The DNVR Avalanche Podcast drops with Nathan Rudolph and AJ Haefele answering listener questions ranging from why to be an Avs fan to how the Olympics stacks up against the Stanley Cup.

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  • Hey guys! Loved the Q pod!! Are you considering answering to questions from the community in every pod as Zac and RK are doing? I would love that and would certainly contribute frequently.
    As you were talking about the Olympics: the silver/almost gold medal of the German hockey team definitely was a huge thing and is considered a winter miracle here in Germany. Everyone talked about it. But be assured: Us real hockey fans kept telling those part-timers that although it is a cool accomplishment and still not easy to do, it is not really worth something as countries like Canada would still crush Germany with an NHL star roster. Btw: I would feel bad for Draisaitl if he would have to carry that team… same for Grubi. They would still be a top 8 team in the World, but no way close to a silver medal.

  • Question for the pod: Unlike the NBA where the second place team in the conference would play the 7th place team in the first round, should the Avs finish second in the division and the conference, they would likely be playing either St. Louis or Dallas in the first round. Therefore, I think it is vital for the Avs to win the Central division. That way they only have to play one of those teams rather than both if they manage to get to the second round. My question is: What point total do you see winning the Central? Additionally, what point totals do you see the big three in the Central finishing with at the end of the regular season?

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