The DNVR Avalanche Podcast drops with Nathan Rudolph and AJ Haefele discussing the NHLPA’s plan to award the cup in September as well as the futures of Martin Kaut and Shane Bowers.

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  • DNVR Avs community … as a fellow Avs and Hockey fan, I would recommend to the community to invest some time in following the Raptors and the rugby. A lot of the characteristics of Hockey that we find appealing also exist in rugby. It’s non-stop action, it’s very physical, but also it requires a lot of skill and finesses. All players, whatever their position, have to be able to tackle, handle the ball, pass and catch the ball, form rucks, etc. It’s a great live experience at the stadium and the Raptors stadium is special because it’s purpose built FOR rugby. But also it’s great on TV as the camera gets up close and the refs are wired for sound and they exercise great command over the game.

    An added benefit is that the US national team (The Eagles) are not horrible and importantly are steadily improving. We have made most rugby world cups and the 7-a-side team is one of the best in the world. In fact we are one of the favourites to win gold at the Tokyo Olympics this summer, if they happen. The international rugby scene is a riot with super passionate but well behaved fans. Watching a test match in a pub in the UK or Ireland is a brilliant experience. The last World Cup in Japan was a huge global success, creating tons of new fans across the globe, and particularly in Asia.

    So I think the two sports appeal to similar people. DNVR has built the infrastructure to cover the sport. A sunny day at the game will be a great experience. The US could take gold in the summer. What’s not to like!

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