the NHL season but they try to have some fun with it.

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  • Hey guys glad to hear you are still going to be doing shows during the hiatus. Have a few questions for the pod tomorrow if you see this before then.

    1. Do the players get paid during all this
    2. What happens to conditions on traded draft picks (Lottery protections, Player must play a certain number of games, team to make the playoffs ect.)
    3. What date you think is the no turn back date? The date in which they have to cancel the season and playoffs if this keeps going.

    Not so Serious:
    1. Who do you think is the best International hockey team not named Canada if the Olympics were held right now?
    2. Who do you think is the most underrated Avalanche player of time?

  • How about full playoffs going late into July / Aug
    Keeping all other dates…on July 1st you sign FA’s…and your allowed to insert them into your playoff run

    NHL should look at this as opportunity to do something awesome. Turn a negative into an positive opportunity. Tinker with formats.

  • 1. Would you guys extend Vlad (not Vlad Jr.) at the expense of one the current top 9 forwards now? Or would you rather move on from Vlad and make a trade/UFA signing for another top 6 forward and move some current players out, in addition to the other players who will walk from the team in UFA?

    2. Long live e-sports? Want to share what you guys will be watching and streaming during this hiatus? Quick thoughts on the upcoming Riot game, Valorant?

  • Question for the pod:

    Who would you like the avs to offer sheet this summer? And if it worked, how does that shape the line up and the moves that will need to be made to free up a spot for him? My Offer sheet player would be Anthony Cirelli.

    Stay safe, make smart choices, wash your hands, drink scotch and much love from me and the family up here in Winnipeg


  • So this is a trivial thing at this point, but aren’t you glad Sakic didn’t trade a bunch of assets for rentals for a playoff run that may never happen?

  • For the Pod: Can we stop calling it the “Lindros” trade? I think most might agree that Forsberg had the demonstrably better career (2 cups, better stats), and furthermore, Forsberg went into the HoF earlier despite Lindros leaving the sport sooner. This was the “Forsberg” trade and the organization won it in a huge way.

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