The DNVR Avalanche Podcast drops with Nathan Rudolph, AJ Haefele, and Evan Rawal discussing the Avs healthy lineup if hockey is to return this season, including starting goaltender and the potential for prospects on defense.

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  • Goalie question – depending on how they come back for the “camp”, I think they default to Grub to start, but the schedule is going to be so compressed they’ll both get a good share of time.
    Burakovsky – if he wants term over 3 years I would say probably 5.5 is tops. If he’ll go with a 3 year deal so they can re-assess after they re-sign MacK then give him whatever it takes. With their cap space right now, they can easily give him a 3×7.5 deal and not really affect their deals with Landy and Makar.
    Byram – Even with the Black Aces rule I’m not sure he would get much if any game time, but he would sure benefit from being on the ice and with the team during this stretch.
    Jost – I would give him a 2 year bridge deal at $2m or less.
    Z and Kamanev – I would try to find the best deal you can get for them either together in one deal or two separate deals. They’re legit NHL players, but there’s no space on this roster when healthy going forward. Should be able to get a good couple of picks from that, maybe a college prospect a year out.
    Depending on if they can get the AHL playing again or not, I’m in favor of letting every team come into this with all their “Black Aces” available and with the team. If the travel restrictions remain in place at the Canadian border, it would be too hard to do call ups in the usual manner if one or more of the hub sites are in Canada.
    I would actually have all 4 hub cities in Canada with Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec City. I know they say they only want NHL buildings, but that new one in Quebec is NHL ready. This way you can avoid all the political hassles in the US with getting everyone tested regularly, and I’m sure they all have the necessary infrastructure to accommodate multiple teams (acceptable hotels, practice facilities, and locker rooms to name a few). This way, all the teams would be in close proximity and they could actually get the actual end of the regular season that was scheduled with the Avs “hosting” the Blues in game 82. The easy travel and ready facilities would make the compacted schedule a lot easier on the players and staff than any other option.

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